Barry County, Michigan Sheriff Announced That He Is Investigating Michigan's 2020 Elections

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  • The UN is relocating a large portion of its staff out of New York City. We’ll look into why.
  • Joe Biden apologizes for using a disrespectful term to describe the man who butchered an innocent Georgia nursing student.
  • The states of Kansas and Missouri grapple with the idea of hosting a Chinese Communist Party battery plant near a U.S. military base.
  • A brave sheriff says he has launched an investigation into the handling of Michigan’s 2020 election.
  • And Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum calls on governments and Big Tech companies to step up their efforts to silence critics of the globalist organization’s agenda.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

The United Nations has decided to conduct a mass relocation of its New York staff to Nairobi, Kenya.

Fully 25 percent of the staff will be moving out of New York and setting up shop in Barack Obama’s native Kenya. This seems like an odd move, especially when taken in consideration with other odd moves, like the Governor of New York state sending heavily armed National Guard troops in to guard the New York City subway system. Do they know something big is going to happen in New York City, something which they don’t wish to be around to experience? Perhaps a massive terrorist attack carried out by some of the bad actors who have poured across the U.S. border over the last three years? Or maybe it will be a nuclear strike that the U.S. government seems to be provoking with its policy of aiding Russia’s Ukrainian enemies in Kiev.

Who knows what it will be that the UN doesn’t want to be around to witness in New York City.

But one thing is for sure: The UN staff members will not find many well-wishers in Kenya.

Take a look at this report from the African Diaspora News Channel, which tells us that the UN staff members will not be welcomed by the people of Kenya or any other African country. The corrupt governments may welcome them, but not the people.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 3:15 mark to 6:22 mark)


Joe Biden apologized Saturday for calling the illegal alien who killed Georgia nursing student Laken Riley an “illegal” and suggested illegal immigration is helping America.

“Look, they built the country. The reason our economy is growing,” the president told MSNBC in an interview when talking about illegal immigrants.

Biden had faced fierce criticism for two days from liberal Democrats in Congress for referring to the man who killed Riley as an “illegal.” He said Saturday that his use of the term was a grievous mistake. It was wrong. And he was deeply sorry for committing such a serious transgression.

“I shouldn’t have used illegal,” Biden said. “It’s undocumented.”

“And look, when I spoke about the difference between Trump and me, one of the things I talked about in the border was his, the way he talks about ‘vermin,’ the way he talks about these people ‘polluting the blood,’” he added. “I talked about what I’m not going to do. What I won’t do. I’m not going to treat any, any, any of these people with disrespect.” 

And that includes Laken Riley’s brutal killer. Yes, Joe, you must pay homage to this scumbag and grant him your utmost respect. Go ahead. Let’s see how that works out for you in terms of the respect you in turn are afforded by the American people.

The MSNBC host, Jonathan Capehart, pressed the president if he had regret for his choice of language.

“Yes,” Biden responded.

I have only one word for this weasely worm of a man—disgraceful.


The president of a firm building a manufacturing facility near several Midwest military bases confirmed during a state committee hearing on March 4th that his firm’s China-based parent company employs Chinese Communist Party members and was previously involved in a military program.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has done extensive reporting on this growing controversy in America’s heartland.

Here’s the essentials of the story.

The Chinese parent company of Cnano USA intends to build a $95 million plant making battery components in Kansas, approximately 70 miles from Missouri’s Whiteman Air Force Base. This Chinese company employs dozens of CCP members and has in the past sold products to a Chinese university for its use in a Chinese military program.

Shawn Montgomery, the president of Cnano USA, testified at a hearing of the Kansas House Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development last week and admitted that his firm’s parent company back in China employs 28 CCP members and participated in the Chinese government’s so-called “863 Program,” which supports the development of China’s military.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 1:40:39 mark to 1:42:19 mark where he admits CCP members run the parent company)

So not only is this company loaded with CCP members at the top, but so are Ford and Walmart. That’s how globalism rolls, folks. Ford and Walmart are thought of as American companies but they are not. They are multinational corporations with no allegiance to any nation.

The hearing also revealed that any Chinese corporation must include at least 51 percent ownership by the CCP. That’s the bare minimum.

Kansas Republican state House Majority Leader Chris Croft told the Daily Caller that the bill will address constituent concerns regarding “CCP influence in our backyard.” However, Montgomery expressed “specific concerns” about the legislation during Monday’s hearing, citing the bill’s proposed 150-mile buffer zone around military installations.

Cnano USA is building an approximately $95 million manufacturing facility in Kansas because the state is “centrally located” and a U.S. facility will allow Cnano to avoid “costly trade tariffs,” according to Montgomery. 

