Cloned Apes

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Kerby Anderson
            The announcement last November 2007 that scientists have successfully cloned adult primates was met with excitement and concern. For some this was an important step in the possibility of eventually being able to clone a human being. They greeted the news with enthusiasm.
            For those of us who feel that cloning represents another step towards the brave new world, this news was not so exciting. Cloned monkey embryos may signal a breakthrough that allows scientists to develop so-called therapeutic cloning on human beings. The term therapeutic cloning is a misnomer. It is hardly therapeutic for the embryos that are manipulated or destroyed. But the term has been adopted to make this march toward future genetic manipulation palatable.
            Although the National Bioethics Advisory Commission has banned the cloning of human beings, it has permitted the cloning of human embryos for research. Since these embryos are ultimately destroyed, this research raised the same pro-life concerns as abortion or embryonic stem cell research.
            Cloning represents a tampering of the reproductive process at the most basic level. It strays significantly from God's intended procedure of a man and woman producing children within the bounds of matrimony.
Cloning also affects the unity and diversity of humanity. Jewish Midrash says: "For a man stamps many coins in one mold and they are all alike; but the King who is king over all kings, the Holy One blessed be he, stamped every man in the mold of the first man, yet not one of them resembles his fellow."
            The latest news also underscores the need to Congressional legislation. And there has been consideration of the cloning ban by the United Nations. This most recent announcement shows that now is the time to act. I'm Kerby Anderson, and that's my point of view.

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