Polk Country, Florida Sheriff's Department Conducted A Human Trafficking Sting Operation

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  • A local sheriff in Florida reports the results of a recent undercover sting operation, delving into the dark underworld of the human sex trade, and the results will shock you.
  • Hundreds of American children were poisoned last year after eating three different brands of applesauce tainted with toxic heavy metals. We’ll explain where these products came from and how America’s food-inspection regulators are often asleep at the switch.
  • Germany continues to up the war rhetoric with Russia.
  • The Kremlin announces plans to launch a BRICS digital payment system independent of the Western banking system.
  • Another popular food brand goes woke and faces a potential boycott.
  • And Harvard University confirms that the school will no longer require students to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. An apology.

We start off tonight with a shocking report out of Polk County, Florida, where Sheriff Grady Judd joined Good Day Orlando Wednesday to speak about an eight-day human trafficking sting operation his team conducted.

He called it "Operation March Sadness 2024.

The operation was reported to have netted 228 people, including 21 who are in the country illegally, mostly from Venezuela, on charges of child exploitation and sex trafficking. 

Those arrested include a teacher, several coaches, medical professionals, active-duty military members and other working professionals.



There you have it. Free airline tickets for illegal aliens, who are then forced into the sex trade. We’ve previously reported that these illegals don’t need to present any ID before hopping on the plane. This is a government-protected, government-funded human trafficking cartel. All on the taxpayers’ dime. 


Republicans are lashing out at the 605 pages of earmarks that will be included in a $460 billion spending package to fund six government agencies that will go to a vote on Wednesday.

The earmarks have already caused scandal in the Senate, where Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman’s office revoked funding for a $1 million earmark for an LGBTQ center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that hosts monthly gay BDSM fetish parties.

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism. How about we just call it what it is: PERVERTED and SICK.

The funding caused a backlash on social media, prompting Fetterman, long one of the most staunchly pro-LGBTQ lawmakers in the Keystone State, to have the ear mark removed.

Senior appropriator Senator Patty Murray, D-Washington, moved to have the funding pulled from the bill on the Senate floor Tuesday night.

But Fetterman later told reporters that it was his staff, not him, who first took the initiative to remove the controversial funding.



Fetterman is quoted as saying that he very much still supports sending taxpayer dollars to the LGBTQ Community Center in Philadelphia and blamed his staff for removing the earmark, stating: “It wasn’t my decision. I was not part of the process.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Bob Casey also has his name on the earmark.


Hundreds of American children were poisoned last year after eating cinnamon-flavored applesauce, which health regulators blamed on a spice grinder that contaminated 3 million individual pouches, according to a report.

The New York Times conducted an investigation into the contamination and found that the contaminated applesauce “sailed through a series of checkpoints in a food-safety system meant to protect American consumers.”

The issue raised questions about the safety of products that contain ingredients and processing in foreign countries and are shipped into the U.S. 

Neal Fortin, the director of the Institute for Food Laws and Regulations at Michigan State University, told the paper:

“It’s amazing in a bad sense what a catastrophic failure this was. Largely, the food supply regulatory system is based on an honor system.”

Despite the safety checks, the report noted that children in 44 states consumed the product that, in some cases, contained extraordinarily high levels of lead—as much as 2,000 times the amount of lead considered safe.

The Food and Drug Administration said the contamination could be traced back to Ecuador during the manufacturing. 

The FDA believes that the contamination was intentional, according to Food Safety News. The report noted that there have been three brands of cinnamon applesauce recalled – WanaBana, Schnucks, and Weis. 

An FDA update last month said some of the people who ate these products may have been exposed to chromium, and “should inform their healthcare provider so they could monitor health and provide supportive care, as needed.”

The FDA added:

“Historically, lead chromate has been illegally added to certain spices to increase their weight and color, increasing the monetary value of the adulterated spices. FDA’s leading hypothesis remains that this was likely an active economically motivated alteration.”

Officials believe the ground cinnamon from Ecuador was sold to a company called Austrofood, which put it into applesauce and shipped it to the U.S. 

The Times reported that Austrofood never tested the product before shipping it and said it relied on “a certificate from a supplier saying the cinnamon was virtually lead free,” the paper reported, citing documents it obtained.

The paper reported that the FDA has policies in place where it can inspect imported foods, but said “international inspections fell far short of the target set by law.”

The Pennsylvania Health Department said last week that it has received about two dozen cases of lead poisoning tied to the applesauce. There have been a total of 468 cases nationwide, 6 ABC reported. 


