oAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez

  • 2021: A Dark Culmination and Time of Decision is Upon Us

    Louis Budenz was born in 1891 and died in 1972. He was a labor activist who joined the Communist Party USA, became managing editor of the Party’s newspaper, Daily Worker, and then became a Soviet spy. In 1945 he renounced communism, testifying under oath about communist subversion and espionage. He wrote books in which he attempted to warn the American people about the dangers of communism. In 1965 Louis Budenz said, “The record of the past thirty years … cannot be depicted as a happy or encouraging one. Since recognition of the Bolshevik Revolution by the United States, the history of the period is dotted with American setbacks….” If Budenz were alive today, he would describe the last thirty years in similar terms.
  • The Treason of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Cortez is a threat to liberty, and a menace to public order. She is the political poster-girl for “changing” America into a Soviet Republic. The radicalism she advocates is antithetical to our political system, to our traditions of fair play and civility.
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