Marxianity Warned You: John MacArthur Finally Admits Compromise on Social Justice For the Sake of the Good Ol’ Boy Club 

Note: It is VITAL you watch the four video clips at the end of this article that expose the social justice friends of John MacArthur to whom he just waved the white flag of surrender and compromise. Learn the truth about the worldview, theology, methodology and spiritual enterprises of Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, & Mark Dever of the cultural marxist Gospel Coalition. Please know that these video clips were recorded months ago and predicted where we are today.  My book Marxianity was published in November of 2018. 

One of the things we do here at WVW Broadcast Network is predict trends. Frankly, it is not hard if you know what to look for. I have written 14 books since 1993, and if you go back through those books, you will see that countless trends were predicted long before they occurred. The key is to study those who shape the culture in the area of education, media, religion, & government. To fully understand their worldview, you simply read their books and white-papers, listen to their speeches, and study with whom they build alliances, and what those individuals are writing and saying. One also must study the conferences they speak at, who they speak with, and what is being said on the platform of those conferences. Predicting where the shapers of culture within education, media, religion and government are going is not hard when you know the correct research formula. Through my radio show, television shows, books, articles, conferences and speaking engagements, I have consistently forewarned, since 1990, that numerous well-known evangelical leaders were moving to the left – whether it was through my book, Religious Trojan Horse, The Coming Religious Reich, or my November 2018 book, Marxianity.

    For many years and for many reasons I had red flags when it came to Pastor John MacArthur, and I even wrote and spoke publicly about some of them. However, around 2010 I began to look past those concerns because of his public condemnation of the theology and methodology of men like Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and the leaders of the Emergent Church. I even interviewed MacArthur on my radio program twice, and had him speak for our Ozarks Conference in the spring of 2015, via Skype.

I have also quoted John in several of my books. However, in 2016, I began to be concerned with MacArthur’s continued promotion of men like Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan and others whom he would invite into his church pulpit.

In 2017, MacArthur’s ministry defended James White after he had an interfaith dialogue in my community with a Muslim Brotherhood, Jew-hating, holocaust-denying, Hitler-defending, Jihadi-preaching Imam by the name of Yasir Qadhi. In fact, in June of 2018, MacArthur invited White to speak at his church and seminary for a week, leaving no question that MacArthur had no issues with those who participate in interfaith dialogue, which is the number one strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood for taking over America.

MacArthur’s compromise on interfaith dialogue, and his continued promotion of social justice warriors Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, the [Cultural Marxist] Gospel Coalition and his 2018 appearance once again at “Together For the Gospel” with out-and-proud white privilege promoters and race-baiters John Piper, Matt Chandler, David Platt and others, led me to publicly apologize in my November 2018 book, Marxianity, for ever having promoted John MacArthur.

In this book I warned that John MacArthur had made a clear choice to speak out of both sides of his mouth, to have one foot firmly planted in the progressive evangelical camp, and another within traditional evangelicalism. I openly warned that MacArthur was choosing to sacrifice truth for pragmatic reasons as well as to remain within his “Calvinist camp” of good ol’ boys.

On March 6, 2019, sitting on his own church platform speaking before thousands of church pastors live during a Q&A at the Shepherds’ Conference, and in front of many thousands on live-stream, John MacArthur publicly admitted what I have been reporting for a long time. MacArthur looked at Al Mohler, Mark Dever, and Ligon Duncan, and confessed the following:

“I don’t think there’s any difference theologically with where we all stand. We’ve navigated that together on every possible platform, in every situation. How we respond to the culture around us and the pressures that come on us from the culture—how we navigate those relationships that face us…um, I get a lot of, and even with this Shepherds’ Conference coming up, I got a lot of heat from people on the internet who I — I don’t—somebody has to show it to me ‘cuz I don’t go there — but that you were going to be here, 'cuz you may have expressed yourself differently on the issue of social justice, or whatever other issue it might have been—that seems to be the buzz button anyway. And I said, ‘look, um, these are my friends. These are men I love, these are men who serve Christ, who have given their life to Him.’ God has given each of you guys a formidable place in the Kingdom, and you’ve all had an impact on my life. I’ll fight error, but I don’t fight my friends. Why would I do that? I don’t want to become an island.”


