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John MacArthur to Speak with IFD Promoter Rick Warren & Mystic Roma Downey

What? John MacArthur to speak at conference with communitarian Rick Warren, who has spoken for Islamic Society of North America & who has prompted interfaith dialogue with Muslims? MacArthur will also speak with self-described mystic, Roma Downey? What???? Look it up.

For those who say he will go there and rebuke them...don't hold your breath, as MacArthur did not do that last month in Nashville when he spoke with neo-Marxists David Platt, J.D. Greear, and Tim Keller. When are folks going to realize that John MacArthur has become a "bridger" between the left and right, as Brannon documents in his new book, Marxianityfound at

Roma Downey says she sees God in everyone and everything. That is called pantheism and panentheism. Roma says you should follow your 'God voice,' and that the language of God is in the silence. This is flat out 'desert father,' New Age mysticism. Downey and MacArthur at a spiritual enterprise together. Did you ever think you would see the day?