Quarantine Camps

  • Chris Pinto: January 10, 2022

    "Today’s Show: INTO THE NEW YEAR In a special one-hour program, Chris discusses the TOP TEN issues that will most likely drive the new year. While most presidential elections are settled within a short time after the results are in, we continue to debate (as a nation) the outcome of the 2020 election, which will likely continue to govern the political divide across America. In addition, we discuss everything from the coronavirus, to trans-athelics, to the quarantine camps in Australia (and elsewhere), along with the beginning of vaccine passports in the United States. Also discussed is the teaching of critical race theory in the schools — as we hear the creator of the term (Kimberle Crenshaw) explain exactly what it means to Joy Reid on MSNBC. We also review the late-in-the-year story about how Ilhan Omar created legislation to advance Sharia in the United States. "
  • Chris Pinto: September 24, 2021

    Today’ Show: FAUCI, CHINA & QUARANTINE CAMPS Chris discusses a new report published against the assertions of Dr. Fauci by one of the oldest and most respected medical journals in the world. The Lancet has recently refuted the assertion by Fauci that the Covid-19 virus could not have been a “man-made” virus, created in a laboratory. The journal argued in agreement with Senator Rand Paul that it is “plausible” that the virus could have been the result of the gain-of-function experiments being done by the Wuhan lab in China, which was financed by Dr. Fauci and the NIH.