Majority Of Israelis Support A Military Operation In Gaza

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  • The Biden regime comes out with the first clear indication that it is seriously committed to creating and launching a CBDC.
  • Joe Biden’s public schools step up the brainwashing with new attempts to sow stress and discord in American families.
  • The CIA and FBI are looking for a few good cross-dressers to fill out their ranks.
  • Another European nation announces it will start drafting its women into the military.
  • And is Emmanuel Macron trying to channel Napoleon Bonaparte? 

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Almost out of nowhere this week, the Biden administration has declared that the development of central bank digital currency is a “key duty” of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

The Fed and the Biden regime have been reassuring the public that they are not planning to introduce a CBDC.

But the central bank has also just quietly told Congress that steps leading to a digital dollar are among its “7 key duties.”

The bombshell admission from the Fed was revealed by Republican Congressman Tom Emmer of Minnesota in a post to X.


Emmer shared a document on X that highlights the Biden regime’s view that CBDC development is a top priority.

The congressman explained that his office received it as the Fed representatives were in Congress for a presentation.

The document asserts that digital “payment systems” are among the “key duties of the Fed.”

Listed under “key duties” are the development of the CBDC and FedNow – the Federal Reserve’s digital cash payment system.

What caused the alarm is the mention of Automated Clearinghouse and FedNow. These payment systems are widely regarded as stepping stones toward a CBDC.

FedNow has also been discussed as a way to link a CBDC to digital ID systems.

It’s been two years since the U.S. Federal Reserve first came out with a paper looking into the possibility of launching a CBDC.

As Slay News previously reported, Biden ordered the Fed to explore the development of a digital dollar in March last year.

However, just one week before Emmer shared the document on X, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told the Senate banking committee that adopting or even recommending a CBDC was something that was “nowhere near (…) in any form.”

“People don’t need to worry about it,” Powell also said.

The influential World Economic Forum’s so-called “cashless societies” is a major concern for freedom-loving citizens everywhere and those concerns have been mounting long before this latest development was revealed by Emmer.

The ability of the state to impose financial surveillance over the population – in the vein of what is already happening in China – is a significant concern.

In a follow-up post on Sunday, Emmer declared:

“The Biden administration sees it as their ‘key duty’ to abandon our core American values and create a surveillance-style CBDC.”


Regular viewers of this broadcast know that the public school systems are no friend of their children or grandchildren. 

The children are being abused in so many ways, it’s hard to keep up with it all, from the racializing of American history to the overt sexualization and obsession with gender ideology.

But the brainwashing doesn’t stop there. Schools are increasingly trying to get inside your child’s head, in hopes of getting your child to divulge any issues or complaints about your parenting skills.

Researcher and author Abigail Shrier recently did an interview with Glenn Beck in which she pointed out some things to look for in terms of how schools are abusing children mentally and emotionally.



The layoffs keep coming the further we get into 2024.

On Tuesday, we learned of the latest. Pharmacy giant Walgreens will close a distribution center in Killingly, Connecticut, later this year, laying off hundreds of employees, according to a notice filed with the state labor department.

Walgreens will lay off 322 employees at its distribution center in the Dayville section beginning May 17, according to a WARN notice filed with the state on March 14.

Walgreens said the decision is part of a larger plan to streamline its distribution center network “to help build business momentum and improve the efficiency of our operations.”

Walgreens said the layoffs are expected to be permanent.


Zero Hedge reports that federal police in Brazil have indicted former President Jair Bolsonaro for falsifying his Covid-19 vaccine card in order to travel to the United States and elsewhere during the pandemic.

Federal prosecutors will decide whether to pursue the case, which would be the first time the former president has faced criminal charges.

According to the indictment, Bolsonaro ordered a top deputy to obtain falsified Covid-19 vaccine records of himself and his 13-year-old daughter in late 2022, right before he flew to Florida for a three-month stay following his election loss.

Brazilian police are also waiting to hear back from the U.S. Department of Justice on whether Bolsonaro used fraudulent vaccination cards to enter the United States, which would open him up to further criminal charges, the NY Times reports.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly claimed not to have received the Covid-19 vaccine, but denies any involvement in a plan to falsify his vaccination records. 

The records show that Bolsonaro, who publicly criticized the safety and efficacy of the Covid shots, received a dose of the toxic gene therapy in July 2021.

The nurse listed in the records as having given the vaccine to Bolsonaro denied doing so and was no longer working at the center. The listed vaccine lot was also not available on that date, the comptroller general's office told Reuters.