We’ll keep you posted on how this case turns out.


The sheriff of Barry County, Michigan, Mr. Dar Leaf, announced last week that he has launched an investigation into the handling of Michigan’s 2020 election.

The sheriff says the targets of his investigation will be officials of Dominion Voting Systems, along with Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Attorney General Dana Nessel, computer scientist J. Alex Halderman, and others, according to The Gateway Pundit.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported in 2022 that Sheriff Dar Leaf filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Dana Nessel, who regularly mocks and threatens her political opponents, together with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who has  blocked the efforts of citizens and law enforcement to investigate voter fraud and voter irregularities in the state.

The Barry County Sheriff is also suing Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s henchman, Jonathan Brater.

Brater is Michigan’s Director of Elections, a member of the executive branch of state government, and an employee of the state. The lawsuit alleges that Brater has violated the integrity of his office, which, according to Michigan law, is “vested with the powers and shall perform the duties of the secretary of state under his or her supervision, with respect to the supervision and administration of the election laws.”

The lawsuit states that Attorney General Nessel, who has no accountability to the Barry County Electorate, and even less authority to encroach upon the law enforcement functions of a constitutional sheriff, has committed a flagrant violation of constitutional and statutory laws by usurping the power of Sheriff Dar Leaf and by “obstructing, impeding, prejudging the ability of a duly elected official to conduct a criminal investigation into allegations of criminal acts related to the 2020 election and voting,” the Gateway Pundit reports.


Globalist neocon former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is angling to get his old job back now that Donald Trump has wrapped up the GOP nomination for president.

After distancing himself from Trump following his departure from the White House in 2021, Pompeo has now revealed in an interview with Fox News that he is eager to serve in another Trump administration.

Asked by Neil Cavuto if he would work for Trump again, Pompeo indicated that he would.

“I don’t often comment on jobs I’ve not been offered,” Pompeo responded. “But if I get a chance to serve and think that I can make a difference … I’m almost certainly going to say yes to that opportunity to try and deliver on behalf of the American people.”

The comments indicate a reversal of Pompeo’s apparent hostility to the former president, having repeatedly made subtle jibes at his former boss.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 1:10 mark to 3:48 mark)

Hmm. So the president communicates his wishes to the Secretary of State and the Secretary of State communicated those wishes to the State Department career bureaucrats and those bureaucrats often refused to carry out the orders? That’s an admission right there of who really runs Washington. And it’s not the elected politicians.


Joe Biden’s dark and menacing State of the Union Address must have really inspired Democrat donors to get behind his re-election effort.

Biden’s re-election machine brought in $10 million in the 24 hours following his State of the Union address on Thursday — described by NBC News as “a financial jolt as the campaign looks to build general election momentum off the speech.”

The sum is reportedly a record for Biden’s re-election effort.

The money flowed in via approximately 116,000 donations from 113,000 contributors, a senior Biden campaign adviser said. And the total builds on Biden’s early financial advantage over former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s campaign had $56 million in the bank at the end of January, the most recent period covered by public campaign finance filings, while the DNC had $24 million. Trump and the Republican National Committee, meanwhile, had $30 million and $9 million on hand, respectively. 

NBC reports that the Biden camp is leaning into its early cash edge, on Saturday launching the first ad of a $30 million, six-week effort to blanket swing states with the campaign’s message. The first ad features Biden speaking straight into the camera, acknowledging his age but saying he “understands how to get things done.” Biden then rattles off a litany of so-called accomplishments and makes a series of contrasts with Trump in the ad.


Slay News reports that the World Economic Forum has issued a statement demanding governments and Big Tech companies make a “concerted effort” to silence critics of the unelected globalist organization’s agenda.

The WEF claims it is seeking to stamp out wrongthink as part of its alleged fight against so-called “disinformation.”

Klaus Schwab’s organization is now insisting that global governments, media, tech companies, and civil society must ramp up efforts for the “anti-disinformation” campaign.

In a statement, the WEF argues that so-called disinformation is a threat to “our ecosystem.”

Schwab’s organization wants unelected “experts” to explain to world leaders and bureaucrats how to curb opposition to his globalist agenda.

In a post on its website, the WEF praises the European Union for adopting its free-speech crushing Digital Services Act.

Some of the key components of the Act, which was drafted by unelected Eurocrats, you know, those high and mighty experts, have led freedom advocates to rename the legislation more accurately as “The Censorship Law.”

But that’s not sufficient to placate the self-appointed globalist elites at the WEF.

