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 Dear Friends,

I am reaching out to you with a heart full of gratitude and excitement as we celebrate the remarkable journey of Worldview Weekend, now in its 30th year of dedicated service since its inception in 1993. This significant milestone stands as a testament to your unwavering dedication and generous support, which have been instrumental in shaping our impactful ministry.

Over the past three decades, Worldview Weekend has been a trailblazer in promoting Biblical worldview education, disseminating valuable insights through television programming, radio broadcasts, and news dissemination. Since February 1993, we have organized Christian Worldview Weekend conferences in over 300 locations across America. In 2006, we expanded our reach by launching the WVW Broadcast Network, enabling us to produce television programs that reach well over 1 million unique viewers each month through our online platform,

Following the tragic attacks in Israel on October 7, 2023, we found ourselves in a pivotal moment. With your support, we established a direct line of communication with Israel, allowing us to receive live reports from our official WVW Broadcast Network reporter, Aharon.

This crucial connection, made possible by your generosity, has enabled us to provide real-time updates to our audience, even at odd hours, strengthening our commitment to delivering accurate and timely news coverage.

Your contributions have not only facilitated our broadcasts within the United States but have also allowed our content to reach international audiences. Reports indicate that viewers in China and Iran are accessing our programs through VPNs, while our programs are circulating with Portuguese subtitles in Brazil. This global reach underscores the importance of our mission and the impact of your support on a worldwide scale.

Producing free television programs of this caliber comes with significant costs, including bandwidth bills, software expenses, production equipment maintenance, and security measures. As we navigate a world where threats against broadcasters are on the rise, we have had to bolster our security measures, incurring additional expenses to ensure the safety of our team and the continuity of our mission.

This year has also been a very expensive year in regards to attorney fees. Even after months and months and thousands of dollars complying with subpoenas, I found myself being sued in federal court by one of the voting machine companies seeking to compel me to produce things that do not exist. Prior to this, I had not been sued, but was being subpoenaed as part of the lawsuits against Mike Lindell. Because I work with Mike Lindell and assisted him in founding Lindell-TV, I have been a target for depositions and so many subpoenas that I have lost count of the total number.

I mention these things to explain why in part we are facing a crucial challenge. In order to continue this vital work and reach even more people with the message of hope and understanding, we need to raise $275,000.00 by December 31, 2023.

These funds are essential to sustain our existing programs, meet our budgetary needs, and expand our reach, and ensure that the impact of WVW Broadcast Network and WVW Foundation continue to grow. Please consider making a donation now by check, phone or online so when we go LIVE on December 2nd for our shar-a-thon, we can announce a figure that puts us within striking distance of that goal of $275,000 by December 31st. Thank you so much.

In addition to our ongoing initiatives, we have embarked on a new project: collaborating with General Michael Flynn to produce a weekly television program. This endeavor is a testament to the doors that faith and dedication have opened for us, allowing us to work alongside esteemed individuals and groups.

In addition to all the free articles at and free radio programs at, here are just a few of the topics we have covered on television recently.

*Weekend Brings Huge Global Pro-Hamas, Anti-Israel Rallies as China and Iran strengthen Ties and world Seems to Forget Holocaust

*It’s Not About A Battle For Territory It is About The Extermination of The Jews

*The Real Agenda of Islamophobia is Persecution of Christians

*3-Star Airforce General's Embarrassing Defense of Trans Agenda Helps Reveal Why Military Has a Recruiting Problem

*Brannon Howse And His Team Of Experts Break Down Today's Speech By The Leader Of Hezbo-Allah Threatening The U.S.

*Messianic Jewish Singer Marty Goetz Shares in Testimony a Biblical Response to The Events Unfolding in Israel

*Officials Warn Iran Could Attack U.S. Power-Grid and FBI Admits Iran's Assassination Unit 910 is in U.S.

*Aharon Levarko, Anni Cyrus and Shahram Hadian Join to Discuss the Biden-Harris Anti-Islamophobia Act

*Todd Bensman on Flood of Illegal Aliens From Muslim Nations as He Tells Jews to Arm Themselves For Safety

*British Police Arrest Man for Posting Video on Facebook Pointing Out Pro-Hamas Flags in His Neighborhood

*Will Antichrist Be Jewish or Gentile and What Role Will A.I. Play in His Deception?

*Gentiles Are Making Plans to Hide Jews and Provide Protection Says Jewish Author and Expert on Antisemitism

*Is Beijing Escalating its Attacks Against The Philippines to Draw U.S. into Another Conflict?

*Col. John Mills on Yemen Entering the War in the Middle East and Is Panama Government Collapsing?

*The Proof America Does Not Have Even One Governor That is Qualified to Lead at This Dangerous Time

*The Great Reset Is in The Bible: 7 Fs For Collapse and Control and The Biblical Response

*Why Demonic Activity is Increasing on Earth and Refuting Lies About The Star of David

*Live Report From Israel And Exposing Biden's Antisemitism And The Lie Of Christian Palestinianism

*Panel of Experts Assembled by Brannon Howse in 2019 Warning About Holocaust Horizon Now Unfolding in 2023

*Christians Being Set Up by a False Church to Be Declared Mentally Ill

*Gordon G. Chang on China's Goal of Ruling The World

*Michael Reagan Warns of Terrorist Attacks in Multiple U.S. Locations Much Larger Than 9-11

*The Rise of Replacement Theology is Connected to the Rise of Antisemitism

*If The Terrorists Attack the U.S. as They Did Israel Who Will Americans Blame and Why?

*Was Minneapolis Pro-Hamas Riot and Attack on Motorists a Paramilitary Dress Rehearsal?

*China, Russia and Iran Are Behind War with Israel and U.S., Taiwan and South Korea Could Be Next

*Nearly 90 Percent of Mosques in the U.S. Are Run By Hamas So What Do You Think is Coming?

*Michael Yon and Shahram Hadian on Why Iranian and Syrian Muslims Are Flooding into U.S. Over Collapsed Border

*Todd Bensman's Eyewitness Report on Mexican Cartels in U.S. With Military Grade Weapons

*Proof The New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a Cultural Marxist

*Why Does Jesus Tell us to Obtain From Him A White Robe and How is that Accomplished?

Your generosity has enabled us to produce these high-quality, engaging and important programs that challenge minds, inspire hearts, and transform lives. We invite you to join us once again in this noble endeavor by making a donation to the WVW Foundation. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a significant difference and contribute to the ongoing legacy and ministry work of WVW Broadcast Network and WVW Foundation.

As we approach the end of the year, we urge you to stand with us once again. Together, let's continue the journey we started 30 years ago this year to impact hearts and minds.

Thank you for your time, your consideration, and your unwavering support. We are deeply grateful for your partnership in this noble mission. To make your donation now please go to or use the mailing address at the top of this letter, or you can donate over the phone by calling 901-825-0652. Thank you.

Brannon Howse
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