six dominate worldviews

  • Brannon Howse: March 22, 2021

    Topic: Brannon reviews a 2020 documentary called Kill Chain that is loaded with democrats and liberals talking about how easy it is to hack the voting machines. This is interesting because it was apparently acceptable for liberals to talk about this on a documentary talking about the 2016 election but now it is not acceptable for conservatives to talk about this regarding the 2020 elections. Topic: Brannon goes back to basics and talks about the six dominate worldviews that rule the world and how many of these worldviews have merged. Topic: Hear the audio of the former head of Department of National Intelligence discussing the global documentation of UFOs. Brannon explains the connection between the New Age Movement, spirit guides and UFOs. Topic: We hear from callers including Dawn from Texas that thanks Brannon for covering the basics for many of the new listeners since Brannon’s audience is really growing.