The deputy chairman of Germany’s parliamentary oversight committee has publicly stated that Russia’s Ministry of Defense building, or the headquarters of the country’s intelligence service in Moscow, are legitimate targets that should be attacked.

Infowars reports that Roderick Kiesewetter, who is a former German Army general staff officer, insisted that Ukraine should take the war to Russia.

He told a talk-show host on state broadcaster ZDF:

“Ukraine should be given the opportunity to take the war to the Russian territory.”

The MP noted that German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius had already called for the same in April 2023.

“The only thing I will add from my side is that it is also necessary to attack the Russian Ministry of Defense or the intelligence service. It is absolutely clear that this is not about civilian targets and not about the people, but about explaining to the Russian population that they are the aggressors.”

When the host of the show asked Kiesewetter if he thought the attack on Moscow would be rational, the politician responded that those were Pistorius’ words. 

“To attack Moscow with Taurus missiles?” the host asked, to which the lawmaker responded: “No… now you are putting words into my mouth. No, if, within the framework of the agreement, we oblige Ukraine to use missiles only in the occupied territories, then they will act according to this principle.”

The calls for attacks on Russian government buildings come amid the latest diplomatic conflict between Moscow and Berlin, following the leak of an audio recording in which German military officers can be heard discussing a potential attack on the Crimean Bridge.


Russia officially announced on March 4 the creation of a new blockchain-based digital currency, which will effectively empower the BRICS nations to use their own currencies, while avoiding the U.S. dollar and Western terminals in the Swift system.

Kremlin aide Yury Ushadov stated:

“BRICS will work to create an independent payment system, based on blockchain technologies, primarily regarding the use of currencies different from the US dollar.”

He added that, “The main thing is to make sure it is convenient for governments, common people and businesses, as well as cost-effective and free of politics.”

Implied in his comment is that using the U.S. petro dollar requires nations to agree to a set of political rules that are set by the United States and enforced by its military-industrial establishment. Russia has already been burned by that system and will no longer participate, opting instead to create an all-new financial system  independent of the U.S. and its NATO allies, with which Russia is effectively at war.

You can argue about who is responsible for starting this war but it’s getting increasingly difficult to deny that Russia and NATO are at war.

Until the new BRICS digital currency is ready to launch, which likely won’t happen until 2025, Ushakov said the goal is to increase the number of transactions conducted in the member nations’ local currencies.

The Kremlin aide stated:

"Work will continue to develop the Contingent Reserve Arrangement, primarily regarding the use of currencies different from the US dollar.”


Just the News reports that the Harvard University Health Services confirmed this week that the school will no longer require students to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

"We strongly recommend that all members of the Harvard community stay up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines, including boosters if eligible," reads a notice on the University website. "Additionally, we continue to emphasize the benefits of wearing a high-quality face mask in crowded indoor settings and remaining at home if unwell."

"HUHS considers state and federal guidance, along with advice from the University’s public health experts, in responding to COVID-19. We will continue to monitor public health data and will periodically review requirements," it continued.

Harvard and other elite universities came under fire during the pandemic for the mandates, which several have held to long after the height of the lockdowns. 

In early 2022, university policies attracted considerable scrutiny in light of mounting evidence that two-dose mRNA vaccination coincided with a high rate of heart inflammation among young adults.

"Students are the lowest risk population on planet Earth," Johns Hopkins University medical professor Marty Makary at the time. He further described the vaccine mandates as "a kind of martial law.”


After the chips brand Doritos hired transgender activist and singer Samantha Hudson as their newest brand ambassador in Spain, the company announced this week that they have terminated the agreement with this person, claiming they were unaware of Hudson’s controversial tweets promoting pedophilia.

Hudson, whose real name is Iván Ranedo, had posted a number of perverted and disgusting comments to social media, which were brought back to light after word got out that Doritos hired Hudson to promote their chips.



Since the company’s initial announcement last weekend, a boycott has been initiated, not just targeting the chips, but the parent company Frito Lay, which is a subsidiary of PepsiCo.

The boycott has the potential to be much stronger than the backlash Bud Light received for making a customized can featuring trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

But, unlike Bud Light, Doritos did immediately announce they have fired Hudson from his role. In an official statement to Rolling Stone magazine, the company told the publication that Doritos fired Hudson not because of his gender identity but for the pro-pedophilia tweets made several years ago. The company claimed they were unaware of this. 

A company spokesperson said the brand was made aware of Hudson’s deleted Tweets from around 2015 only after the new campaign had started.

