Salam Rushdie

  • Worldview Radio with Brannon Howse: August 12, 2022

    Guests: Anni Cyrus and Dr. James Thorp. Topic: Anni joins us to discuss the stabbing and attempted assignation of Salman Rushdie. Iran put a fatwa on Rushdie in 1989. Anni has reported to us about the 12 fatwas on her. Topic: Why did it take Iran so long to attempt to kill Rushdie and what does it tell su about Iran? Topic: Why would it not be out of the realm of possibility for the Biden regime to have given up Rushdie? Topic: Dr. James Thorp joins us to discuss the reported 10,000% spike in cancer since the covid shot was rolled out. Topic: What are some of the most common side effects of the covid shot? Topic: Dr. Thorp, as an OBGYN sees around 8,000 patients a year. What has he seen that has troubled him since the rollout of the covid shot? Topic: We take tour calls.