MacArthur claims that he and his neo-Calvinist friends – Duncan, Dever and Mohler, agree theologically. Yet, apparently, he does not understand that when one drags social justice, i.e., Marxianity, into the camp of evangelicalism, you no longer agree on theology. For Marxianity changes the calling of Christians, substitutes the true gospel for a social gospel, changes the mission and function of the New Testament church, and distorts the God-given mandates for righteous government. In short, Marxianity prepares the world for the globalist anti-Christ religious system predicted in Daniel and in the pages of Revelation. Thus, for MacArthur to say he agrees with these men theologically is further indictment on his own shifting and morphing theology.

This statement by MacArthur was set up after an exchange minutes earlier on the topic of social justice between MacArthur’s Executive Director of Grace to You – Phil Johnson, and Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, & Mark Dever. In fact, the exchange between Mohler and Johnson got very tough, and Mohler was clearly angry and declared that if he had to say what Johnson wanted to hear him say concerning social justice, then perhaps the relationship might be at risk. After escalating tensions that folks witnessed on the live-stream, as well as in person – which many described as very uncomfortable – in rushed John MacArthur with the statement above. MacArthur plainly stated that he was not prepared to sacrifice his friendships to stand against social justice.

It is social justice that is leading to the complete and total transformation of American culture, our way of life, our liberties, our freedoms, and most importantly affecting our stand for Biblical truth, the purity of the gospel, and the biblically stated purpose and function of the church. Under the banner of social justice, we now have the LGBTQ agenda, feminism, abortion on demand, hate-crime laws, open borders, interfaith dialogue, and the calls for reparations and mandatory minimum incomes. All of these topics are discussed in great detail in my book, Marxianity, along with how they are being promoted within evangelicalism.

John MacArthur’s statement is especially disturbing because for many years he openly criticized those who were theologically off-base. For instance, in critiquing charismatics at the Strange Fire conference, MacArthur said:

"[W]hen theologically respected conservative continuationists—who represent a very small minority in the charismatic movement—when they give any credibility to the movement, the whole movement gets respect because of who they are. And then you have this young generation of young, restless, reformed young people coming along and attaching to their heroes, who are open to this charismatic movement, and affirming the continuation of the signed gifts, and so they follow their heroes and either embrace that idea of continuation, or are open to that idea, which is essentially one and the same. When notable continuationist scholars give credence to charismatic interpretations, or fail to directly condemn unbiblical charismatic practices, they provide theological cover for a movement that is deadly dangerous."


    So, we shouldn’t be giving theological cover by working with the clear-minded charismatics, but it’s okay to give theological cover to social justice warriors, Dever, Duncan and Mohler? Is there not an inconsistency here? Did he not claim in one of his social justice blogs in the fall of 2018 that of all the polemical battles he has fought against regarding ideas that threaten the gospel, that social justice is "the most subtle and dangerous threat so far?” And did he not sign the Dallas Statement which says the social justice movement endangers Christians with “an onslaught of dangerous and false teachings that threaten the gospel, misrepresent Scripture, and lead people away from the grace of God in Jesus Christ?” Doesn’t MacArthur’s statement during the Q&A “provide theological cover for a movement that is deadly dangerous?”

    I watched the hour and eleven minute panel that was posted online by Grace Community Church, which included the discussion on social justice between John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Ligon Duncan, Al Mohler and Mark Dever. I will also be producing a television program soon using clips from this panel. After the negative reaction by many to MacArthur’s compromise, the video has virtually been banned from YouTube after reported claims of copyright infringement by MacArthur’s church.

Well, rest assured, I downloaded and saved and backed up the video in numerous places because I knew the video was going to be pulled. In fact, Tom Littleton and I discussed the need to download and save it because it was going to be pulled once MacArthur’s camp realized what is revealed about the entire brood of neo-Calvinists as they openly practiced the option of “Third Way Communitarianism,” which is the hallmark of Tim Keller and Rick Warren, who were discipled by Peter Drucker and Bob Buford as explained in documented detail in my book, Marxianity.

