Mississippi's Secretary of State Is Sounding The Alarm

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  • Joe Biden says the quiet part out loud, divulging his plans to save Hamas from total destruction.
  • We have new data that reveals the demographic segments of society most likely to have their men sterilized.
  • Police in St. Louis have arrested a 15-year-old black student after video footage emerged showing her savagely beating a fellow white student.
  • A New Mexico man has died from bubonic plague.
  • Another country is forging ahead with digital IDs for its citizens.
  • And Germany announces it needs to rebuild its Cold War era civilian defense system now that fears about Russia have intensified.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

After Thursday’s angry State of the Union Address, Joe Biden was caught on a hot mic boasting that he told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “You and I are going to have a come to Jesus meeting.”

In full damage control, Biden sat down Saturday with MSNBC‘s Jonathan Capehart, where he said the quiet part out loud about who really benefits from a potential ceasefire in Gaza.

Biden commented that “I think Hamas would like a total ceasefire across the board because they can then have a better chance to survive and maybe rebuild.”



So, we changed the rules of war after World War II. We changed them for who? The U.S. carpet bombed Iraqi villages, killing thousands of civilians. The U.S. and NATO were behind civilian bombings in Kosovo. So it appears the U.S. gets to write the rules and then apply them selectively. No wonder our country has so many enemies.


Author and economist Martin Armstrong writes in a new article that male sterilizations are on the rise and are highest among young white men.

The Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson has left reproductive measures in the hands of individual states. And organizations like Planned Parenthood are now looking to target men in states where abortions are banned or severely restricted. The rate of sterilization for childless young men in states without access to abortion clinics is rapidly rising, Armstrong reports.

Armstrong says states like Indiana and Kentucky are experiencing a rise in Planned Parenthood locations despite the recent ruling because they are marketing their services to men.

The International Journal of Impotence Research reported a 35% increase in vasectomy consultations, with around 22.4% resulting in sterilization, since the Dobbs ruling. The median age for vasectomy services in America is now 35. 

Now, 10.3% of men undergoing this procedure were under 30 before Dobbs, compared to 23.9% today. And 8.6% of men who opted for sterilization were childless pre-Dobbs, but that number has nearly doubled to 16.9%. 

The report discovered:

“Younger men, especially those under 30, as well as childless men were significantly more likely to seek consultation post-Dobbs compared to the prior reproductive legal climate.”

Planned Parenthood says that although potentially reversible, the goal of the procedure is complete sterilization. 

Planned Parenthood states on its website: “Vasectomies are meant to be permanent. You should only get a vasectomy if you’re 100% positive you don’t want to be able to get someone pregnant for the rest of your life.”

White males are more likely to volunteer to undergo this procedure than other races, as it is considered taboo in many non-white cultures, but celebrated among social-justice warriors who believe we must curtail the population to reduce our carbon footprint.

Armstrong concludes that the trend of sterilized, childless young men in America is expected to rise as the family unit is no longer celebrated or valued. It is therefore likely that population replacement will come from migrants rather than new births.


Zero Hedge reports that police in St. Louis, Missouri, have arrested a 15-year-old black girl after video footage emerged of a confrontation showing a savage beating of a white student from Hazelwood East High School.

The extremely disturbing video shows the girl repeatedly smashing the other girl’s head into the concrete, then leaving her convulsing, traumatized body on the pavement.

A group of students then began an all-out brawl before police were called to the scene close to the school this past Friday.

We must warn you, this video includes disturbing content not suitable for young children.



The girl reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury and is listed in critical condition in the hospital, while the assailant was arrested on assault charges Saturday, taken to the St. Louis County Family Court and held in custody through to Sunday.

Social media content suggests that the victim had been the target of bullying at the school.

James Clark, vice president of public safety and community response at the Urban League, described the incident as “a glimpse into the mentality and the culture of our young people.”

He told KSDK

“The social pressure is to be socially dysfunctional. Who can be the loudest? Who can be the most disruptive?”



You can blame this on social media, or social pressure, but the truth is, our schools need God. We kicked God out of the schools, removed the Bible, many decades ago. Now we’re seeing the results.


The New York Post reports that a New Mexico man has died of complications from the bubonic plague as state health officials scramble to assess the ongoing risk in the region.

