British Member Of Parliament Calls For The Death Penalty For Bill Gates

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  • Russia is sending an alarming number of nuclear-armed submarines into close proximity of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard following multiple warnings for the U.S. and NATO to back off of a direct military presence in Ukraine.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defies his Washington critics, which include Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.
  • Tyson Foods, one of the biggest meat processing companies in the U.S., is laying off Americans and replacing them with illegals.
  • A British Member of Parliament is calling for the death penalty for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and what he refers to as the “Covid Cabal.”
  • And 16 female athletes are suing the NCAA for discriminatory practices against women that involve catering to biological males competing as women.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

According to a story at the website, Russia is now executing “bold maneuvers” in the Atlantic Ocean, deploying at least 11 nuclear subs as the world moves closer and closer to a potential nuclear zero hour.

Coming at a time when Russia has also claimed they've killed 6,000 foreign fighters in Ukraine, including 491 Americans, and the New York Times has disclosed that the U.S. has deployed 12 CIA bases on Russia’s doorstep over the past decade in an effort to destabilize the Russian government, this could easily be seen as proof that the U.S. and Russia are already in World War III.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned that any direct U.S. or NATO participation in fighting for Ukraine will lead to a widening of the war. He claims to have killed nearly 500 American mercenaries and now we hear about Russian submarines off the Atlantic Coast of Virginia.

It should be no surprise, then, that the number of U.S .warplanes seen flying over the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay are also increasing exponentially since last week. On Friday, March 15, a barrage of new military flights was being carried out by our planes in the region over the Chesapeake Bay.

And, as we reported last week, somehow, almost as if on cue, the U.S. deep state has just found another $300 million of American taxpayer dollars to send to Ukraine so that Zelensky and his losing regime can purchase hundreds of millions of dollars of new weaponry, pushing us closer and closer to what could very well be open warfare upon US soil.

Stay tuned, folks, as things could get dicey the further into 2024 we get.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed back Sunday against growing criticism from the United States of his handling of the war with Hamas, describing calls for a new election as “wholly inappropriate.”

In recent days, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the highest-ranking Jewish official in the United States, called on Israel to hold a new election, saying Netanyahu had “lost his way.” 

President Joe Biden expressed support for Schumer’s “good speech” and earlier accused Netanyahu of hurting Israel because of the civilian death toll in Gaza.

Netanyahu told Fox News that Israel never would have called for a new U.S. election after the September 11 attacks in 2001, and he denounced Schumer’s comments as inappropriate, stating:

“We’re not a banana republic. The people of Israel will choose when they will have elections, and who they’ll elect, and it’s not something that will be foisted on us.”

The U.S., which has provided key military and diplomatic support to Israel, has expressed concerns about a planned Israeli assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where about 1.4 million displaced Palestinians are sheltering. The spokesman for the National Security Council, John Kirby, told Fox the U.S. still hasn't seen an Israeli plan for Rafah.

The U.S. supports a new round of talks aimed at securing a cease-fire in exchange for the return of Israeli hostages taken in Hamas’ October 7 attack.

The Israeli delegation to those talks was expected to leave for Qatar after Sunday evening meetings of the Security Cabinet and War Cabinet, which will give directions for negotiations.


Tyson Foods has stirred up controversy with its recent announcement of plans to hire thousands of illegal immigrants to fill vacant positions.

The announcement comes on the heels of the company laying off thousands of Americans over the past few years.

One year ago, CNBC reported that Tyson would be closing two chicken-processing plants, affecting roughly 1,700 jobs; and just earlier this week the company announced they would be shutting down an Iowa plant that will eliminate 1,200 jobs.

But now we learn that Tyson will be hiring thousands of illegals shipped to New York, Bloomberg explained in a report titled “Tyson Is Hiring New York Immigrants for Jobs No One Else Wants.” They wrote:

“For politicians in Washington and New York City, an unprecedented stream of asylum seekers presents an intractable problem with no easy answers. For companies like Tyson Foods, struggling to fill unpleasant jobs with a U.S. unemployment rate of 3.9%, this new population presents an alluring opportunity.”

Tyson is joining the nonprofit Tent Partnership for Refugees, which was founded by Chobani yogurt magnate Hamdi Ulukaya, with a plan to hire some of the 181,400 migrants that have come through New York City’s intake system over the past two years. The meatpacker already employs about 42,000 immigrants among its 120,000-strong U.S. workforce.

Garrett Dolan, who leads Tyson’s diversity employment efforts, said of the migrants:

“We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them.”

Last month, Tyson officials met with immigrants at Chobani’s offices in Manhattan and hired 17 migrants from Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia for jobs at its plant in Humboldt, Tennessee. Last week, it hired 70 more.