    Nevertheless, MacArthur has now capitulated to the very groups he was opposing which caused me to follow him, quote him and interview him, and also have him speak for our conference. The Gospel Coalition is the Emergent Church repackaged that I document in an entire chapter in Marxianity. No one can refute the facts that I lay out with incredible specificity. When MacArthur waved the white flag and surrendered on social justice to his neo-Calvinist cultural Marxianity buddies, he ceased to oppose the Emergent Church and the Rick Warren “Purpose-Driven-Church transformation” that destroys New Testament churches. Thus, the whole reason I began to follow his ministry has now been completely negated as he has now surrendered to the very groups, movements and ideologies he once condemned and fought against.

I can understand why MacArthur’s team had this video scrubbed from the internet, because I saw it for what it is: an embarrassing admission, compromise, and historical surrender by John MacArthur to his social justice warrior, neo-Calvinist friends.

I am not shocked by MacArthur’s compromise because in my book, Marxianity that came out in November of 2018 (which is 336 pages with 391 footnotes) it clearly documents the lurch by John MacArthur to the left with his neo-Calvinist, white privilege preaching, social justice buddies Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and Mark Dever of the cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition. Do not forget about their sister apostate organization, Together for the Gospel, for which MacArthur has spoken for years, including again in April of 2018.

In fall of 2018, I began to write in articles that MacArthur should change the name of his Shepherds’ Conference to the “Wolves Conference” if he was going to continue his spiritual enterprises with The Gospel Coalition and their council members, Duncan, Dever, and Mohler.

Sadly, most Christians will NOT understand what took place on that platform of MacArthur’s Shepherds’ [wolves’] Conference on March 6, 2019 unless they read the first chapter of Marxianity, which is entitled “The Dialectical Deception.” This chapter explains the Hegelian Dialectical Process and how it has been used to merge opposites together in the area of economics, religion, and public policy. Understanding the transformation of America through its power-centers of religion, education, media and government requires an understanding of The Hegelian Dialectal Process.

A simple description is that opposites can be merged through conflict. People will tire of the conflict and seek group consensus. The process plays on the sinful human default position of man to “go along to get along.” The process counts on individuals to compromise for comfort and self-preservation anchored in pragmatism and moral relativism. The process takes advantage of the fact that most people will not sacrifice relationships, money, or isolation from the group. In other words, they will not want to be an island, as John MacArthur admitted with such transparency.

I anticipate that MacArthur’s public relations team will try and spin this brutally honest, transparent and apparently unscripted moment of blunder by MacArthur. Don’t buy it! These public relation guys are claiming this is a ‘tempest in a tea pot,’ but their removal and scrubbing of the video and claims of copyright infringement reveals it wasn’t a tempest in a teapot, but it was MacArthur joining the group consensus to Marxianity with his Neo-Calvinist clan. Watch MacArthur’s team to not deal with the facts presented in this article but to be involved in personal acts. This has been their standard mode of operation for years to anyone that dares to question their leader.

Perhaps this was one of the rare instances in which MacArthur was being fully honest and transparent, and it is 100% consistent with what I reveal about him, his compromise, and his friends Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan and Mark Dever within the pages of my book Marxianity.

I highly doubt that MacArthur and Johnson planned to play good cop/bad cop on the Grace Community Church platform this week so that a third option between MacArthur’s “conservative” Calvinist camp and Mohler, Duncan, & Dever’s neo-Calvinist, social justice, white privilege, cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition camp could synthesize. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

I don’t think Johnson and MacArthur planned this as evident by the fact that the now incriminating video is effectively being banned and scrubbed from the internet. I do believe, however, that a long time ago Satan laid multiple snares for MacArthur, and he has fallen into them one by one.

I have been watching and reporting on MacArthur’s slide for a few years now on radio, television, in articles, within the pages of Marxianity and in my docuMovie Sabotage. (You can watch the first hour for free at What occurred during that Q&A at the Shepherds’ Conference on his own church platform was simply the culmination of MacArthur finding himself ensnared in Satan’s ultimate plan for him, which was his publicly stated surrender to social justice, Marxianity, Communitarianism, and the Rick Warren, Tim Keller, Bob Buford, Peter Drucker, Cultural Marxist agenda. This truly was a tragic and historical moment within evangelicalism that few will even recognize until years from now.

