Are Over 150,000 Immigrant Children Missing in America with Many Being Trafficked?

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Brannon Howse: What I wanted to ask you about tonight is these 85,000 children I'm hearing that have come into the US and are now missing these illegal immigrants that have come into the US dragging with them children. And I've hear I'm hearing the government has even admitted there's 85,000 of them. Have you heard this number? Where are these children? Are they actually. Yeah.

Aaron Spradlin: That that that number is low.

Brannon Howse: Is it really?

Aaron Spradlin: It's 150,000. Wow. 150,000 came across. So in 18 the number of unaccompanied minors that came across was 14,700 and some change. 2023 In March, that number was 150,000. Now, the one thing that we have to remember about that, that's the 150,000 that came across that we counted. Okay. That's the difference that we counted because in the massive gaps and think we touched on it just briefly about, you know, the Rio Grande Valley down between Laredo and McAllen, there's only nine checkpoints at 34,000mi². There's a lot of massive gaps. So I would say that your number is closer to 200,000. So now let's talk about where they are.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Where are they? Where are they? Are they being used for child labor or are they safe just with family or are they now part of sex trafficking?

Aaron Spradlin: I would have to say that we can leave the family out of the picture. All right. Because of the ones that are coming across that that are not with any family members. So they're not being brought to family members. They're being brought over and they're being sold to the mules on this side. The mules are taking them into their own trap houses, getting them hooked on whatever they can get them hooked on, and they'll make them do whatever they're told. They're beaten, raped. So there's so much that goes into what you have to do to groom after the grooming. So what I mean by that is, so you bring a young child, let's just use a name or an age, eight years old, you bring an eight year old into a trap house, into that trap house. They're going to be introduced, most likely to a female. And that female is going to be like the mother figure. However, that mother figure is not going to protect them. She's going to brainwash them. She's going to get them hooked on a drug.

Then she moves to the next phase. She gets raped so that she gets raped so many times that she doesn't. And let me read she or he gets raped so many times that now they're numb to it. Now that product is ready to go to sale and you reward them with a little bit of food and a little bit of heroin and and so maybe a bed or a cot on the floor or a blanket or nothing and prepare them for the next day where they have to get raped 7 to 10 times more the next day. And they continue to do that until they're no longer useful, useful for the sex part of this. And now you take they're broken and battered body and you move it into the labor side of this.  All right. If they still have the ability to produce children, well, maybe you make yourself a new product.

And so you take that 150,000. Let's stay there. 150,000, 10% of them are trafficked victims. So now we have 15,000 new victims being sold all over the United States. And if not, you know, if they're not kept here, they're pushed off somewhere else or they're scattered throughout the world. Was in a place one time where every culture that you could imagine was in this brothel and they didn't come there on their own. They were sold to the to them and and put into the the labor or the sex trafficking aspect inside the brothel. So it's a very long, horrible, miserable process for the victim and to have one too many but to talk about 200,000 mean they like to say that right now we have you know, Homeland says we have 200,000 in the United States horse hockey. And that's just our numbers, not what's coming in maybe 200,000 a month. But but we like to keep the numbers so conservative. So it looks like it's just what's happening here. It's not happening in America. It's not happening. It's happening in Europe. It's happening. In South America, Central America. And that was, you know, we spring we springboard off of the movie that we talked about the other day. What they did with the movie was brilliant and showing that how this happens, how you can get them out of it and how how nefarious it is. However, it takes us away from what's happening in our own backyard. So I went long on that. So I hope it wasn't too much. No.

Brannon Howse: I wanted that detail. So why would they why would they at the border stop taking DNA tests to identify these children as if they're with the parents or not? Why would the government do that? And who's ordered it? And what is Border Patrol? What are Border Patrol agents saying about that? I imagine they're not happy, right?

Aaron Spradlin: They're not happy. But here's the issue with the Border Patrol, and this was the question that I asked when I was down there two months ago reporting back to Homeland. And when I say homeland, not the idiot that runs it, the chairman of the Homeland Committee, which is Congressman Mark Green. Um. You're getting the reports from the ones that are there. When asked the Border Patrol agent, what's the greatest thing in the world that you could have to help you in your mission? He said more people. So if he can't leave a post, who do they have assigned medically to do a DNA test? Right.