Bolsonaro told Reuters:

“It's a selective investigation. I'm calm, I don't owe anything. The world knows that I didn't take the vaccine.”

For this criticism of the Covid shots, he was investigated by Brazil's Congress, which recommended that the former president be charged with crimes against humanity, among other things.

In May, Brazilian police raided Bolsonaro's home, confiscating his cell phone and arresting one of his closest aides and seized two of his security cards in connection to the vaccine-record investigation.


The Russian news outlet Sputnik International recently highlighted an interview with American columnist and cartoonist Ted Rall, who argues that French President Emmanuel Macron’s delusions of fighting Russia in the Donbass are not shared by most French people.

But it appears Macron is looking to turn back the clock, to the days of Imperial France, when Napoleon tried unsuccessfully to conquer Russia. 

Is Macron trying to one-up Napoleon?

It sure looks that way.

And what better leader to carry the torch than one who once confided that France needs a king and sometimes, according to his critics, appears to see himself as royalty.

Ted Rall joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program to discuss the case of Macron, his comments about the war in Ukraine, and whether the French president’s military fantasies border on the pathological.

Rall said France, back in the early 2000s, “seemed like it had… accepted that colonialism was a bad idea and that they needed to redirect their resources away from militarism and more toward their own people.”

He adds that: “Maybe he (Macron) didn’t read his history. Maybe he’s too young to remember… But he seems to have forgotten all that and he’s trying to go backwards.”

As much of the Western world moved towards neoliberalism and neoconservatism in the 1980s, France went in the opposite direction, investing in infrastructure, social programs and grand construction projects. President Jacques Chirac rejected French support for the U.S.-led Iraq War in 2003.

Macron has broken from that mold, implementing neoliberal economic policy and promoting a strident French militarism. 

Thankfully, according to Rall, his ambitions aren’t shared by most of the French people.

So while Macron would love to reinstate the draft and send troops to fight the Russians, he’s unlikely to get very far with that policy.


Politicians in Denmark are joining Macron in ramping up the war rhetoric. In fact, little old Denmark has decided it will forcibly conscript its young women into military duty.

One year ago, as reported by The WinePress, Danish officials cited the need to bolster their national defenses and that of their allies. But the specter of NATO nations going to direct war with Russia has only grown since then.

Last week, the Danish Ministry of Defense announced that women will now be drafted into the military. Along with this, the nation’s top military leaders expressed that this was part of a much broader plan to strengthen their military capabilities, their allegiance and shared duties to the NATO alliance, and the need for increased preparedness.

The Danish Minister of Defense stated:

“The security situation in Europe has worsened since we decided the Danish Defense Agreement last summer. Russia is preparing for a long-term war and could pose a potential threat to NATO Allies within a few years. It is vital that we react now, together with our Allies, in order to deter a resurgent Russia. Therefore, we must fast-track investments in key military capabilities.”

A resurgent Russia? What does Russia’s operation in Ukraine, meant solely to counter NATO aggression in that country, have to do with it trying to assert itself into Western European affairs? 

Nothing. But Denmark’s globalist politicians will use this talking point to draft the country’s daughters into the military, with the real potential of sending them to the front lines. Shame on them.


We reported a couple of weeks ago about a problem that is sweeping American cities. We’re talking about Democrat-run cities from Atlanta to New York City. That problem is squatters and what to do with them.

And now we have a video showing what happened when one homeowner in the Queens’ borough of New York City confronted squatters who had taken up residence in her million-dollar home. You might be surprised at the outcome, and where she ended up.

Police arrested the female homeowner after she changed the locks on her home while a man was squatting in her house. The woman’s parents had just recently died and left her the home and she’s in the process of trying to sell it.

But because the man has been squatting there for more than 30 days, he’s got rights in New York City.


This is America, folks. Do you still recognize it? I don’t.


Here’s another disturbing story. Notice I didn’t say surprising. Nothing is surprising anymore that comes out of the Biden regime. But we get a steady diet of disturbing and this one is no exception.

The administration apparently distributed a newsletter to agents at the CIA, the FBI, and throughout the intelligence community that celebrated an intelligence officer for crossdressing.

He says that dressing up in women’s clothes makes him “a better intelligence officer,” according to an internal document obtained by The Daily Wire

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence sent its internal newsletter, called “The Dive” and obtained by The Daily Wire through a Freedom of Information Act request, to personnel across the entire Intelligence Community. Featured in the newsletter was an article by an anonymous official claiming that crossdressing makes him more qualified to perform his duties.

