Hate Speech Bill Reaches The Washington Governors Desk

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  • The U.S. Department of Defense appears poised to test its first-ever hypersonic missile that, if successful would provide a counter to such weapons already in the arsenal of China and Russia.
  • NATO rolls out war games in a provocative exercise right on Russia’s border.
  • One of America’s most progressive states rolls out a bill that would criminalize so-called hate speech, before it is even spoken.
  • A 28th state adopts constitutional carry of firearms.
  • California pushes forward with free, no-interest, no downpayment loans for illegal aliens.
  • And a judge rules that roughly 100 January 6 defendants had their sentences wrongly lengthened by corrupt D.C. prosecutors.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Signs are growing that the U.S. Air Force is about to conduct another live-fire test of its AGM-183A Air-launched hypersonic missile, also referred to as the ARRW, but this time staged from Guam.

Air & Space Forces Magazine reports that, last week, the Air Force showed off a live AGM-183A under the wing of a B-52H bomber at Andersen Air Force Base on the highly strategic U.S. Pacific island territory, stating it was there for show-and-tell of sorts with deployed B-52 crews.

The event was peculiar and as noted in The War Zone's initial reporting on it, a test of the weapon from Guam seemed like a better explanation for it being sent there. This would be a first-of-its-kind show of force, aimed primarily at sending signals to China, and raises questions about the Air Force's previously stated plans to cancel the hypersonic missile program.

The Air Force first revealed that it had brought a live missile to Guam as part of a brief news story about a “hypersonic weapon familiarization training” event at Andersen on February 27. In response to queries from The War Zone last week, the Air Force declined to confirm or deny it had any plans to stage a live-fire test from the island. We’ll keep you posted.


NATO is conducting more war games on Russia’s border, flaunting its newly acquired troop contingents from Finland and Sweden.

For years it has been complete taboo to seriously address the NATO eastward expansion and how this breached agreements with Russia in the post-Soviet era.

But now, as The Gateway Pundit reports, the genie is out of the bottle for all to see.

Gateway Pundit writes:

“With the ascension of Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Alliance, this expansion has reached peak momentum, and in this context, the Nordic Response military exercise right at the bear’s borders is not a very welcome development.”

The NATO drill kicked off March 4th to defend the “newly expanded Nordic territory,” with more than 20,000 soldiers from 13 nations taking part.

The exercise will last roughly two weeks, and take place in the northern regions of Finland, Norway and Sweden.

4,000 Finnish soldiers will participate, representing the new NATO member’s largest-ever participation in a foreign military exercise.


A disturbing hate speech bill has been advanced through the Washington State Senate and House, and is headed to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk. 

But this is even worse than most hate speech laws. In true Marxist spirit, this bill, if it becomes law, would allow the state to pay people to rat out their friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members.

The Liberty Sentinel reports that this would violate Americans’ constitutional rights to confront your accuser; speak one’s opinions freely; think critically and report on issues of public discourse.

Senate Bill 5427 would allow private individuals to report what it calls “bias incidents” to the State Attorney General’s Office.

Those who snitch on their fellow citizens in this way have the potential to be rewarded with a gift from the state of $2,000 from government coffers. The bill’s proponents concede that it’s an attempt to regulate non-criminal speech. 

The progressive Democrats who sponsored this bill say it is intended to help “victims of hate crimes” before a crime actually occurs. In other words, they are going after thought crime.

The Sentinel writes:

“SB 5427 would create a ‘tattletale hotline,’ undermine legitimate criminal investigations, and freeze, not just chill, speech and the press in Washington State. People will stop talking to others and writing to others except very close friends and relatives, out of fear that a greedy Karen will report them to Washington’s version of the Gestapo.”

Conservative Ladies of Washington Founder and President Julie Barrett told the Senate Ways and Means Committee at a Feb. 20 public hearing:

“Spend five minutes on Twitter on any given day and I assure someone would say something offensive under this law that we could call a ‘hate crime’ and collect $2,000 from the attorney general. It potentially targets people for actions they don’t like, but are not actually hate crimes. In collaboration with bills like HB 1333, this would create sort of a tattletale hotline to report people one doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like.”


Some good news to report on the Second Amendment front, as a 28th state has now approved constitutional carry.

Louisiana’s Republican Governor, Jeff Landry, campaigned on a pro-Second Amendment platform last fall, and the former attorney general wasted no time in fulfilling his promise of making his state the latest to allow permit-less carry for law-abiding citizens. 