Now they’re trying to bully other Western nations who have yet to push through similar authoritarian measures.

The WEF blames digital technology and what it calls a “fragmented media ecosystem” for the supposedly unprecedented amounts of disinformation.

In the statement on its website, the WEF uses fearmongering about artificial intelligence to push its censorship agenda. We warned months ago that this would happen. The globalists would create the problem, which is AI, then whine about the potential for its misuse, and then position themselves as our saviors, saving we the people from deep-fake videos and fraudulent use of AI by implementing draconian curbs on free speech. I must say—that’s brilliantly evil.


Slay News is also reporting on a new Bill Gates-funded scheme that seeks to pump an insane amount of compressed carbon dioxide underground in order to meet the Net Zero targets set by climate alarmists.

The plan, put forth by the UK’s Climate Change Committee, requires the capture of up to 8.8 watt hours of energy in the form of CO2, which will be compressed and stored underground across the country.

That’s approximately eight times more energy than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. Good luck with that, Mr. Gates.

The Climate Committee’s plan to reach Net Zero involves shifting vehicle transportation and heating from coal, oil and gas to using electricity.

After this transition is complete, the government will then “decarbonize” the electric grid. 

During periods when nuclear, wind, and solar cannot meet demand, carbon capture and storage will be deployed to remove CO2 emissions as the electricity must be generated using gas.

A startup backed and incubated by Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures has engineered a hybrid technology that combines engineering with the natural photosynthesis processes to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it underground. This has never been done before in the amounts proposed by Gates. This is loaded with risk but Gates seems to be given a hall pass for whatever hairbrained ideas he can come up with. Remember, this is the same guy who is invested in plans to block out the sun.


The mother of a Marine killed during Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan on Saturday spoke out against her ex-husband getting arrested for heckling Biden during his State of the Union address.

Shana Chappell told the New York Post:

“I was shocked because I thought it was complete BS that they arrested him. He shouldn’t have been arrested, he’s a Gold Star father. He’s in the same room as the man that he knows is responsible for our son’s death, so why was he arrested?”

Chappell, 51, of Lake Elsinore, California, said she’s still struggling to survive nearly three years after her son, Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, was killed by a suicide bomber at a military base outside Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul during the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal on August 26, 2021.

The mom of five said she learned of ex-husband Steve Nikoui’s plan to disrupt Biden’s State of the Union address by shouting their son’s name on Thursday and supported the 51-year-old’s staged confrontation.

Steve Nikoui, who yelled “Abbey Gate” during Biden’s speech, referring to the military base where his son was killed, was taken into custody on misdemeanor charges.

Chappell said she “absolutely” blames Biden for Kareem’s death — as well as the subsequent suicide of his brother, Dakota Halverson, 28, in August 2022.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The U.S. Central Command announced it dropped water and meals into northern Gaza on Saturday, as critical aid to the region has been limited.

Central Command said it dropped 41,400 meal equivalents and 23,000 bottles of water into “an area of great need, allowing for civilian access to the critical aid.”

The joint operation included U.S. Air Force C-130 aircraft and U.S. Army soldiers specialized in aerial delivery of U.S humanitarian assistance supplies.

The death toll in Gaza has reportedly risen to 30,960, keeping in mind that these are numbers provided by the enclave's Hamas-run Health Ministry. Hamas launched the war on October 7 when they invaded southern Israel, killing 1,200 people, the vast majority of which were civilians, raped and sexually torturing others and taking another 250 or so hostages.

The U.S. Department of Defense said it will also undertake an emergency mission to establish a temporary pier in Gaza, working quickly to deploy joint logistics over-the-shore capability to get aid into Gaza by sea.

Once established, it is estimated that over 2 million meals could be provided to the citizens of Gaza per day, according to the Pentagon.

I find it interesting how American government officials are able to marshal such a massive aid program for millions of foreigners but seem totally inept when it comes to our own needy here at home. We have hundreds of thousands of homeless veterans and other segments of our society that have been left behind by decades of globalist policies – policies that outsourced their jobs or regulated their small companies out of business. This Gaza aid program illustrates the America-last mentality in action. 

Remember this when famine comes to America and the government is siding with the corporations and banks angling to steal your land, your house, your car. Or when they make things so unaffordable by the endless printing of inflationary dollars to cover their deficit spending. Or when a band of armed illegals pulls up in your driveway to take your stuff. Because that day is coming, folks, and it might not be that far off. 

There’s nothing wrong with helping other countries, but not when your own people are in such dire straits. Take care of the homeland first, then you can worry about those in other lands.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report.  Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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