Tim Keller

  • Tim Keller Joins Obama-DNC Operatives And Their & Campaign

    For years those who followed Tim Keller closely have been warning about his true left ward political and social justice leanings. Now even the most skeptical fan of  Christianity’s ” great thinker” can see where he stands and what values drive the man behind the theological mask. Keller’s influential organization The Gospel Coalition, co-founded with D A Carson, is a theologically emergent, politically left of center, social justice (false) gospel movement. Keller’s work with Bio-Logos seeks to combine EVOLUTION  and CREATION. It is funded by the Templeton Foundation which promotes the same goals and seeks to endorse and fund  “religion that adheres to no sacred text”, Bio-Logos shows Keller’s deep theological confusion yet no fact to date has confirmed the reality of his broader self contradiction more than his recent surfacing as an “ELDER” for the & Campaign.