Just a little more than two weeks after a bill was introduced in a special session on crime and public safety, Landry put pen to paper Tuesday and officially made concealed carry licenses optional in Louisiana. 

Governor Landry told Fox News Digital:

“Today, we join 27 other states in passing Constitutional Carry. I promised the folks of Louisiana that I would champion Constitutional Carry into law, and within two months, I have honored that commitment. It's fundamentally clear — law-abiding citizens should never have to seek government permission to safeguard themselves and their families. Today, we have secured an incredible victory for liberty in Louisiana.”


Now we have a little more good news to report.

Judges may have improperly applied federal sentencing guidelines to more than 100 people convicted of participating in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the US Capitol, a federal court ruled Friday. This is according to an article in the New York Post.

A three-judge panel of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the Justice Department’s argument that convicted rioters merited lengthier prison sentences for interfering in the “administration of justice” when they entered the Capitol during the certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 installation. 

Judge Patricia Millett wrote in the court’s unanimous ruling:

“The phrase ‘administration of justice’ does not encompass Congress’s role in the electoral certification process. Text, context, and commentary show that administration of justice refers to judicial, quasi-judicial, and adjunct investigative proceedings, but does not extend to the unique congressional function of certifying electoral college votes.”

As a result, imprisoned J6 protesters who had their sentences enhanced may push for new, lighter sentences if the appeals court ruling stands.


A federal judge is upholding provisions of new Arizona laws that would require counties to verify that registered voters are U.S. citizens, allowing them to cross-check voter registration information with various government databases, the Associated Press reports.

In a ruling Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton concluded Arizona legislators did not discriminate when they adopted the laws and the state does have an interest in preventing voter fraud and limiting voting to those individuals eligible to vote.

She wrote:

“Considering the evidence as a whole, the court concludes that Arizona’s interests in preventing non-citizens from voting and promoting public confidence in Arizona’s elections outweighs the limited burden voters might encounter when required to provide (documentary proof of citizenship).”


NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has threatened to punch black supporters of Donald Trump in the face if he sees any of them wearing t-shirts featuring Trump’s mugshot.

During an interview with CNN’s Gayle King, Barkley lambasted Trump for making comments in which he suggested his mugshot had become a popular image among some blacks.

Trump said:

“You know who embraced more than anybody else? The black population. It’s incredible. You see black people walking around with my mugshot – you know they do shirts.”

Trump’s comments triggered Barkley, who said he was deeply offended. 

“First of all, I’m just gonna say this,” he threatened. “If I see a Black person walking around with a Trump mugshot, I’m gonna punch him in the face.”



Somehow Barkley taking offense rings hollow and smacks of hypocrisy, coming from a former NBA star who himself has done pretty well for himself here in America, becoming a multi-millionaire for the sole reason that he was able to expertly place a round ball into a net. He’s been lavished with corporate endorsements and TV commentary contracts that even after his playing days have continued to make him a rich man. 

But he knows what it’s like to be persecuted. Yes, thank you Charles for that expert analysis of Donald Trump. 


Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona announced Tuesday she will not seek a second term, after more than a year of side-stepping questions about her political future.

Her exit clears the way for a likely matchup between Republican Kari Lake and Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego in a contest that could determine control of the Senate.

As Lake and Gallego ramped up their campaigns, it became increasingly clear that Sinema's path to victory was extremely narrow.

Sinema won in 2018 as a Democrat, becoming the first non-Republican to win an Arizona Senate seat since 1994. Then she switched to independent and tried to position herself as a leading moderate, but when push came to shove, she voted more than 90 percent of the time with the Democrats. 

Sinema claimed in a February 22 post to X that she was the one who “wrote the bipartisan infrastructure law” in 2021, a bill that was loaded up with lucrative contracts and incentives for corporate players trying to cash in on the green agenda and installation of smart city technology. 

Sinema stated in a video announcing her retirement:

“The only political victories that matter these days are symbolic — attacking your opponents on cable news or social media. Compromise is a dirty word. I believe in my approach, but it's not what America wants right now. Because I choose civility, understanding, listening, working together to get stuff done, I will leave the Senate at the end of this year.”


The Center Square reports that California lawmakers have proposed expanding the state’s zero-down, no payment home loan program to illegal immigrants. 

California ranks 49th in housing units per resident, resulting in extremely expensive housing.

Republican State Senator Briah Dahle in a statement:

“Assembly Bill 1840 is an insult to California citizens who are being left behind and priced out of homeownership. I'm all for helping first-time homebuyers, but give priority to those who are here in our state legally.”

