Black Reds

  • Brannon Howse: August 5, 2020

    Part 6: The Marxist Race War and Guerrilla Warfare Revolution Unfolding in America. Topic: Former high ranking black communist Manning Johnson warns Americans about what he called the “black reds” that were under the control of Moscow and were used to stop the advancement of black Americans. Topic: Learn how black businessmen that wanted to invest and build a black housing development were stopped by the “black reds.” Topic: Learn how a group of black Americans wanted to build a hospital in New York to not only serve their community but to show America and the world the ingenuity and hard work of black Americans. The hospital was never built because the “black reds” were dispatched to stop its construction. Again and again “black reds” disrupted and destroyed the advancement of many black led endeavors in order to not disrupt the communist narrative that black Americans were oppressed, discriminated against and prohibited from economic and societal advancement by racism and white privilege. Topic: We take your calls.