Tyson is also one of the companies investing in insect protein, attempting to bring bugs to your dinner table.

This is disgusting. There are rumblings about a boycott of Tyson brands, which are many. They include Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Sara Lee, Bosco’s, and many more.


There’s been a lot of reporting in the conservative media lately about that Boeing whistleblower who was found dead of a gunshot wound last week, along with a suicide note allegedly found beside the body.

Some reports suggest this was not a suicide at all.

You won’t find this in the mainstream media.

According to a report by Paul Joseph Watson at, the Boeing whistleblower who supposedly killed himself reportedly told a close family friend not to believe it if it was announced he had committed suicide.

Not long after he said this to his friend, the 62-year-old John Barnett was found dead of a “self-inflicted gunshot wound,” according to a determination by the Charleston County coroner’s office in South Carolina.

Barnett had previously raised concerns about the Boeing’s production issues having worked for the company for 32 years before leaving in 2017.

According to his attorneys, Barnett had “exposed very serious safety problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and was retaliated against and subjected to a hostile work environment.” He was in the middle of a legal deposition against Boeing at the time of his death.

His attorneys stated:

“He was in very good spirits and really looking forward to putting this phase of his life behind him and moving on. We didn’t see any indication he would take his own life. No one can believe it.”

It now turns out Barnett was telling close friends not to believe it if he supposedly committed suicide.

After a family friend named Jennifer, whose last name was not provided, asked Barnett if he was concerned for his safety, the former quality manager was emphatic.

“Aren’t you scared?” asked Jennifer. “And he said, ‘No, I ain’t scared, but if anything happens to me, it’s not suicide.'”

She added that:

“I know that he did not commit suicide. There’s no way. He loved life too much. He loved his family too much. He loved his brothers too much to put them through what they’re going through right now.”

According to the family friend, somebody, presumably representing Boeing, “didn’t like what he had to say” and wanted to “shut him up” without it coming back to anyone.

That’s why they made it look like a suicide, said Jennifer, who last saw the whistleblower in late February.

Barnett’s attorneys said they’re still prepared to go forward with the case in June.


British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen has called for the death penalty for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and what he refers to as the “Covid Cabal.”

Bridgen accuses them of committing “crimes against humanity” during the Covid-19 pandemic. His call for Gates and other globalist jab pushers to face justice, which has been dismissed as “lunatic fringe” in the British press, was made during a recent parliamentary session in Westminster.

Bridgen passionately urged for a parliamentary debate on crimes against humanity and the appropriate punishment for those involved in perpetuating, colluding, and covering up atrocities related to the pandemic. He argued that the severity of these crimes might warrant the ultimate punishment, sparking a response from his colleagues.

“Heads of governments around the world and others below them have engaged in what is tantamount to treason against the public,” declared Bridgen in response to a rebuttal from his colleague Penny Mordaunt, who coincidentally is a long-term World Economic Forum (WEF) member. Bridgen's strong statements have ignited a fiery debate within the political sphere.

Taking his concerns beyond parliamentary discussions, Bridgen has reached out to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley. He aims to organize a three-hour meeting where experts and whistleblowers will present evidence to demonstrate criminal activities conducted by senior members of the UK government and civil service during the pandemic.

In an alarming revelation, Bridgen disclosed that a senior cabinet minister shared details of a plan to use what he referred to as “turbo cancer” to depopulate the world. According to Bridgen, this revelation unfolded in the tea room at Westminster Houses of Parliament. The unnamed minister allegedly conveyed that Bridgen would be “dead of cancer soon” due to being misled into taking the vaccine during the pandemic.

Bridgen has been a vocal opponent of globalist authoritarianism in the UK. He has consistently opposed Covid vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and mask mandates. His recent warning about a potential surge in cancer deaths linked to mRNA vaccines coincides with reports of Pfizer employees blowing the whistle on what they term a “scam.”


Reuters reports that Apple has agreed to pay $490 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that alleged Chief Executive Tim Cook defrauded shareholders by concealing falling demand for iPhones in China.

A preliminary settlement was filed on Friday with the U.S. District Court in Oakland, California, and requires approval by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers.

It stemmed from Apple's unexpected announcement on Jan. 2, 2019 that the iPhone maker would slash its quarterly revenue forecast by up to $9 billion, blaming U.S.-China trade tensions.

Cook had told investors on a Nov. 1, 2018, analyst call that although Apple faced sales pressure in markets such as Brazil, India, Russia and Turkey, where currencies had weakened, “I would not put China in that category.”

Apple told suppliers a few days later to curb production.

The lowered revenue forecast was Apple's first since the iPhone's launch in 2007. Shares of Apple fell 10% the next day, wiping out $74 billion of market value.