Sadly, John MacArthur became a ‘useful idiot’ for Satan’s number one tool for mixing truth and error –– the Hegelian Dialectic Process –– which can be clearly seen playing out in Acts 16 when a demonic girl tries to affirm the Apostles.

Yet, I can promise you what will occur over the next 24 months will be an astounding surrender to the Marxianity that so many had been opposing within their own local fellowships, denominations, or ministries. After all, Pastor John MacArthur has now set the example of compromise and surrender and thus effectively gave Christians permission to follow him in surrendering the battle for the sake of personal comfort, friendships, relationships, pragmatism and group consensus so one does not find themself on an island.

    I know what it’s like to sacrifice long term friendships for truth. It stinks. I had to part public ministry with long time friend, David Barton, when he publicly declared that Mormon Glenn Beck was also a Christian, when he refused to stop appearing on the TV broadcast of Kenneth Copeland, and when he started promoting Rick Joyner. We also had to remove broadcasters from our network who were close friends at one time because, like their idol John MacArthur, they compromised truth and chose to declare that James White should get a pass for his ungodly, unbiblical interfaith dialogue with a jihadi because he preaches Calvinism. All of these people spent time in my home with my family, and I considered them close, personal friends, but I will not ever sacrifice truth for friendships like MacArthur has now unfortunately done.

Ironically, the theme of MacArthur’s conference was faithfulness. It was also to be a celebration of MacArthur’s fifty years of ministry. Yet, I believe John MacArthur, in the span of 1 minute and 17 seconds, spoke words that will do unimaginable damage to the state of modern evangelicalism going forward. Sadly, John MacArthur openly admitted in those 77 seconds that he would not remain faithful to calling out and warning of the types of men warned about in Acts 20 and Jude 3.

Do not expect MacArthur’s PR team to understand anything I have written within this article, or within the 336 pages of Marxianity. For if they did, they would have saved their boss a long time ago from what was the predictable outcome of this week.

The facts are that those around MacArthur are not that biblically discerning. Frankly, most of them lack even the most basic of common sense. One reason I know this to be true is because I have a huge file that documents the online behavior of some of his sycophants that can be described as nothing less than disgusting cruel, behavior of what you would expect from the left. I am speaking about attacks on Christians on social media that goes back a few years. The contents of this file would shock the average Christian, but certainly not the hundreds who have witnessed their conduct first hand and can thus testify to that of which I have described.

Many Christians appreciate the ministry of MacArthur because they are completely unaware of what he has really been up to for the past few years and who he has been running with and giving his pulpit over to, as revealed in my book Marxianity. Yet, the thinking and discerning Christians who are aware, have been openly posting on my Facebook and in emails to our office how heart-sick they are by the decline and compromise. Like me, they are not shocked at MacArthur’s publicly stated surrender to social justice on March 6, 2019. Like me, they knew it was coming; it was inevitable; it was the trend and trajectory that he was on, and it was to be expected.

What you need to be aware of now are the non-thinking Christians and hyper-Calvinists who will NEVER question John MacArthur. For to do so, for them, is to question their very theology, Christianity, and even salvation.

In fact, a highly educated and long time friend said to me a few years ago: “Are you telling me we have to question John MacArthur –– the man who built my family’s theology?” That, my friends, is the statement of a very successful and sincere man who apparently does realize what he even said about his own state of mind and how he has been mislead.

If any of us allow a mere man to build our theology we risk blindly following the dictates of a man and not the Word of God. Such thinking is how individuals fall into theological cults and leave even the elect to be deceived, if it were possible.

Unless God builds the house, we labor in vain. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit built my theology, and certainly not some mere man who does not have the intestinal fortitude, courage or convictions to look a brood of cultural Marxists in the face and tell them, in no uncertain terms, that he will not sacrifice truth, the gospel, the mission and function of the church, or the foundational principles of America in order to remain in public ministry with them. 

