Russia Has Plan For Pearl Harbor 2.0 Style Attacks on U.S.?

Guests: Dr. Peter Pry, (Former CIA Operations Officer) Phil Haney, (Former DHS Officer) & Jeffrey R. Nyquist (Geopolitical Analyst) Topic: Russia has admitted in defense journals that they have plans for a Pear Harbor 2.0 style attacks on U.S. military ships on both coasts. Topic: China and Russia carry out what could have been the largest military drill in world history. Topic: Iran has purchased Club K cargo containers from Russia that hide cruise missiles. Topic: Russia is building up military bases in Alaska. Topic: The deep state shut down the EMP commission of Dr. Peter Pry and even tried to stop him and others from working for free. These deep state players are still in power even in a Trump Administration. Topic: Delaware just approved plan to give a fifty year lease to Gulftainer that is co-owned by former head of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program. Topic: Dr. Joseph King is former Chief of National Security Section at DHS. King warns that giving control of our ports to the Jafar family business is a huge national threat and scandal. 

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Two former C.I.A. officers, a former department of Homeland Security officer and an expert on Islamic terrorism. Live streaming conference Friday night and Saturday. Join for just $9.99 to watch live. full details at

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