The spokesperson told Rolling Stone:

“We have ended the relationship and stopped all related campaign activity due to the comments. We strongly condemn words or actions that promote violence or sexism of any kind.”

Hudson is now claiming that his past tweets were all a joke.

Joke or not, this person saying they wish to sexually abuse children is not a good look for Doritos or its parent company PepsiCo.


A congressional investigation has discovered strange communication equipment on Chinese-built cargo cranes at U.S seaports, The Wall Street Journal reported in a March 7 article.

Rather than building them domestically at a higher cost, the U.S. relies on cheap Chinese-built cargo cranes at seaports across the country. The congressional probe discovered that several of these cranes, built by Chinese mega-manufacturer ZMPC, contain communications devices that were not requested or don’t appear to support standard operations, heightening existing espionage concerns, according to the WSJ.

U.S. intelligence has warned that Chinese cranes – equipped with an array of sensors and equipment – could be exploited by Beijing, as part of China’s larger effort to disrupt national security. 

Beijing continues to insist the U.S.’ national security concerns about Chinese-built cranes are “entirely paranoia” and constitute “an abuse of national power to obstruct normal economic and trade cooperation,” according to the WSJ.

Republican Tennessee Rep. Mark Green, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told the WSJ:

“Beijing is looking for every opportunity to collect valuable intelligence and position themselves to exploit vulnerabilities by systematically burrowing into America’s critical infrastructure — including in the maritime sector. The United States has clearly overlooked this threat for far too long.”

Some of the devices discovered through the probe included over a dozen cellular modems on crane components at one U.S. port and a modem at a server room at another, according to the Journal. 

One port told Congress in December they were aware such modems were installed on cranes but did not know why they were there, according to the WSJ.

The port explained in the letter that the modems were believed to be installed in 2017, around the time the cranes were being built in China before delivery to the U.S.; the modems were removed in October 2023.


Former NFL lineman and Florida State standout Char-ron Dorsey died suddenly of a stroke at the age 46 on Monday, March 4. 



Dorsey also had a long career as a high school coach in Jacksonville, Florida.

Parker High School head football and track coach Michael Holloway, who worked alongside Dorsey as an assistant for most of the past two decades in both middle and high school, confirmed Dorsey’s death to the Florida Times-Union.

He told the newspaper:

“He's had an impact on so many kids that have had the opportunity to make it to the next level.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Sweden has officially joined the NATO military alliance, ending decades of neutrality amid concerns about Russia’s aggression in Europe following its invasion of Ukraine.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said in a statement delivered in Washington, DC, on Thursday, March 7:

“Unity and solidarity will be Sweden’s guiding lights as a NATO member. We will share burdens, responsibilities and risks with our allies.”

He made the comments after meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and attending a formal ceremony welcoming Sweden into the NATO club.

“Good things come to those who wait,” Blinken said as he received Sweden’s accession documents.

At a press conference in Stockholm on Thursday, Sweden’s Minister for Employment and Integration Johan Pehrson labelled the country’s entrance into NATO “a new security policy era for Sweden,” adding that he had personally been waiting for such a decision for 20 years.

This is strange rhetoric given the fact that neutrality has served Sweden well over the past 75 years. It benefited economically from having close relations with the rest of Europe, the U.S. and Canada, without having to send its men to die in NATO’s wars.

Something tells me the honeymoon period for Sweden’s new military allegiance to Washington, because that’s what it is, will not last long before Swedes are left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

NATO membership is not what it seems or nearly what it used to be. It comes with a large price-tag and withering benefits. Look at Hungary. It’s people and government did not want to agree to the most recent expansion of NATO but the Hungarians were threatened with economic sanctions if they did not become one of the required “unanimous” votes. 

Washington wanted Sweden in, so all of the other 30 NATO members had to provide their rubber stamp. That’s how this club works. It’s very one-sided. The U.S. provides the bulk of the funding but all of the other allies are there for window dressing, to give the perception of unity of purpose.

It’s increasingly being exposed as a fraud.

I’m surprised Sweden and the other new NATO member, Finland, could not see this.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but NATO is looking less like a defensive alliance over the last 20 years or so and more like an offensive military machine. Perhaps things will change after the recent resignation of Victoria Nuland, the number-two person at the U.S. State Department and a world-class neocon war hawk. But don’t count on it.

Time will tell whether Sweden’s leaders have made the right decision for their people.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report.

Thanks for watching and supporting this edition of the Worldview Report. 

Until next time…

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