The numbers we don't have the numbers there to do the DNA tests. We don't have the manpower to take care of it. Who's going to process it? Um, all the stuff that we used to do, we don't do anymore. And to be honest with you, who wants to be the front line of the war with no support? You know, are guys right now contracting in Iraq protecting ambassadors? Et cetera. With no big green, there's no way my butt's going to be there. You need to call in that big. You know, that that that top cover to bring you out if things get hairy. I don't want to be on the border as an employee of the United States government.

Aaron Spradlin: But that's why I commend the ones that are there for doing what they're doing because they're standing opposed in the blazing heat, full kit, Everything that you need to protect the nation. And they have nobody to cover their back.

Brannon Howse: So what do you make of the footage today of Joe Biden overseas sniffing and harassing this little child? I mean, he just seems like a perv. Oh, he is a perv.

Aaron Spradlin: I think he's been his whole his whole life. I mean.

Brannon Howse: By the way, his own, I bet you know, thing. Okay. Go ahead. Finish that sentence. His own daughter. What?

Aaron Spradlin: His own daughter. You know, the showers and the other things that were in the book. I mean, he is a bad man, you know. Does he now his physical capacity or mental capacity is gone?

Brannon Howse: Do you believe he's raped children?

Aaron Spradlin: I do.

Brannon Howse: Do you believe he ever went to a house that was provided to him where he would rape children?

Aaron Spradlin: No, I think they were brought to him.

Brannon Howse: You believe he has powerful people that have been judges and other things that covered for him?

Aaron Spradlin: Of course, everybody has people covering for them. That's why we have a problem. Speaker1: How well how well known do you think it is within Washington, among the power elite and average members of Congress, House or Senate, that he is?

Aaron Spradlin: As I think he's in a big crew of friends is what I really think. If you if you want to know the truth. So if you've got a club to stay in the club.

Brannon Howse: If we when we see members of Congress, particularly in the Senate, when he was vice president, swearing in people in the mock ceremony in the old Senate chambers and he starts going after some of their grandkids or kids. And we see some of those older guys who've known him a long time, basically pushing him away and putting their kid or grandkid off to the side, like, get your hands off of him. Is that is that you've seen that you've seen that kind of protective behavior from some members of Congress? I've seen it in those clips. I'm thinking of of 1 or 2 people I know that were older guys, been around a long time who I think know exactly what Joe is up to. Do you think that.

Aaron Spradlin: They know they may know what Joe is up to, but they also and mean nobody's guilty until they're guilty. Right. But if maybe he's doing that, they're protecting the like I said, the club. Don't hey, don't, don't, don't do that here. We're on camera. The national or the whole world can see you. And and, you know, there's some other pieces to the big government piece of this.

Aaron Spradlin: Why did the DOJ remove the information about the trafficking? Why did that come off?

Brannon Howse: Why? Yeah.

Aaron Spradlin: Who's in charge of them? Who writes the check. I'm just saying. But we shut down that here for that. But we send, you know, the National Guard to Ukraine. What in the hell is going on?

Brannon Howse: Yeah, exactly.

Aaron Spradlin: And you know what? I don't like the piece that was on the guest you're going to have on talking about. I don't think we'll get to 24. I'm with him. I think the whole thing is going to implode and sink into the ocean. And they're going to laugh the whole time it's happening. The evil that is sitting on top of this country right now is unlike any other time. Before we could talk about the race riots and we could talk about, you know, the fighting in the streets and the division and whatever. The division is not black and white, brown and yellow. The division in this country is good and evil and that's it. You can have an R, you can have a D, you can have an eye, you can have an atheist bone, you can be a Baptist. It doesn't matter. It's good and it's evil. And you're seeing the evil win right now in this country. You know it breaks my heart. Swore I put my hand up in the air. Swore my oath. They should have put in their. And evil. Not just, you know, foreign or domestic. True and evil in there. Just just an opinion.