The unidentified Lincoln County resident had been hospitalized recently with the bacterial affliction, although the details surrounding how he contracted it and how his health deteriorated remain unclear, the state Department of Health (NMDOH) announced Friday.

Despite medics’ best efforts, the patient succumbed to his symptoms, marking New Mexico’s first recorded case of bubonic plague since 2021.

This was also the state’s first plague-related fatality since 2020; the state recorded four cases of the disease that year alone.

Plague “is a bacterial disease of rodents,” according to the health department, and generally spreads to humans through infected flea bites; it additionally can gain ground through direct contact with infected animals, such as rodents, wildlife and even pets. 


CNN reports that Russia is on track to produce nearly three times more artillery munitions than the U.S. and Europe, a key advantage ahead of what is expected to be another Russian offensive in Ukraine later this year.

Russia is producing about 250,000 artillery munitions per month, or about 3 million a year, according to NATO intelligence estimates of Russian defense production shared with CNN, as well as sources familiar with Western efforts to arm Ukraine. Collectively, the U.S. and Europe have the capacity to generate only about 1.2 million munitions annually to send to Kyiv, a senior European intelligence official told CNN.

The U.S. military set a goal to produce 100,000 rounds of artillery a month by the end of 2025 — less than half of the Russian monthly output — and even that number is now out of reach with $60 billion in Ukraine funding stalled in Congress, a senior Army official told reporters last week.

“What we are in now is a production war,” a senior NATO official told CNN. “The outcome in Ukraine depends on how each side is equipped to conduct this war.”

Officials told CNN that Russia is firing around 10,000 shells a day, compared to just 2,000 a day from the Ukrainian side. 

The shortfall comes as Ukraine’s war effort is collapsing, both in terms of keeping up with munitions and in maintaining manpower on the frontlines.


Michael Snyder reports in a new article that China is increasing military spending and ramping up preparations for war. 

Chinese shipyards are churning out military vessels at a pace that the U.S. simply cannot match.

Snyder writes:

“The U.S. cannot match the pace of building in the shipyards of Shanghai, which have already turned out two new aircraft carriers with a third expected to begin sea trials soon. The latest vessel features catapults to launch heavy, fixed-wing aircraft with immense bomb payloads. These shipyards are also building a new type of amphibious assault vessel and armored assault vehicles in the event of an attack on a neighbor, such as Taiwan.”

Of even greater concern is the vast network of tunnels that the Chinese have been constructing.

We are being told that this underground network makes the Hamas tunnels under Gaza “look like holes scooped by children in a sandpit”…” Snyder writes, citing a Daily Mail article, which states:

“The Chinese tunnels stretch for hundreds of miles and their plans are so closely guarded that Western intelligence agencies have little idea what is down there. Domestic spies in the West, who have attempted to smuggle out information, have been caught and executed.”

Nobody knows why China has been putting so much effort into these tunnels.

Are they anticipating that vast numbers of Chinese will need to shelter underground during an apocalyptic conflict with the United States?

In recent years, the Chinese have also been feverishly upgrading and expanding their strategic nuclear arsenal.

The moment the Chinese invade Taiwan, they know that it will mean war with the United States.

If that war is limited to conventional weaponry, the Chinese will win a war in Taiwan, and every war game that our leaders have conducted in recent years has shown this.

The U.S. could try to threaten China with nukes, but if China now possesses enough missiles to wipe out dozens of U.S. cities, our leaders may not want to risk a nuclear confrontation.

Snyder says the Chinese know that most battles are won before they are ever fought, adding “So they are trying to position themselves for a positive outcome before the very first missile is fired at Taiwan.”


Between 2017 and 2022, the number of farms in the U.S. declined by more than 141,000 or 7%, according to USDA’s 2022 Census of Agriculture, released on February 13. 

Acres operated by working farms during the same timeframe declined by 20 million or 2.2%, a loss equivalent to an area about the size of Maine. 

Conducted every five years, the Census of Agriculture collects data on land use and ownership, producer characteristics, production practices, income and expenditures. 

While the number of farm operations and acres operated declined, the value of agricultural production increased, rising from $389 billion in 2017 to $533 billion in 2022, which is an increase of 17% adjusted for inflation.


The government of Nepal has become the latest to require a digital identity of its citizens starting from early childhood as it starts assigning national ID numbers to children during birth registration.

As reported by The Kathmandu Post: “The Department of National ID and Civil Registration has started issuing such digital numbers to pave the way for wider adoption of the national identity cards that could replace citizenship certificates in the future.”

