Media Blackout on Ongoing Invasion at Southern Border


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Brannon Howse: All right, folks, joining me now is Todd Bensman. He has just returned from the border. It's been a couple of weeks since we've talked to him. Todd, welcome back.

Todd Bensman: For having me back again. I appreciate it.

Brannon Howse: Glad to have you back on again. Logan, We sent a bunch of B-roll footage to you. Maybe you can play some of that along the way. We can talk about it. We'll also go to his Twitter feed. Folks, if you've never been to his Twitter feed, just go and type in Todd Bensman on Twitter. It'll pop right up. I don't know if some of this footage is on Twitter that you sent me or if all because I know you sent me quite a bit of footage. But you guys. It should be there as well. All right. Let's go to this first one. Why did the guys in the control room get ready to queue up some of the footage? I sent them by email. But let's go to this first one. This is on his Twitter feed. What is this, Todd?

Todd Bensman: Yeah. So this is just on the right side is Texas. And you can see the defenses that Greg Abbott has put up, these shipping containers over there to the right. And then you can see Texas troopers sort of guarding and blocking. They have a new strategy right now, which is to try to stop them at the river bank. But in this which they succeeded in doing down in the RGV in the Matamoros area, as I witnessed a couple of weeks ago, they're trying to stand up a similar defense in the Del Rio sector right now because that sector is the new hot spot and they're having a lot of trouble actually because you can see the brush and the sort of swampy nature of the river right there. So they're going to be challenged, I think, to block the immigrants at the river bank in a lot of areas beyond these containers right there. So I just flew my drone over that that that one there is not mine that's in Yuma. But I thought it was. A really great video. I forget who posted that, but this kind of thing is happening all day and all night in that sector. The people that are coming across in the Yuma sector, by the way, mean I should just point out that the Biden administration, all of its senior officials, all of its supporters and acolytes are running victory laps over what they say is a declining problem at the border, that they a successful strategy. But these videos would beg to differ, I would say, because just as many people are pouring over that border, these particular ones coming in from Yuma are coming in through a loophole in the new strategy from all over the world. These are Sudanese. They're Egyptians. They're from the Stan republics of the former Soviet Union. They are from Somalia. They are from really the entire globe. Most of these people are just coming in by the hundreds and hundreds and thousands a week.

Brannon Howse: So now right here, I noticed at the beginning of the footage we have these men that are boarding and they all have this distinct look of someone that, again, I don't know if this is people from Somalia or if they're from where they're from, but you can tell they're probably together as a group and coming from the same country. Correct?

Todd Bensman: Lots of Somalis, Mauritanians, Senegalese, Muslims, African Muslims from the northern parts of Egyptians, and Lots of Egyptians coming.

Brannon Howse: Now, this is troubling. This is troubling because we know that Somalia, you know that we've got a lot of Somalis that have gone to Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and we've got them on video saying, would you want do you want to live under a constitution or Sharia, Sharia, Sharia? They don't want to live. They don't want to assimilate. They don't want to live under a constitutional republic. They want to live under Islamic law. And we just talked about Minneapolis now has become so overrun with Muslims that don't want to assimilate, they're now going to do the call to prayer five times a day. Right. Right. In Minneapolis. You know, so this is very troubling.

Todd Bensman: Right. And listen. Well, I mean, I guess the point I would make with all these videos is, you know, compare and contrast what you're seeing here on the ground with the victory laps that they're taking, their bragging and boasting that they shut the border down, that nobody's crossing. The numbers have just plummeted. They got it under control, don't worry. But the people that are shooting these videos, like I shot these that that one right there, I shot this morning just on the Texas side of Eagle Pass. Um, these videos tell you a different story that the administration is not acting tough and harsh like they promised that they would after Title 42. They are letting all of these people in. They are letting all of these people in. I've seen the paperwork. I asked them to let me look at their documents. I have photos and videos of all their documents. They are being released on their own recognizance into the United States within 24 hours, 42, 42, 48 hours. That video is right there. I shot that with my drone yesterday. There's a big group of family people and family groups managed to get across and the family units especially are being let in by the masses. That's just one group. Here's one, you know, a family just getting ready to cross. I'm on the Mexican side here in Piedras. The women and children can't swim. That's why those coyotes are helping them across. They'll get a little paycheck on the other end. And all of these people are now free in the United States or will be tomorrow or the next day. While the Biden administration.

Brannon Howse: I about this footage right here. Tell me about this footage here, because I noticed they all they're going to show it up here. They're going to throw it up here in a second. They're throwing my footage up, guys, because this footage all of a sudden shows that I'm showing on my computer. The Guys got my computer. You don't have my computer. Is that what you're telling me, guys? There it is. There it is. Look, these guys are all holding up their passports as they go down the line here. They're all flashing what looks like a passport. What? I mean, just because you flash a passport doesn't mean you get into the country, right? What is that? What have they been told? What are they flashing? They're.

