3 Speakers: 1 Night, Free: Exposing The Religious Trojan Horse of The Globalist Deep State & Presidents, Politics, & Prophecy

Please Tweet, Facebook, E-mail, & Text:  Live in person, Brannon Howse, former Muslim Shahram Hadian, and Dr. Jimmmy DeYoung in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. April 8 & 9, 2018. Free but you must register at wvwtv.com/conferences Topics Include:

Exposing The Religious Trojan Horse of The Globalist Deep State By Brannon Howse

Everything you thought you knew about modern-day evangelicalism is wrong and you're going to be played if you don’t get the big picture now. In this presentation Brannon brings 25 years of research and study in the area of socialism, Cultural-Marxism, public policy, and his study of evangelicalism to the platform to expose what many evangelical Christians never thought would occur. Brannon will provide the screen shots and text of books and speeches to prove that well-respected evangelical leaders and organizations are promoting documented Neo-Marxist ideas wrapped in masking terms and a veneer of Christian sounding adjectives. All over America, and the world, a partnership between governments, big business, and non-profits is being built to usher in a new culture, a new religion, a new economy, and a new way of life. The war against conservative Americans and Christians is well underway but it is coming from within through a religious Trojan Horse that is seeking to portray economic conservatives as racists, those concerned about unvetted entry of immigrants into America as xenophobic, and those concerned about national sovereignty as white nationalists, and those concerned with the rise of Islam in America as bigots promoting Islamophobia. Who are the major evangelical leaders that are promoting social justice, redistribution of wealth, or reweaving a community? How have liberal groups like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, The John Templeton Foundation and other liberal, globalist promoting foundations infiltrated evangelical leaders and their organizations? How are these men working to fundamentally transform American churches into community organizations with the church leadership being the community organizers? How will a partnership between “churches," foundations, non-government organizations and government be used to silence orthodox Christianity? How will these community organizations (posing as churches) convince their members to give up huge percentages of their income to set up social service centers? How is this all connected to Peter Drucker and his three-legged stool of communitarianism? How are these leaders and their organizations turning your children and grandchildren into social justice warriors who are hostile to your worldview and orthodox Christianity? How should we respond to this war of worldview now raging within American churches and evangelicalism?


Presidents, Politics, & Prophecy by Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Revelation 17:17 says that God puts it into the hearts of political leaders to accomplish His will. Dr. Jimmy DeYoung will examine the public policy of the Presidents of the United States over the past forty years from President Jimmy Carter to President Donald Trump. Each one of these Presidents has made political decisions to put the prophetic scenarios in place for God’s Word to be fulfilled. This presentation is key to understanding God’s Word and how God uses world leaders in these last days to accomplish His ultimate purpose.


In Minnesotas Shahram's Talk will be: The Trojan Horse of Interfaith Dialogue by former Muslim now Pastor  (scroll down for his Milwaukee topic)

· Reveal how he fled Iran with his family just before the Islamic revolution

· Share his testimony of converting to Christianity from Islam

· Expose the growing deception of interfaith dialogue

· Reveal the unholy connection between interfaith groups & the Muslim Brotherhood

· Explain how interfaith, ecumenical "dialogue" is compromising the Gospel & our national security

· Prove there is NO "common word" or "common God" between Christianity & Islam

· Contrast the True Jesus of the Bible with the false Jesus of Islam

· Answer why Christians should not be celebrating Ramadan

· Blow the lid off the lie that "Islam is an Abrahamic faith"

· Discuss ways to equip the next generation to boldly defend their Christian Faith

· Arm Christians to Biblically share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslims

· And more...

In Milwaukee his topic is: 

"Silence in the Face of Evil: The Ongoing Islamic Persecution & Genocide of Christians"


"Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5: 10 NASB

We are seeing silence from the church in the face of evil. A world wide Christian holocaust/genocide is taking place at the hands of Islam. Here at home, we continue to see the rights and religious liberty of Christians trampled upon and vanishing before our very eyes. 

Yet, what do we see from the majority of the liberal left, feminists, young people and deceived Christians?

We see them buying the lie that Muslims are persecuted and mistreated worst in America than Christians are persecuted and mistreated around the world at the hands of Muslims. We see them buy the lie that "Christian privilege" and "white privilege" must be eradicated, instead of seeing them be voices for the most persecuted group in the world.

Where are the voices of the so called pastors and Christians who are all in for Muslim refugees, but stay silent on the plight of Christians and world wide Christian persecution? This is shameful.

I will fully dismantle these lies and equip Believers to know how to refute them with the overwhelming evidence of the ongoing worldwide Christian genocide.

Let us be the voices of those who will not stay silent in the face of this global evil. Let us be the voices of those who will not buy into the false narrative of Islamophobia, Xenophobia, and so called "Muslim persecution" in America.  We must wake up, stand with our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters and fight the lies of the enemy all around us. 

You don't want to miss this presentation!

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