The national ID is a federal identity card issued by the Department of National ID and Civil Registration with a unique number assigned to each person when their birth is registered by the state. Nepali citizens can obtain the cards based on their biometric and demographic data. The card features a unique number, photo, personal information and the bearer’s fingerprints.

The department claims that the biometric smart card will have several uses and that officials can read it using secure terminals.

A director at the Department of National ID and Civil Registration, said:

“We have been informally providing national ID numbers to people at their birth registration across the country for the past two months. Such numbers are being given to around 2,000 people a day.”

Goal 16.9 of the UN Agenda 2030 is to provide a digital birth registration of all children.

The department will formally launch this plan within a few weeks.

He added:

“When a person’s identity is created from early childhood, it will be easier for such persons to get government documents, including the national ID.”

This is in fulfillment of UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development goal 16.9, which requires “legal ID for all” and “birth registration” for all newborns. This document was signed by more than 190 world leaders in September 2015, including Barack Obama, then president of the United States. Neither president Trump nor Biden has removed the U.S. as a signatory to the UN Agenda 2030 document.


Slay News reports that Mississippi’s Republican Secretary of State Michael Watson is sounding the alarm after discovering that Joe Biden’s executive order is registering ineligible convicts and illegal aliens to vote.

Watson has sent a letter to Biden’s Department of Justice asking it to stop enforcing the executive order.

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Watson wrote:

“As you are aware, on March 7, 2021, President Biden issued Executive Order No. 14019 which sought to turn the Department of Justice agencies from their historical missions of law enforcement to voter registration and get-out-the-vote operations. These efforts are an intrusion into state matters and are a misuse of federal revenue and resources.”

The letter further states that, “it appears that these efforts have led to agencies under your charge attempting to register people to vote, including potentially ineligible felons and to co-opt state and local officials into accomplishing this goal.”

The executive order in question was signed by Biden in 2021.

The order was billed as an attempt to combat racial discrimination and “protect the right to vote.”

Biden used the order to instruct government agencies to “consider ways to expand citizens’ opportunities to register to vote and to obtain information about, and participate in, the electoral process.”

Watson’s letter goes on to say that Biden’s executive order requires the DOJ to facilitate voter registration and mail-in voting for individuals in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons.

He alleges that this program creates opportunities for ineligible prisoners to be registered to vote in Mississippi.

The letter addresses concerns that illegal immigrants in the Mississippi prison system could potentially be registered to vote through this executive order if the program is not closely monitored.

“Our understanding is that everyone in the Marshals’ custody is given a form advising them of their right to register and vote,” the letter continues.

Watson demands the DOJ provide documents proving “what exactly are you doing in our prisons?”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

The Telegraph reports that Germany’s local city councils are calling for billions of euros to spend on building a new system of underground bunkers and air-raid sirens to protect the population in case of war.

André Berghegger, head of the Association of German Councils, told the Funke newspaper group:

“We need at least 1 billion euros for each of the next 10 years to protect the civilian population.”

During the Cold War, Germany had more than 2,000 bunkers, but there are only 600 left that can offer shelter to around half-a-million people, he said, adding:

“We urgently need to put disused bunkers back into operation and we need to build new, modern shelters.”

In 2007, Germany decided to dismantle all of its remaining bunkers, saying that they were of no use against new threats such as terrorism and climate change.

Berghegger said the years of peace after the Cold War had “made us a bit carefree.”

He added that the level of threat has changed and that this was shown by “Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.”

Of course, anyone who has studied the situation knows Germany, France, the UK and U.S. would be wise to build up their civil defense, but not for the reason stated by the German official.

If you listened to him, one would think the danger has been brought on by some random decision by Vladimir Putin to start invading Western countries. After more than two decades in power, Putin suddenly wants to invade Europe, or so the German official implies.

That’s the Western propaganda message they want us to believe, that Russia is the aggressor and Russia started the war. In reality, the seeds for this war were laid in 2014 when the CIA launched a color revolution, overthrowing a duly elected pro-Russian government in Kiev and installing a Western puppet government that was eager to serve as a staging ground for Western NATO weaponry on Russia’s border. This was always a red line for Russia and the West knew it. When Russia reacted by sending its troops into Ukraine, they blamed Putin for being the aggressor. 

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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