Federal Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional CA Gun Law

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  • A flotilla of Haitians may soon be looking to land in Florida, but Governor Ron DeSantis says it’s not going to happen and he will use the National Guard to stop the invasion.
  • Former President Donald Trump could soon have his classified documents case dismissed by a federal judge. We’ll show you why.
  • A United Nations-linked American organization has been hit with a massive lawsuit over the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.
  • A conservative publication asks a single penetrating question about the transgender movement overtaking America: Where are the fathers?
  • Florida moves to ban lab-grown meat.
  • And German officials admit their military is woefully unprepared to fight Russians, even though they’re itching to get into that fight.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will send more than 250 additional soldiers – along with a fleet of aircraft and boats – to protect Florida from vessels carrying illegal aliens from Haiti.

The governor signed the order Wednesday, as unrest in the Caribbean country continued for a second week.

The deployment will include 48 National Guardsmen, as well as four helicopters that will add to an already vigorous line of defense along the state's southern coast.

A further 39 officers from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 30 from Florida Highway Patrol, and 23 from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will also join the front, as well as a dozens of aircraft, drones and eight boats.

The details of the deployment were provided by DeSantis' office, shortly after the governor took to X to announce the operation. Days before, the U.S. deployed Marines to protect the US embassy in Haiti, as gang violence spreads across the country. 

All the signs are there for another criminal flotilla operation where Haiti joins Venezuela in emptying out its prisons and sending to America its most dangerous felons.


Multiple reports indicate that Judge Aileen Cannon is preparing to dismiss the classified documents case against Donald Trump based on an argument of selective prosecution. 

This comes after she questioned the prosecution team led by Jack Smith on why no other U.S. president or vice president has ever been charged under the Espionage Act for taking or keeping classified documents, a situation that involves 32 counts against Trump. 

Journalist Simon Abeta noted that the hearing in a Florida court is occurring just days after former Special Counsel Robert Hur confirmed that Joe Biden broke the law by willfully retaining classified documents and sharing them with his ghostwriter for a book from which he made at least $8 million. The judge appeared to question why there was one standard for Trump and another for all of the presidents and vice presidents before him. 

While it's too early to make conclusions, based on her line of questioning the judge does not seem convinced by the arguments presented by Jack Smith ahead of the 2024 presidential election.


Slay News reports that a United Nations-linked American organization has been hit with a lawsuit over the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel.

The U.S.-based UNRWA USA National Committee is connected to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

The American nonprofit has raised millions of dollars for UNRWA.

The organization is now being sued by 10 survivors and family members of slain victims of the October 7 terrorist attacks on southern Israel.

They argue the U.S.-based group has knowingly provided material support for Hamas and terrorist activities for years.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

It was filed on behalf of Israeli family survivors. They claim that UNRWA USA and UNRWA are “inextricably linked” in their support for Hamas.

The lawsuit states that:

“501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations generally do good work. They feed the hungry, help the poor, and house the homeless. But on some very rare occasions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization finances an international terrorist plot that kills over 1,200 innocent people. This case involves one of those rare occasions.”

More than 1,200 Israelis were killed during the attacks.

And more than 6,900 civilians are estimated to have been injured, and hundreds more were taken hostage by Hamas.


The Federalist has an interesting piece up by Zachary Mettler on fatherhood and how it relates to the transgender craze sweeping this country.

It’s often said that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. 

And Mettler writes that, “of late, too many seemingly good men have done nothing to protect their daughters from transgender-identified athletes competing in girls’ sporting events. Let’s not mince words. These male athletes are harming and hurting their daughters under the guise of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness.’”

Just last week, we reported on a Massachusetts high school girls’ basketball team that forfeited a game when a male on the opposing team injured three female players. The team decided to forfeit because the injured girl’s female teammates were afraid of being next in line to be brutalized by the more muscular male teen.

Mettler observes:

“The girls made the right call, to be sure. But why was it necessary in the first place? And why was it up to teenage girls to make that call?”

That’s a legitimate question. Where are the fathers and why aren’t they looking out for their daughters’ best interests?