Brannon Howse: Do you believe the elite are getting scared as the American people are waking up? In other words, is the party getting scared? Because you have a lot of Americans now that are waking up to things that they thought was just, you know, mudslinging and politics and conspiracy theory. But now Republicans, Democrats, moderates, liberals, people who describe themselves as progressive. I'm interviewing people that have been traditionally progressives and Democrats who have left the Democrat Party who are now you didn't know who they were. You would you would think they were some big, strong, long term right winger because of the things they're saying that many on the right have been saying a long time. So this seems to be coming together. People are people are are uniting, whether they're libertarians, the left, the right, the middle. Is this is this frightening the power elite in Washington or are they in such control and able to do whatever they want to bring chaos to America that they have no fear of the American people?

Aaron Spradlin: It comes back to the thought about good and evil. And I'm I'm not an evangelist. I don't want to get into anything like that. But there is a rising in this country right now, and that rising is a revival. It's happening. It's even happening on college campuses where people are singing 24 hours a day for seven days just worshiping. Right. They're building this. They're building this. They're building this. Now, you can believe in spiritual warfare. You can not believe in spiritual warfare going toe to toe with the demons of the world, which, unfortunately, I have to I promise you that evil is real. But if you bring up the name of God and push it back, there's where your fears come in. Because now it's starting to catch like fire, right?

They're starting to get more and more of a voice that's been stifled for so long since they took the prayer out of school. They took the Bible out of school. They took the pledge out of school. They filled it up with a bunch of weirdo trannies doing dances for kids and got cutting off the mutilating and all the things that they're doing. Now. You're seeing people, for lack of a better term, they're pissed and they're filled with fuel to come and do something. They sat there long enough. They sat there through the Carter era. They sat there through, you know, some of the Bush the Clinton era, Obama. Bush junior.

Let's take it to. Let's take it to. When when when Trump shows up, then they felt empowered a little bit. Right. But they still sit back and they were quiet about what they were. Then they went to the rallies. Trump, Trump, Trump. Make America great again. However, then this joker shows up. All hope is lost. And thank God somebody showed the evil belly of the world to the people. And what you're seeing and the push and the fire behind this, it's starting to hit home with them. And this is why I appreciate you letting me talk to you on here, because I don't talk about Central and South America. I don't talk about Moldova, Ukraine, Romania. I don't talk about Russia, the Middle East. I talk about America. All right. This is all I care about now. Have no harm or don't want to say that in a way that people don't Aaron don't like other kids from other. Every child is precious and every child is innocent. But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit in my house and let it happen here in my country, my state, my town. No, sir. We're going to make this as loud as we can. And it's what I'm getting to see is the fact that the truth is coming and it's getting louder. And back to the original start of this question. They're starting to feel the heat. And by them feeling the heat, they're starting to say, Oh, well, I was on that team for a while. I love Boston, but think I'm going to become a Yankee. And that's what they're doing because the pressure is starting to rise. Good.

Brannon Howse: Well, final question for you. Do you believe? Do you believe in the end we win? That these people are exposed? Or are you saying, like the colonel we just heard from, we're we're about to see some very, very troubling days in America because they have to pull the rug out from underneath America. And that means enemies foreign and domestic.

Aaron Spradlin: I believe that we're going to see much tougher days. But we're not like the rest of the world. We're resilient and we have been since. The people that landed on Plymouth Rock worked their way to the White House after the Constitution was drafted. The four founders, the Civil War, everything that built this country, the hands, the labor, the farmers, the automakers, everything that we are. Take it away. We'll just build it again. That's what I believe. But I hope to pray. I hope and pray that we don't see ultimate demise. But even if we did, we'd come back from it. So I don't want to say anything short of nuclear war, and we'll find a way to come back from that if it happens. If you want an optimistic view and an angry tone.

Brannon Howse: Well, you know, we started our freeze dried food distribution company in 2016. And started it out of my third car garage. Then it took over my second car. And then my third car garage until it was being run out of the whole third car garage; all three. Then it moved to a warehouse. Then it moved to a bigger warehouse. And about a month ago, we got three semi truckloads of delivery of freeze dried emergency supplies in about a 7 to 10 day period. Three semi truckloads. Uh, we were literally had pastors. I'm sure you can't imagine that, Aaron. We actually had pastors online mocking me in 2016 for starting such an organization or company and offering that service to our listeners. Pastors mocking that idea in 2016. Some of them out there in California, Sun Valley, California.

