• Brannon Howse: June 24, 2020

    The Philosophies That Have Brought America The Riots of 2020. Topic: For nearly 30 years Brannon has written books and hosted radio, television and conferences on the threats coming to America from socialism, communism, cultural Marxism, paganism, hedonism, postmodernism, and nihilism. Yet all these street riots are based on these isms. Brannon defines nihilism and hedonism and how its mixture with postmodernism is at the root of the street riots and manipulation of the young, brainwashed rioters. Topic: The "Bubba" Wallace noose hoax reportedly led to 15 FBI agents rolling into Talladega Super-speedway to investigate what turned out to be a rope to open and close the garage door. Now think about that folks. Your FBI has become so worthless that they actually fall for these fake news story and deploy 15 FBI agents. Yet Brannon points to real and documented threats made against conservatives that do not gain the attention of even 1 serious FBI agent not to mention 15. But why should we be shocked when FBI Director Comey and Mueller each gave the FBI Director’s award to two jihadis and FBI leadership has spent years recruiting FBI agents from known jihadi preaching mosques. Topic: Brannon talks about a high school football announcer that lost his job for speaking truth about the hideous and violent murder of a 83 year old woman at the hands of four thugs. Topic: Brannon wonders why all these men and women are publicly apologizing for speaking truth once they are shamed on social media. Brannon explains how this group consensus and bullying is part of the cultural Marxist brainwashing operation that is now in full swing in America.