Do not expect the MacArthur devotees to admit what their “infallible” leader has just confessed to before God and all that watched the video. It is their blind allegiance that makes them MacArthur devotees in the first place. Their apparent need for a strong personality to tell them what to think, according to his own personal eisegesis, leaky-dispensationalism, and hyper-Calvinist agenda, regardless of how off-course it might be from the actual truth of God’s Word. Such blind allegiance has left the MacArthur devotees without the firm foundation needed to even see that their “fearless” leader has just surrendered them, their families, their churches, and their nation to social justice for his own personal comfort of not standing alone on an island against his fellow neo-Calvinist good ol’ boys. John MacArthur can now officially be called a neo-Calvinist based on his own declaration of surrender.

I guess it is easy for MacArthur to surrender to the social justice agenda, which is really a masking term for socialism and all the horrors, theft, death, persecution, and destruction it will bring. After all, MacArthur is almost 80 years old. He has lived a good life, made millions of dollars through his ministries and book sales, and even has his name on a Bible that has reportedly sold over 1 million copies. What does John have to worry about? I highly doubt he will be around to see the fruit of his compromise and surrender to social justice, the cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition, or what it will mean to America when the last line of defense –– the evangelical church –– has embraced Marxianity.

Many godly families and individuals have taken a hard and sacrificial stand against the social justice, Communitarian church growth movement of Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Rick Warren, Tim Keller and Bill Hybels. Many of these families have fought to hold the line doctrinally, as to what is the gospel versus the social gospel. They have earnestly contended for the faith in hopes of not giving sway to their home church succumbing to the transformation of the purpose and function of the church as promoted by groups like The Gospel Coalition, led by Mohler, Dever and Duncan.

These individuals and families have been marginalized, characterized, bullied, intimidated, shunned and eventually forced to leave churches that were founded by their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers. I know this first hand from numerous callers into my live radio program, as well as from their heart-breaking emails to our office. These families have sacrificed for truth. They have counted the cost. They have not been found wanting in the hour of loneliness and isolation. They have had to walk away from churches in which they were dedicated as infants, in which they were baptized when coming to salvation. They have walked away from compromised churches in which they were married, and in the church lawn of which previous generations are buried. They have held the ground for Biblical truth and it cost them friendships, relationships and it has placed them on an island of loneliness and isolation. And, they would do it all over again because they realize the eternal cost of compromise for group consensus or the sin of ‘going along to get along.’ These are those that will hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


Supporting documentation:


The following are excerpts from Brannon’s book Marxianity that was released in November of 2018. These excepts will give you a basis idea of the seriousness of what John MacArthur has done in surrendering to the social justice warriors of the cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition. We do recommend for the entire big picture that you order Brannons’ book right now at



Page:  102 of Marxianity:


Apparently, Ligon Duncan wants to train students to pastors churches of non-believers. This is critical because Reformed Theological Seminary is supposed to be one of the most prestigious reformed, conservative-gospel, Bible-defending seminaries in the world. Yet, RTS teams up with cultural Marxist Tim Keller who says we should build churches for unbelievers and redistribute wealth. Sadly, Duncan is featured on the platform of John MacArthur’s Shepherds’ conference year in and year out. MacArthur featured Duncan for his 2019 conference even after we brought out this information on our national radio & television program in the summer of 2018. I find it very interesting that John MacArthur has been so critical [and rightfully so] of Rick Warren’s communitarian, church growth movement and yet, his buddy Duncan is doing the exact same thing with Tim Keller. Keller is the reformed version of Rick Warren. Apparently, as long as one preaches extreme Calvinism like that of James White and Ligon Duncan, then it matters not if White has an interfaith dialogue with a Jew-hating, holocaust-denying, Hitler-defending, Jihadi-preaching Imam and Duncan plants a seminary with Marxianity proponent Tim Keller.

Keller was even invited to speak at the Third Convocation of Reformed Theological Seminary in 2017. This is the same Tim Keller who proclaims that “the purpose of salvation is the restoration of the material world.”



