Death of the Dollar

  • Watch Out for a Coming Dollar Attack, The Likely Next Step in the Globalist/Marxist Insurgency

    You may have noticed that all the stops have been pulled. There is nothing too sacred when attempting to prevent a second Trump term. The media offers a daily barrage with virtually no positive press. The Internet giants and social media have effectively blocked, banned, or throttled anything that supports the conservative cause. Google called it a "glitch" when a long list of conservative websites mysteriously disappeared from all search-engine results. A glitch that almost exclusively impacted conservative websites? And after the glitch, traffic remains mysteriously down?

    What I think happened is that Google prepared a new algorithm to throttle conservative voices. But when they turned on the power, they didn't know the volume was all the way up. Sort of like starting your car after a teenager just drove it. So they "apologized" and lowered the volume a bit but left the program in place. We already know from Dr. Robert Epstein that Google is absolutely manipulating search-engine results to control the 2020 election. Dr. Epstein is a friend, but he's no conservative. In fact, he supported Clinton in 2016 and Biden today. But he is honest and very afraid of the idea that Google can control our elections. He knows where that can lead and it's not good!