• Three Steps Communists Are Using to Carry Out Their on-Going Revolution in America

    In this issue of my newsletter, I would like to brief you on the three steps that the Communists are using to carry out their on-going revolution in America. These are not the only steps they are using, but they are three very powerful steps to brainwashing and successfully overthrowing America from within. Dr. William E. Mayer studied the American POWs who came back from the Korean War. My docuMovie, Brainwashed America, covers a great deal of his findings. You can watch part 1 for free at I have already begun post-editing on part 2 that will be released the middle of October 2022. In his 1956 speech, Mr. William E. Mayer explained that the POWs were subjected to a 3-prong strategy within the brainwashing program.