• Brannon Howse: March 4, 2021

    Guest: Dr. Erwin Lutzer. Topic: Will Amazon ban the Bible and if so why? Topic: Brannon opens the broadcast discussing the increasingly disturbing information he is reading and hearing from credible sources. Brannon also discusses the number of leaders in Washington D.C. that have been compromised and controlled through behavior that is beyond understanding. The FBI has become a corrupt organization from top to bottom that apparently has covered for the rape and sex trafficking of children as part of their schemes to set up and control powerful people. Many of our judges in America are corrupt, perverts and controlled with blackmail. Has God clearly turned over America for judgement? Dr. Lutzer responds to Brannon’s commentary and then Brannon and Dr. Lutzer discuss the rise of persecuting conservatives and Christians under the guise of hate-crime legislation. Topic: Dr. Lutzer responds to the passing of the Equality Act and what it means for free speech. Topic: We take your calls. Banner