Leading Indicators

  • A Leading Indicator of the Uncertain, Perilous, and Dangerous Times Confronting America

    The price of gold and silver is a key indicator, among many, that I watch to get a more complete understanding of the trends unfolding in America in the area of national security, economics, politics and social stability or instability. While the price of gold is sure to go up and down, I believe we are in a bull market for some time to come, and for many reasons that I will detail in this report to you. For several years we have kept our radio and television audience educated on the banking crisis that many Americans do not fully understand or even know has been developing for many, many years.

    We have kept our radio and television audience informed on the debasement of the American dollar that has decreased their purchasing power. This hidden tax of inflation is eating away at the wealth and savings of Americans, just as Fabian Socialist John Maynard Keynes boasted the central bankers could do through a continuous process of inflation. He bragged that through this means the socialists and globalists at the helm of the central banks could steal the majority of the people’s wealth, and not one man in a million would know what was happening.