Perhaps the most disheartening “defection” is someone I have personally respected through the years. Yet, John MacArthur steps onto the platform for the biennial conference, Together for the Gospel, along with David Platt, Matt Chandler, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Thabiti Anyabwile, and John Piper every time and has for years. At the very least, his presence gives them theological cover. Worse, it implies his endorsement. MacArthur also invited James White to speak at his church and seminary in June 2018, despite James White’s violation of 2 Corinthians 6:14-17 and 2 John 9-17 when he partnered with a Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying, Hitler-defending, jihadi-preaching Imam at a 2017 conference in Memphis, Tennessee.


Page 104 of Marxianity:


What makes John MacArthur’s participation especially odd is that MacArthur has for many years openly criticized those who were theologically off-base. For instance, in critiquing charismatics at the Strange Fire conference, MacArthur said:


[W]hen theologically respected conservative continuationists—who represent a very small minority in the charismatic movement—when they give any credibility to the movement, the whole movement gets respect because of who they are. And then you have this young generation of young, restless, reformed young people coming along and attaching to their heroes, who are open to this charismatic movement, and affirming the continuation of the sign gifts, and so they follow their heroes and either embrace that idea of continuation, or are open to that idea, which is essentially one and the same. When notable continuationist scholars give credence to charismatic interpretations, or fail to directly condemn unbiblical charismatic practices, they provide theological cover for a movement that is deadly dangerous.


So, we shouldn’t be giving theological cover by working with the clear-minded charismatics, but it’s okay to speak together at the same conference with Chandler, Platt, and Piper? Is there not an inconsistency here? Doesn’t MacArthur’s presence “provide theological cover for a movement that is deadly dangerous?”

While I’m not into fighting the charismatics, I am opposed to the Word of Faith and the New Apostolic Reformation. But I know many born again, gospel-defending, gospel-preaching, clear-minded charismatics, and I’m not about to go to war with them. If John MacArthur wants to do that, that’s his business, but it’s disturbing to see MacArthur worried about clear-minded charismatics while he shares the stage with people promoting cultural Marxism, white privilege, race-baiting, and other dialectical rubbish.


Page 238 of Marxianity:

Formed in 2005, the Gospel Coalition now includes Ligon Duncan, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Mark Dever, David Platt, John Piper, and others, as well as co-founders Mark Driscoll and C. J. Mahaney. As a reflection of its influence, once ranked the Gospel Coalition website as one of the eighteen most visited Christian websites in America, impacting thousands of churches and millions of individuals. An October 1, 2009 article by Kevin DeYoung praises Deep Church:

Belcher understands the issues well and clearly rejects the worst of the emerging movement. His church sounds like a good church and Belcher, whom I’m never met, strikes me as an honest, thoughtful pastor. I agreed with much more in the book than I thought I would. As part of the PCA, Belcher is not only tied to the great tradition, but to the reformed Presbyterian tradition. As such, I imagine our theology is quite similar. We are on the same team. My agreements with him outnumber my disagreements.


Others, such as participants in the Gospel Coalition, appear to have more agreement than disagreement with people like him as well. What’s so shocking and sad is that men such as John MacArthur share the platform with them year in and year out. For a decade or more, MacArthur has brought major council members of the Gospel Coalition to his Shepherd’s Conference. By doing so, MacArthur has opened another door to the religious Trojan horse.

It doesn’t bring me joy to report this, because I have often quoted MacArthur, and now, quite frankly, I feel stupid. I interviewed him on my radio program live—twice—and even had him speak for our 2015 Ozarks Worldview Weekend via Skype. I wish, though, that I had never endorsed his ministry in any way because of the problems I now see with MacArthur’s theology, eschatology, and the men to whom he has chosen to give theological cover. He’s aiding and abetting the Emergent Church.

The emergent church is about social justice and the social gospel. It’s about ecumenicalism, spiritual formation, yoga, contemplative prayer, mysticism, rejection and mocking of biblical prophecy. It promotes the unbiblical goal of building the kingdom of God on earth as well as cynicism towards conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists. And the Gospel Coalition today is promoting the same trash. It represents another way in which the left and right are merging. Some of these pastors, authors, and evangelical leaders opposed the emergent church and the church growth movement, but are now working with and promoting the Gospel Coalition.

