Jill Biden Guilty of Elder Abuse?

I believe the Democrat Party and the Biden campaign should indicted and charged with elder abuse for what they’re doing to Joe Biden. Look, I don’t like rats or groundhogs but I don’t want to see them tortured endlessly for the exclusive benefit of the torturer. That’s exactly how I feel about Biden.

It’s a fact and attested to by his closest friends on Capitol Hill; Biden is at or near the very end of the line when it comes to brains. Newt Gingrich among others who have known Biden for many years admit publicly; Biden is a likable, funny guy, with no one at home upstairs.

Watching his campaign pump him up of drugs and him still unable to coherently read the words on a teleprompter is beyond the pale. For them to resort to staged townhall events in which the persons asking the questions are part of his campaign team, and camera angles that conceal fact that the room/area is virtually empty save for his campaign people and still watch him unable to answer questions lucidly is reducing Biden to a boorish joke punch line.

Even more insensitive and inexplicable is his wife. What kind of woman who claims to love her husband, sits by, letting a man in Biden’s condition suffer his continued cognitive decline on the public stage? How can she with straight face deny Biden is in a state of massive cognitive decline? What does she hope to gain by having her husband’s mental deterioration take place before a global audience?

I wouldn’t support Biden if he were lucid with the sharpness and quickness of mind of the late William F. Buckley. Biden is everything I’ve always despised. But, he’s still a human being and it’s painful to watch him being abused and humiliated publicly, and him not realize it.

This isn’t about my liking or disliking a person like Biden. This is about my concern for the mental health and the final years quality of life that should be afforded to very human being. Even an oleaginous pettifogger and corrupt politician like Biden.

He should be in his favorite chair on the back porch of his mansion enjoying his grandchildren and such quality of life as he’s now reduced to, i.e., kinda’ good cognitive days and very bad cognitive days – even though bad cognitive days outnumber the good.

I feel like Larry Holmes as he pleaded with the referee to stop his fight against Muhammad Ali, out of compassion for the once virtually unbeatable legendary former champion, who was reduced to suffering brutal beating.

Jill Biden is worthy of scorn; any woman who would aid and abet in the anguished cognitive collapse and public humiliation of her husband is a type of person that decorum prevents me from naming – at least for the moment.

I’ve been around and involved in politics for nearly 50 years. I’ve never witnessed a political party, a wife, and a duplicitous media resist and attack anyone who dares broach the subject of Biden’s severe mental/cognitive health deterioration.

I’m not being mean-spirited; I’m being more honest than Biden’s wife and family. I’m not making things up. There are countless YouTube and Twitter videos of Biden making one gaffe after another. These aren’t doctored or edited to make him appear like a befuddled mentally challenged old man.

Attacking anyone and everyone who questions and/or points out Biden’s clearly worsening dementia and accusing them of being supporters of President Trump, as Biden’s wife is now doing, doesn’t help Biden. Denying that Biden has massive mental health issues isn’t prolonging his life. It’s doing just the opposite.

If Biden cannot make it through a 30-minute question and answer every several days, how can he be expected to effectively run the country and meet with foreign leaders?

I’ve made it clear that there’s not a Democrat on earth and very few Republicans I would cast my support behind; but besides my being a Conservative political activist, pundit, author, and columnist, I’m also an ordained minister, i.e., a Reverend. Which means that compassion for needless suffering and abuse of the elderly, is on a level consistent with my condemnation of the industrialized slaughter of children; because both groups are helpless.

The progressives surrounding Biden are running a campaign consisting of television ads that are pure Pollyanna. The Walking Dead series is more real than the Biden ads. Every honest, truthful, thinking person who has seen and/or heard Biden speak knows this.

Yes, I’m a supporter of President Trump and I’m enormously proud to be same. But, I’m not without compassion for the sick in mind and mentally suffering. Of course, I expect President Trump to win, but that doesn’t mean I stop caring about the mentally diminished. My mother passed away when she was 94-years old. The last years of her life were spent with dementia.

If Jill Biden were a decent human being, she would put her husband’s quality of life before the pursuit of a job he couldn’t competently perform if it were handed to him by fiat. Biden the candidate is the clearest example of non compos mentis in history.

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