American Federation of Teachers

  • Crosstalk: August 3, 2020

    –Attorney General William Barr announced a new investigation Tuesday while strongly defending the Justice Department’s action in protecting the federal courthouse in Portland.    

    –Barr’s comments came during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, a  hearing that was not only partisan as expected, but also characterized by rudeness on the part of the Democrats on the panel.  Jim provided audio to prove the point.

    –Some  of the nation’s leading teachers unions are backing a safe schools plan that outlines what teachers and administrators need for students to return to the classroom.

    –The American Federation of Teachers, the second largest teachers union in America, is authorizing its members to go on strike if their schools don’t meet their standards for a safe reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    –The National Football League and the NFL Players Association recently announced regulations forbidding players to attend church when a service is more than one-quarter full.