You see how deceptive this is? That’s why it’s critical that you build your theology solidly around the word of God, not around men. Do your own homework, so you won’t be deceived.


Page 250 of Marxianity:


Elsewhere in the battle, Al Mohler not long ago publicly apologized for not believing in sexual orientation. He offered this sentiment:

One of the things we should not be embarrassed to say is that we are learning. One of the embarrassments that I have to bear is that I have written on some of these issues now for nearly 30 years, and at a couple of points I have to say, “I got that wrong,” and we have to go back and correct it, correct it by Scripture.…Now early in this controversy, I felt it quite necessary, in order to make clear the gospel, to deny anything like a sexual orientation. And speaking at an event of the National Association of Evangelicals twenty-something years ago, I made that point. I repent of that.

He also allowed the possibility of a “gay gene” when he wrote in 2007:

The discovery of a biological basis for homosexuality would be of great pastoral significance, allowing for a greater understanding of why certain persons struggle with these particular sexual temptations.


Some of the most popular men today within evangelicalism participate in leadership of the Gospel Coalition—which should really be called the ‘Cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition.’ As a result of the work of men like David Platt, Al Mohler, John Piper, Russell Moore, D. A. Carson, Matt Chandler and Tim Keller, thousands of churches and pastors are fully immersed in the agenda of the Gospel Coalition. It’s more evidence that communists and cultural Marxists have co-opted countless pastors and once biblically sound evangelical organizations to carry out an information operation promoting left-wing Christianity that will support Neo-Marxism. When a religious Trojan horse invades evangelicalism as it has, it can become confusing for people to know what to think or believe when names they have trusted open the door and invite in the Trojan horse.

In my 2016 book, The Coming Religious Reich, I warned that persecution was going to come from the left and the right. On the right, it will be mainstream evangelicals who have been co-opted by change agents, seduced by power and money, or who have been sexually and financially compromised. I pointed out that:

The stage is set for the coming persecution of the West as true believers in Jesus Christ are targeted by both the left and the right. Do not be shocked when Christian leaders position themselves so they can be thought well of by the powers that be. Neither be surprised when members of the remnant are criticized and mocked by these same leaders.


Christians are going to be more and more shocked that ministries and leaders they thought they could trust are compromised, corrupted, or turned into con-men.


Page 103 of Marxianity:


Another Gospel Coalition member, Al Mohler, called the communist and terrorist Nelson Mandela a “hero” in a December 6, 2013 article. And a 2018 Gospel Coalition article, “Martin Luther King’s Developing Vision for True Racial Integration,” praises the destructive economic worldview of Martin Luther King, Jr., (more about this in Chapter 12):


King’s speech goes on to outline policies for a guaranteed national income and a universal housing program. Whatever one thinks about the efficacy of his policy proposals, King clearly came to see that ambitions for integration that ignored economic inequalities were self-defeating and definitely unloving. This seems to echo the practice of the church in Acts 2, which describes a unity we could call “gospel integration.” . . . our takeaway from King’s development is twofold. First, pursuing racial reconciliation requires confronting economic inequalities . . . as we pursue racial reconciliation and gospel community today, we should be prepared to talk biblically about the economics of racial reconciliation as a feature of Christian discipleship.


The writer misconstrues Acts 2, of course, but notice that “pursuing racial reconciliation requires confronting economic inequalities.” It’s a thinly veiled reference to reparations, which is simply another form of taking money from one person without consent (i.e., stealing) and giving it to another. So, Ligon Duncan and Reformed Theological Seminary join the merger of left and right.


Page 153 of Marxianity:


British historian and philosopher Lord John Acton, who lived from 1834 to 1902, is best known for coining the phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely;” he is also the namesake of the Acton Institute. The organization’s current president is Robert A. Sirico, a Roman Catholic priest, and it is Sirico’s background that reveals the undercurrents of what the Acton Institute stands for.

