Bernadine Dorn

  • Brannon Howse: December 30, 2020

    A Former Senior Ranking FBI Official Warns Americans that the Democratic Party Has Been Taken Over By Communists. Guest: Terry D. Turchie is a former Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI. His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of the two most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history. Topic: We would not be where we are today with the Communist revolution now underway in America if the FBI had done their job and not become a completely different organization as it has over the past several years. Topic: Who runs the FBI today?
  • Brannon Howse: August 3, 2020

    Part 4: The Marxist Race War and Guerrilla Warfare Revolution Unfolding in America- Hear the audio of Black Lives Matter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, from a 2015 interview admitting that she and her co-founding organizers are “trained Marxists.” Topic: Numerous reports now document that former Weather Underground associate, Eric Mann mentored Cullors, for more than ten years. Brannon explains why he believes BLM is really the new Weather Underground in many ways. How much do you really know about the Weather Underground that are now supporting much of what is happening in the anarchy of 2020? Listen as former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers tells Megyn Kelly a few years ago that he wishes they had done more bombings. Topic: Brannon reads from the Weather Underground political statement of 1974 and the list of bombings they brag about and justify in their manifesto. Topic: Brannon plays audio clips from the late 1960s and early 1970s that include audio clips of Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society members, such as Mark Rudd and Bernardine Dohrn. Dohrn went on to marry Bill Ayers, and Dohrn and Ayers became close personal friends of Barack and Michelle Obama. These audio clips from these radicals of the late 1960s and early 1970s sound like they could have been recorded in 2020. This attempted Marxist revolution now occurring in America has been in the making for almost 100 years. On our next broadcast, we will learn how the USSR in 1934 set out to co-opt the black churches of America to stir a race war that is now unfolding.