Second Amendment

  • Brannon Howse: October 25, 2021

    Guest: Mike Hammond of Gun Owners of America. Topic: Will the Biden Administration sign America on to the UN Convention on Small Arms Treaty? Topic: The Biden Administration is collapsing America at every level from our food supply, to covid passports to open borders to massive inflation to importing of Islamic Jihadis and yet the Biden Administration is working to take away the gun rights of Americans so they cannot protect themselves or oppose the Marxist revolution underway in America. Topic: Heretic, false teacher, cultural marxist and flat out creepy Pastor John Piper calls on Christian to take the covid 19 death shot as a sign of Christian love. This is the same pastor that has called on Christians to not have a gun in the house. Topic: The Prime Minister of New Zealand admits she is setting up a two class system of vaccinated and unvaccinated? Topic: CDC Director says that the Biden Administration is going to push brainwashing on the non-vaccinated under the masking term of counselling and education. Topic: We take your calls.