On Thursday, May 11, 1972, The Seattle Times featured an article entitled, “Pastor to Perform Homosexual Marriages.” At the time, the idea of homosexual marriage of any kind—let alone endorsed by a church—was still a newsworthy anomaly. The marriage reported by the Seattle Times was performed by the Reverend Robert Sirico, who at the time was a Pentecostal minister. Pastor Sirico had recently “come out” as a homosexual himself and had started a controversial new church embracing the homosexual lifestyle. The Times article says of Sirico:


Most of his life he was aware that he was a homosexual. He took the position that homosexuality was a perversion and condemned in the Bible, but said his views have changed. Citing in particular I Corinthians 6:9, Mr. Sirico said he now understands the Bible to condemn “trying to change one’s sexual orientation.”


Since then, Sirico has converted to Roman Catholicism, and today he is Father Robert Sirico and is president of the Acton Institute.

The Acton Institute also likes to promote Tim Keller. His book Generous Justice certainly is consistent with the Acton cause. On October 17, 2018, Tim Keller was the keynote speaker for the Acton Institute Annual Dinner. In his book, Keller uses another magnanimous-sounding communitarian-masking term: reweaving a community. He borrows the term from social justice activist, John Perkins, well-known for his work among the poor in Mississippi. John Perkins sometimes uses the phrase “reweaving the community” in place of what it really is: redistribution.

Even more disturbing than including folks like Keller and Perkins, the Acton Institute web has entrapped well-known evangelicals such as Al Mohler. He and others involved with The Gospel Coalition now work openly with the Acton Institute. As a result, some of the biggest names in evangelicalism are becoming “change agents” for cultural Marxism as they transform the churches of America into mere community organizations.


Page 99 of Marxianity:


We’ve already looked at the role of leaders like Rick Warren, Tim Keller, Peter Drucker, and Bob Buford in promoting the third way, but now a significant force has been added that trains young clergy in this worldview. Led by Chancellor and CEO, Ligon Duncan, Reformed Theological Seminary is now on the social justice bandwagon.

A 2009 document produced by the seminary extols a program referred to as SWC—Seeking the Welfare of the City. Among its recommendations, the report announces that “efforts geared towards city transformation require collaboration with leaders across all social sectors” (emphasis mine), meaning government, business, and the third sector–nonprofits and churches.

The report also yammers about white privilege, internalized racism, and the need to promote “creative capital.” Creative capital is a concept promoted by Richard Florida, author of the book The Rise of the Creative Class . . . And How It’s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community, and Everyday Life. Richard Florida works with radical, cultural Marxist groups like the Human Rights Commission that call for pro-LGBT laws that could clamp down not only on the free market system, but also on freedom of religion.

The RTS document also promotes Ron Sider, who we’ve already discussed is a Neo-Marxist, and proclaims that “the church is called to the social and spiritual renewal of the city.” Yet, not a single verse in Scripture calls the church to social transformation, only the report from Reformed Theological Seminary.


Page 101 of Marxianity:


And, of course, the Reformed Theological Seminary report promotes Tim Keller. Evidently continuing the relationship touted by the 2009 report, the RTS website announced on September 22, 2014, a partnership with Keller’s church in an article entitled, “Reformed Theological Seminary, Redeemer City to City Announce Strategic Partnership.” The seminary planned to work with Tim Keller to set up a seminary in New York. The press release explains:


Redeemer City to City and Reformed Theological Seminary are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to provide a seminary education in New York City. This advances the vision of the Reformed Theological Seminary to provide graduate theological education globally, and that of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and its founder, Pastor Doctor Timothy Keller, who started City to City to prepare ministry leaders, pastors and church planters for New York and cities internationally. Reformed Theological Seminary is thrilled to collaborate with Redeemer City to City and with Tim Keller to prepare a new generation of ministry leaders and establish a Reformed Theological Seminary extension in New York.


Says Dr. Ligon Duncan, chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary: “I have known and admired Dr. Keller for many years and count him as a friend and am deeply grateful for his ministry and vision for planting churches in New York and in other major metropolitan cities around the world. The board of Reformed Theological Seminary and I are pleased to partner with City to City to offer a rigorous program of graduate theological study in New York City.”


Apparently, Duncan wants to train students to pastor churches for non-believers.


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