Marxist Revolution

  • Crosstalk: October 14, 2020

    We have seen many things unfold in 2020 that many never dreamed possible in our nation.  Consider the dictatorial powers launched by many governors and mayors across the nation.  There’s been the shuttering of churches, the closing of businesses, the declaration of what businesses can survive and which ones are doomed to fold.  In addition, look at the uprisings taking place in cities across the nation.  While destruction, burnings, lootings, murders and physical assaults have significantly escalated this year, many in the major media continue to refer to them as peaceful protests.  Meanwhile the tensions between people are heightening.  People have been assaulted for an article of clothing they are wearing or a flag they are waving.  Attacks against patriotism are escalating.  The professional sports world has joined in the attack having caved to a political agenda that glorifies anarchy.  There’s a war on police with many calling for their defunding and to re-imaging policing.