He states in the opening line of the article, 

“I am an intelligence officer, and I am a man who likes to wear women’s clothes sometimes.” 

The author goes on to argue that his decision to crossdress “merits attention given the climate of discussion around the topic and where it sits in the larger conversation about gender identity and expression and professional appearance.”

The newsletter, which specifies on each page that it is “for official use only” and “not cleared for public release,” was released to The Daily Wire last week, though information such as names of authors are redacted. It was created by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s IC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Office.

This is a cabinet-level agency overseeing the rest of the intelligence community, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and intelligence components in each branch of the military. The newsletter comes as both the Intelligence Community and the wider federal bureaucracy have institutionalized the DEI agenda throughout their practices under the Biden regime.


Most Israelis, 82%, support a military operation in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, a new poll shows, despite pressure from the Biden administration and Democrats against doing so.

Just 10% of Israelis said the operation should not happen “in any circumstances,” while 49% say the operation should proceed “in any circumstances,” and 33% said it should occur under certain conditions, according to a poll commissioned by Globes, an Israeli newspaper. 

According to the poll findings, just 11% of Israelis say the country does not do enough to protect civilians in Gaza, while 62% say Israel does all it can to avoid civilian casualties and 19% say Israel does too much, since there are no non-combatants in the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, 44% of Israelis say that aid to Gaza should be conditional upon the release of the hostages, while 22% say that no aid should be given while the war continues. 

Rafah is where multiple Hamas battalions are believed to be hiding out, but Biden is not the only U.S. politician voicing concerns about an operation there.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., accused Netanyahu of not committing to a “military operation in Rafah that prioritizes protecting civilian life.”


It looks like Ford will be joining Tesla and Cruise in being placed under the microscope of federal regulators for its potentially deadly self-driving vehicles.

It was reported this week by The Drive that the NTSB has declared its intention to examine a deadly collision possibly involving Ford's advanced hands-free driving assistance technology, BlueCruise.

The crash occurred on February 24 in San Antonio, Texas, around 9:50 p.m. The driver of a Ford Mustang Mach-E, traveling east on Interstate 10, collided with a stationary Honda CR-V located in the center lane, which was without its lights on.

As the report says, the impact resulted in the hospitalization of the Honda's driver, 56-year-old Jeffrey Allen Johnson from Austin, who subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

The NTSB wrote on their X account:

“The NTSB, in coordination with the San Antonio Police Department, has opened a safety investigation into the February 24 collision between an electric powered Ford Mustang Mach-E sport-utility vehicle and a Honda CR-V on Interstate Highway 10 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

If you listen to Democrat rhetoric, one could easily get the impression that they believe their greatest achievement, the thing that gives them the most pride, is their continuous over-the-top support for more dead babies. The more babies they can get Americans to abort, the happier and prouder it makes them feel.

Kamala Harris’s entire career as vice president has essentially consisted of traveling around the nation and the world promoting abortion.

But do voters really connect with this rhetoric? Does the potential for even more abortions excite them and drive them to the polls to vote in more Democrats?

The Democrats’ extreme position on abortion did seem to help, or at least not hurt, their election efforts in 2022 in a few states, but a recent Rasmussen Poll indicates that this issue alone will not be enough for them to perform well in 2024, reports

For starters, voters have two more years of Biden failures to stack on top of their fears about his mental abilities. And Americans don’t seem nearly as consumed by the abortion issue as this White House.

Compared to the border crisis and inflation, abortion is a distant third in voters’ priorities, according to Rasmussen. 

When Rasmussen asked more than 900 Americans about their focus for this year’s election, 91% said economic issues are either “important” or “very important.” Another 79% are worried about the millions of migrants entering the U.S., calling immigration “very important” in 2024. To the dismay of DNC headquarters, abortion was a distant third, with 71% calling the issue “important” and far fewer (44%) categorizing it as “very important.” 

LifeNews reports that for the GOP, who’s been a ball of mixed messaging on the life issue since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, this November is a chance at redemption. After Republicans’ skittishness cost them valuable ground in the House, more Republicans are telling candidates to pump up the volume on abortion. It’s time, the National Republican Congressional Committee argues, to stop running scared on life and start leaning into it.

In an internal memo to candidates, NRCC leadership tells hopefuls they should “confidently articulate” their position — and “being unwilling to stake out a clear stance with voters is the worst possible solution.” 

Waffling on the issue and announcing to the world your intention to compromise will alienate Republican voters and do little to sway Democrats to cross over and vote Republican. This is a message we should send loud and clear to all Republican candidates, including Donald Trump.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast. Until next time…

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