With the reinforcement of the Texas Border, illegal immigrants are now redirecting to the California and Arizona borders, highlighting concerns that the state’s provision of healthcare and unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants could become even more costly and attract more illegal aliens to the state.

2024’s expansion of the state’s MediCal taxpayer-funded free-to-low-cost healthcare system to all illegal immigrants is expected to cost $3.4 billion on state expectations that 700,000 newly qualified illegal migrants will sign up. 

Should more arrive and more sign up for the program, which includes access to gender reassignment interventions, that cost will be higher, notes the Center Square.


OAN reports that a SpaceX-backed maker of flying cars carrying a price tag of $300,000 said it has a pre-order backlog of 2,850 units. 

Alef Aeronautics, which is based in San Mateo, California, said that the pre-orders for its Model-A totaled over $850 million. 

Customers can access pre-orders for the Model-A online, however, they have to put down a minimum $150 deposit for the vehicle. Additionally, customers will still be allowed to back out of the deposit at any time at their choosing.

The flying car is around 850 pounds and a two-seat car. It was first unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last year, and it is considered an electrical vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (eVTOL), capable of reaching up to 110 miles per hour in the air and up to 35 miles per hour on the ground. 

“As of today, we have a little bit more than 2,850 preorders with deposits down, which makes it the bestselling aircraft in history, more than Boeing, Airbus, Joby Aviation and most of the eVTOLs [electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles] combined,” Alef’s CEO, Jim Dukhovny, told CNBC.

Additionally, in 2023, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the Model-A a special Airworthiness Certification, which allows the company to fly the car in limited locations. However, it still needs approval from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for it to be legal on the roads. 


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is poised to leave her post soon, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced. The senior official, widely regarded as a foreign policy hawk, played a key role in the Western-backed coup in Kiev in 2014.

In a statement on Tuesday, Blinken noted that his friend “Toria” has held most of the jobs at the State Department, from a consular officer to ambassador and deputy secretary, over her 35-year career. Her most recent posting was as undersecretary for political affairs. She was also Blinken’s acting deputy after the July 2023 retirement of Wendy Sherman, until Kurt Campbell was confirmed to the post last month.

“What makes Toria truly exceptional is the fierce passion she brings to fighting for what she believes in most: freedom, democracy, human rights, and America’s enduring capacity to inspire and promote those values around the world,” Blinken said. 

He also noted that her “leadership on Ukraine” will be the subject of study “for years to come” by diplomats and students of foreign policy.

Indeed, it will.

Nuland was directly involved in the Maidan uprising and the subsequent coup in Kiev. In December 2013, she visited Ukraine to hand out pastries to the armed protesters in Kiev’s central square. She was then recorded discussing how to “midwife this thing” with then-US ambassador to Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt, just days before the February 2014 coup.

In a CNN interview at the end of February, Nuland admitted the defeat of U.S. policy towards Moscow, describing today’s Russia as “not the Russia that, frankly, we wanted.” 



So there you have it. War is good for the economy. Killing Russians and Ukrainians by the tens of thousands will lead to good jobs for you and your family here in America. Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Truth be told, there’s no difference in the amount of freedom one would enjoy living in Russia as opposed to Ukraine. Both countries have authoritarian governments in place, both of which are known to clamp down on the press and political expressions that challenge the official government narratives. 

Not that it is any business of the United States what form of government another country far from our borders has in place.

And who are we, anyway, to talk about another country’s democracy, or lack thereof, when our own country now openly censors political speech, the very type of speech we’re told is guaranteed by our First Amendment, and throws elderly ladies in jail for praying outside of abortion clinics, and holds political prisoners in the DC gulag? 

So, Ms. Victoria Nuland, spare us the lecture about standing up for freedom and democracy. These are the same tired talking points that have been used to justify endless wars all over the world since the end of World War II. 

Victoria Nuland does deserve some credit, however.

She is one of the world’s leading experts on how to conduct a color revolution. She, and the rest of her neocon globalist elitists, are in the business of starting wars, revolutions, and conducting regime changes, while perfecting the art of propaganda, to where it looks like the targeted country is the one guilty of military aggression.  How do they do this? They do it through secret infiltrations and spying operations, payoffs for friendly foreign actors, and control of media narratives, all under the control of a rogue, unaccountable CIA. They’ve been doing it for years, and don’t expect it to stop just because Nuland has resigned.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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