Apple and its lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the ruling.

The Cupertino, California-based company denied liability, but settled to avoid the cost and distraction of litigation, court papers show.

Shawn Williams, a partner at Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd representing the shareholders, called the settlement an “outstanding result” for the class.


The U.S. Treasury Department has given its tacit approval of debanking Americans who oppose the chemical transition and castration of children and young adults.

Just the News reports that the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network sees little difference between cryptocurrency transactions that may be tied to Hamas and banking services for U.S. groups that advocate for religious liberty, immigration restrictions and a "watchful waiting" approach to pediatric gender confusion.

That's the impression from FinCEN's email to large banks and financial institutions including Western Union and PayPal, urging them to review a “hate group” report and “hate symbol” database by progressive activists in the context of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

The House Judiciary Committee and its Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee published the January 16, 2021 email in an interim staff report on federal law enforcement “commandeer[ing] financial institutions to spy on Americans.”

They held a hearing last week on alleged collusion between big banks and the feds to surveil financial transactions without “any specific evidence of particularized criminal conduct,” focused on political terms including “MAGA,” purchases of “religious texts” and visits to gun retailers.

The FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center shared an intelligence report with banks in the days after the riot that warned Americans who “expressed opposition to firearm regulations, open borders, COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and the ‘deep state’” may qualify as “domestic violent extremists,” the staff report said.


Google announces it has introduced a new generative AI called Genie, whereby interactive, playable environments can be generated from a prompt. 

The program allows users to transform pictures and even sketches into playable, interactive video games in a virtual reality environment. 

According to Google’s corporate website: 

“Genie can be prompted with images it has never seen before, such as real-world photographs or sketches, enabling people to interact with their imagined virtual worlds—essentially acting as a foundation world model. This is possible despite training without any action labels. Instead, Genie is trained from a large dataset of publicly available Internet videos. We focus on videos of 2D platformer games and robotics but our method is general and should work for any type of domain, and is scalable to ever larger Internet datasets.”


Breathing life into images? Hmm. Where have we heard that before?

And you can create your own narrative. As if kids aren’t already doing that when they are encouraged to “find their truth.”

According to the Google site, “it only takes a single image to create an entire new interactive environment. This opens the door to a variety of new ways to generate and step into virtual worlds; for instance, we can take a state-of-the-art text-to-image generation model and use it to produce starting frames that we can then bring to life with Genie.”

This sounds like a new addition to the bread and circuses. As Yuval Harari, chief philosophical adviser to Klaus Schwab has said, in a world run by AI, the only hope for the useless eaters is to keep them sedated with drugs and video games. I wonder how many young minds will be ruined by this particular one?


Speaking of Yuval Harari, he’s been back on the speaking circuit lately as he comes out with a new children’s book. If you’re smart, you won’t let your children anywhere near one of Harari’s books.

But that’s a story for another day. Harari, a top World Economic Adviser and professor at Tel Aviv University, was a guest on the “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” last week, discussing the major influences that artificial intelligence will have on the world in the years to come.

Harari said AI will soon make all the major decisions for human beings, including micromanaging their lives.



Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Sixteen female athletes have sued the National Collegiate Athletic Association over its transgender participation policy, which the athletes claim violates their rights under Title IX, the federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex at any institution that receives federal funding.

The lawsuit stems from the January 2022 ruling by the NCAA Board of Governors that allows transgender athletes to compete in the category of their “affirmed gender” on a sport-by-sport basis, ABC News reports. The NCAA said this ruling “preserves opportunity for transgender student-athletes while balancing fairness, inclusion and safety for all who compete.”

Of course that’s a complete lie. There is nothing fair or safe about it. Women and girls are getting injured on a regular basis by musclebound tranny men pretending to be female. We’ve reported on it in this space and shown you some of the gruesome videos.

So the NCAA is bowing to the cultural Marxist pressure to destroy women’s sports and now they’re being sued. That is the best news I’ve heard all week.

This week, 16 female athletes across sports like swimming, soccer and track and field, filed the lawsuit, saying in the lawsuit that they “bring this case to secure for future generations of women the promise of Title IX that is being denied them and other college women.”

Kaitlynn Wheeler, a former University of Kentucky swimmer, told ABC News:

“A lot of people ask us, why did we wait this long to file a lawsuit? Well, we waited this long to allow the NCAA every opportunity to make the right decision. The NCAA's most basic job is to protect the fairness and the safety of its athletes, and it has failed on that simple task.”

This is exactly what needs to happen. And I hope we see more of it at every level of female sports, the banking industry for what it’s doing with debanking people who speak out against transgenderism, and more. They all need to be sued. 

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time…

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