Hillary Clinton

  • Crosstalk: October 2, 2020

    Today’s Roundup consisted of several recent news stories that are largely ignored by major media outlets. Here is a sampling of the topics:

    Bombshell allegation: Hillary created entire Trump-Russia hoax to distract from email scandal
    Black Lives Matter leader arrested for allegedly spending donations on personal expenses
    Pro-abortion groups spending millions trying to defeat Amy Coney-Barrett
    Serious push in U.S. House to remove Speaker Pelosi
    Satanic Temple sues billboard company that refused signs for abortion ritual
    Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for third time
    Trump still building the border wall
    Minneapolis plan to defund the Police collapses
    Survey finds only 2 percent of millennials have Biblical worldview
    ‘Humanists for Biden’ take Christian-bashing to a new level
    Vancouver streets hit with ads urging everyone to have just one child
    ….and many more about voter fraud, microchips, mask-wearing and transgenderism.