Last year, also in Massachusetts, a male high school field-hockey player, identifying as a girl, hit a ball so hard it knocked out a female player’s teeth. There’s a Video of the incident, which shows the female player crumpling to the ground and shrieking as her teammates cover their mouths with their hands and walk around in shock.



You can hear the screams and shrieks of fear in that video as the girls see their teammate writhing in pain, blood pouring out of her mouth. It breaks your heart to watch.

Mettler concludes:

“Every time I see another story like this — and the number of incidents is surging — I wonder: Where were their fathers? Why have so few fathers, especially after their daughters were injured by a male, stepped forward and said, ‘Not on my watch’?”


Speaking of our culture’s obsession with transgenderism, conservative commentator Michale Knowles confronted a student on this very issue recently and gave a brilliant answer as to why he should stop pretending to be a female.

Take a listen.



Well said, Mr. Knowles.


The Sunshine State is set to become the first U.S. state to prohibit the sale of lab-grown, cell-cultured meats, and doing so could land offenders with a second-degree misdemeanor.

Florida’s now updated SB 1084: Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services was passed in the state Senate in a vote of 86-27, and is now headed to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk to be signed into law. It calls for “prohibiting the manufacture for sale, holding or offering for sale, or distribution of cultivated meat in this state, etc.”

Representative Dean Black, a Republican of Jacksonville, stated:

“I think they can make it on the moon and export it on Mars, and it’s fine to have Martian meat as well. If you go to the moon, if you go to Mars, you should be allowed to get it there. But you sure as heck shouldn’t be able to get it anywhere in this country, and sure as heck not here in Florida.”

NBC Miami noted that Democrats mostly support the fake-meat industry and tried to stop the bill from passing. They portrayed DeSantis as trying to stop “progress,” tying the ban on fake meat to a bill supported by DeSantis to ban local governments from getting into the electric-vehicle charging business. 

Rep. Lindsay Cross, Democrat of St. Petersburg, said both bans are intended to “stop innovation, put barriers on the free market and to lock us into existing frameworks.”

The Spoon also noted that the Florida bill banning lab-grown meat is similar to legislation making its way through state legislatures in Arizona, Tennessee and West Virginia. All of it concerns an industry that, at least to this point, is commercially non-existent, with the exception of sales at a couple of high-end restaurants.

As we reported last week, Iowa is considering legislation that would ban using the term “meat” on lab-grown and protein substitutes.


A board member for the New York Federal Reserve has admitted that hundreds of banks in the United States are more than likely to collapse in the near future, providing an insight as to just how systemic the problems are in the banking sector.

Scott Rechler, an active member of the board for the Federal Reserve of New York, and the chairman and CEO of the New York real estate development firm RXR, gave this analysis last week in a whitepaper seen exclusively by Fortune.

His paper details how regional banks will face a “slow-moving train wreck” due to real estate loans maturing over the next several years, especially small and regional banks, which he says will ultimately cause them to close their doors, and can be a “systemic issue.”

He wrote:

“I think there’s going to be…500 or more fewer banks in the U.S. over the next two years. I’m not saying they’re all going to fail, but they’re going to be forced into consolidation if they don’t fail.”

Rechler noted that these 500 banks don’t have a business model that’s going to enable them to stand alone and be competitive and retain deposits and service customers.

“I think when you hear the Treasury or the regulators talk about, ‘Well, with real estate, this isn’t a systemic issue,’ I think they’re really focused on the large systemically important, too-big-to-fail banks. But when you look at the regional banks around the country, they have a significant allocation of their loans to commercial real estate. A lot of it to multifamily developers that are going to have loans that are upside down.”


The X account Libs of TikTok posted a disturbing video Monday of Chasten Buttigieg, the so-called husband of U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Chasten Buttigieg appears in the video making children “pledge allegiance to the rainbow.” 



Chaya Raichik, the conservative creator and administrator of Libs of TikTok, published the video in response to Chasten Buttigieg’s criticism of her appointment by the Oklahoma state superintendent of public schools to a state library advisory committee. 

She has expressed concern about pornographic materials hidden within children’s books that are kept in school libraries, including “Gender Queer” and “This Book is Gay,” both of which contain depictions of graphic sexual activity.