We have had to move to a bigger warehouse. And what I'm saying is we are hearing from people who said, I never, ever thought I would be a prepper or be preparing, and I'm not sure what I'm preparing for, but my gut tells me something's coming. And so, yeah, we agree with you. We agree with Colonel MacGregor. We agree with Gordon Chang, who has tweeted and come on this show and said the power is going to go out. China has their shock troops here and we're you better get ready. Or as Dan Bongino has said on video, you better get ready, because when it happens, you will not have time to get ready. We have so many existential threats coming at this country right now, from EMP to hacking of our power grid, Operation Dragonfly to Russia, China, terrorist cells, Hezbollah, Hamas, you know, Iran. There are groups here. The you know, we have so many existential threats to this country, the banking, banking, derivatives, the attack on our food supply, CBDC banking, people like they've done to Mike Lindell and now Nigel Farage overseas, he's got debunked and seven banks he went to said we don't want him. We have so many existential threats. It's when people say, I don't know what to prepare for because I'm not sure what's coming, but my gut tells me something. Well, no wonder they don't know what to prepare for. The threats. Everything's coming. Exactly.

Aaron Spradlin: When the enemy is wounded, that's when you strike harder. Right? And we are exposed. We are wounded. To your point about, you know the doctor, Peter Vincent Pry, used to be on the Congressional task force.

Brannon Howse: Wait, let me just stop you right there because you don't know it. I produced his weekly radio show and I produced his TV show right from this news desk until, sadly, he passed away a year ago this next August. Next month.

Aaron Spradlin: And what did he say? He said 18 months, 75% of the population will be dead if we would lose our power grid. That's right. And and the reason that that happens is right here conveniently in my hand. We can't survive without it. Nobody knows how to plant a garden. Nobody knows how to hunt for food. Nobody knows how to defend their home. Nobody. Not the majority. 75% of the US population gone in 18 months. If they take away our power. How many years did we live without power before we got power, right? You know. Anyway, you and I could do this for hours.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, well, we're going to do it some more. I was watching one of my favorite artists, Glen Campbell. He passed away, of course, as everybody knows. But, you know, it's not that many years ago in Arkansas, Tennessee. You know, my father's generation, Glen Campbell's generation, some were raised without power. My father, his family had power. But Glen Campbell, living in rural Arkansas, used to make a joke, you know, that he was raised without power. Glen used to make a joke that, you know, they didn't have electricity and and they had to watch television by candlelight. It was a real drag. But he was really raised in a rural, poor part of Arkansas. And as a kid, they didn't have power. So the point I'm making is, yeah, it's not that far back that we didn't have power in some parts of the country. But now you're right, they all count on the fact that the grocery store will be open tomorrow or the next day to get that 24 to 48 hours worth of food and most people are not ready. And I think the enemies inside America, outside America know it. And I think they're going to go after the critical infrastructure to bring people to their knees. And you know what? Many of the American people will be begging for a programmable central bank, digital currency, if it means getting the lights back on and getting some food, they'll beg and give their give their liberty and freedom away for for a digital bank tracking, you know, cbdc.

Aaron Spradlin: I had a I had a 75 year old Russian woman that that now lives here in the United States, actually lives in Franklin. And I met with her one day after a speaking engagement, and she was laughing. And she's like, the American people are so arrogant that they think that they can survive what we've survived forever. Remember America's new. America is not an old country. Russia's been around a long time. And I remember going to a soup kitchen so that we could at least eat when they were holding everything back from us. What you just said is where it will be. Wow. Unless there's something that changes. But my closing point is, don't forget the fight in America for these children. And let's tighten up this tag on border and and pray we see 2024. Speaker1: Amen to that. What's your website, Aaron?

Aaron Spradlin: Mission America All the rest of the all the rest of the social media tags are there. Get involved. Come see us. Listen to what we're talking about and we're just going to keep making noise. Speaker1: Mission America Yes, sir. All right. Come over here to Memphis and see us some time in studio.

Aaron Spradlin: We'll do it. Can't wait.

Brannon Howse: All right. Thank you, Aaron. Appreciate it. Thank you. Have a great night. Aaron Checking in, check out his website,

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