Of course, Buttigieg would be against any conservative being appointed to any official position allowing them to help put a stop to the grooming of children in our schools.


Breitbart reports that Chinese government documents and restricted military journals show how the Chinese Communist Party is using social media and Hollywood to target vulnerable young consumers and tear at the fabric of American culture, according to Peter Schweizer’s new book: Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.

Schweizer writes:

“The Chinese military and Communist Party officials have thought deeply and written extensively about waging ‘cognitive warfare’ on the United States. The CCP sees apps such as TikTok, video games, and movies as powerful weapons to wage psychological warfare against the West.”

He further notes that “…Unfortunately, they have found willing accomplices among some of the most powerful people in American politics and entertainment. Those national leaders continue to turn a blind eye to the challenge, refusing to acknowledge what Beijing is doing.”

Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, notes that “despite its links to the Chinese propaganda apparatus, TikTok has thrived with the help of American celebrities and thought leaders who are either ignorant or ambivalent about TikTok’s true nature.”

TikTok is run by the company ByteDance, which he maintains is “wedded to the Chinese Communist Party military-intelligence-industrial complex.” 

While the app has “penetrated the heart of America’s culture, becoming a central part of the lives of our children and young adults,” the Chinese government does not permit the app for its own population. Instead, the CCP harnesses the app’s addictive quality to target and shape the minds of young Americans for its own purposes.


A federal district court has struck down a California law limiting gun purchases to one every 30 days, declaring it unconstitutional. 

The judge placed a 30-day stay on the ruling to give the state a chance to appeal.

Judge William Hayes based his ruling on NYSRPA v. Bruen, a U.S. Supreme Court case that created a new standard for Second Amendment decisions. Under Bruen, the government “must then justify its regulation by demonstrating that it is consistent with the nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.”


The U.S. Military Academy at West Point has removed the words “Duty, Honor, Country” from its mission statement in what some critics say reflects the deepening politicization within the military services under President Biden.

The mission statement until recently included the three words made famous in retired General Douglas MacArthur’s 1962 farewell address to West Point cadets. The storied World War II and Korean War commander died two years later. 

Lt. General Steve Gilland, West Point superintendent, outlined the new mission statement this week. It says cadets will be grounded in “Army values,” including loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

Notice nowhere in that list is anything about a commitment to one’s country. Loyalty to what? A duty to whom? 

Without the context of one’s COUNTRY, these appear to be vague references that allow the politicized military hierarchy to fill in the blanks as to who our soldiers owe their allegiance.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

German generals were recently caught strategizing on how to bombard a Russian bridge to Crimea, an action that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned would lead to a wider war with NATO.

And that has led to an admission by German officials that their military is woefully unprepared to take on Russia. If German generals and politicians truly want to provoke a war with Russia, they had better slow down and wait for their military to beef up its arsenal and its manpower.

A March 14 article by John Cody at Remix News shows that the German Army lacks the personnel, equipment and infrastructure to wage a major war of any kind, let alone with a nuclear-armed military superpower like Russia.

Germany’s own military and government are painting such a dire picture of the armed forces that there are now calls from some of the most powerful politicians in the country to reinstate mandatory military service. Yes, a military draft.

A video produced by Remix News details testimony provided by Eva Högl, the German Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces, who provided catastrophic details about the state of the German military.



The German MP said she finds it “really impressive” that Germany has emptied out its military defense stocks by handing it over to Ukraine to be wasted in a losing war with Russia. That is really quite amazing. That sounds like an admission of treason in the wide open. 

But, let’s not forget, these are globalists. And when have globalists ever been held accountable for their crimes? This is the same group of people who mandated toxic jabs on their own militaries and their own civilian population. Their consciences have been seared and, thanks to their arrogance, they are being set up for a grand fall. It’s coming folks, you can mark it down. 

Nations that place their military leadership in the hands of women and transgenders have no future as a superpower and no ability to win a war against Russia or China. And yet, this is the very same feminized leadership that seeks to provoke war with Russia and China. All I can say is, good luck with that. 

And don’t think a military draft is going to make up for years of woke ideological brainwashing and purges of our most patriotic officers.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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