Todd Bensman: Well. So the loophole in the Biden strategy for these people is that you know, remember, the Biden administration said we are going to apply expedited removal on anybody who crosses illegally, except these people are all from countries that refuse to take them back. And therefore, the administration lets them all go, lets them all go. What they're probably doing there is showing I'm from a country you can't send me back to. You got to let me in. Oh, wow. That's what's going on here. That's a loophole. I've told you before that the new Post 42 strategy is punctured with loopholes. It's. It's. It's. It's like a sieve. And you can't. It won't hold. It doesn't hold water. Go ahead and try to pour water in. They all find a way out. And that is what is happening now, as the administration claims vast success at the border. The media. The general media. Is gone. These videos are shot by independent journalists or people like me who, you know, work for a think tank. I'm a fellow at a think tank. I mean, I'm not even a journalist officially. But, you know, today I was at the Eagle Pass Press area when they brought all these immigrants in. They just caught these immigrants. And I was there for probably four hours today. And I was the only one. There was nobody there. I never met a single reporter on the other side of Mexico. They have left. They have vacated and said it's a victory. We beat the border crisis. It's over. But it's not over. It's just starting. The next phase of it is just starting. They have all figured out what the loopholes are and those videos that you're seeing are of the people who know what loopholes they fit through and are just charging through it.

Brannon Howse: Here is where you're showing a completely empty, completely empty media area is what your tweet said. A completely empty media area under the Bridge and Eagle Pass as the immigrants discover and then pour through Joe Biden's new title, eight Loopholes allowing most crossers into the American heartland, just like always. And so are you telling me the media is not there covering this?

Todd Bensman: Nobody.

Todd Bensman: It's there. Gone. There is no not even Fox News. Nobody's there because they bought into the administration's assertion that the border is fixed. I'm trying to show them. I'm trying to show it does not look mean. I've got the video. What do you want? What else do you want? Yeah. Don't take your word for it.

Brannon Howse: Exactly.

Todd Bensman: Believe your eyes. Now, I haven't produced mine.

Brannon Howse: Here. You tweeted this. You were in Texas getting the speaker set up. For the expected onslaught of family group give-ups under that international bridge in Eagle Pass. The speaker broadcast Spanish language messaging to go back and warn of danger. They don't work as far as I can tell, but hey, one life saved. So they're setting up the speakers to broadcast to them, but it's not turning them back.

Todd Bensman: Right. I mean, so what's happening here is, you know, Texas is the only entity that's actually attempting to stop and block them at the river's edge before they can climb up. They succeeded in doing that. They had the speakers and everything in Matamoros-Brownsville. I think I well-documented that. And now they are trying to expand the tactic all along the border. They have, uh, requests into all 50 states to send help because this is very labor intensive. You have to cover ground, a lot of brushy, swampy ground. Uh, and so what I'm hearing is there are 20 states that have agreed now to send help. So right now you'll see a lot of people coming in through the Del Rio sector across Eagle Pass, del Rio, uh, because the Texas has they're not quite ready yet. They don't have the barbed wire strung. They don't have the people yet. But everybody in Texas and leadership expects a huge onslaught as the world finds out that the administration was full of it, that nothing that they said had a grain of truth to it, nothing that everybody who asks to get in and who crosses illegally gets in. Nobody is expedited removed. Everybody's either in through the one, uh, humanitarian permits over the bridge or like most of the ones that I met, when they blow that off, they just cross illegally and they get in any way once the world finds out about this.

Brannon Howse: Katy bars the door. Right.

Todd Bensman: Well, this is a noninterview from yesterday.

Brannon Howse: I interviewed this man who said Catholic dioceses immigrant shelter in Piedras Negras, Mexico, and dozens of such way stations stretching from South America to all crossing points on the long US southern border. Often the UN hands out cash cards. So you've told us about this before, that these way stations are all the way from South America, all the way up to the US-Mexico border.

Todd Bensman: Right? And this one's right across from Eagle Pass. As you can see, I asked her, what kind of help do you get from the UN? And you can hear her answer right here. She's listing all the different UN agencies that give them material support. If you can play it since it's in Spanish.

Brannon Howse: On my end. So you don't have audio on my end. I just have a picture.

Todd Bensman: She's listing them all out, all the different UN agencies that give them support so that they can keep the immigrants in beans long enough to finally get over that. They don't have to go home. Uh.

Brannon Howse: Your book. I want to go back to your book, folks. His book is entitled Overrun. There it is How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest. Border crisis in US history. I mean, your book couldn't have been more perfectly timed, Todd.

Todd Bensman: Well, we're going to be in this for another two years at least. This is not ending. It's only escalating just as many people are coming in as before. Title 42. We'll have millions more in before 20th January 2025 if a Republican, you know, gets the White House. This will be over on Inauguration Day. This can be ended immediately and conclusively and comprehensively in a day. Wow.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Let's play that video. I think I think they cued up the video. Go ahead and play it, Logan, please.

Todd Bensman: What are the UN That helps you?

Woman in Video: Por ejemplo, un trabajo aliado de nosotros atendiendo Los médicos sin fronteras Algunas de las Naciones Unidas Oyeme. Cruz Roja. International Red.

Todd Bensman: Cross International.

Woman in Video: Toda la comunidad de piedra para la alimentazione ropa porque aqui es el bano ropa comida estancia no.

Todd Bensman: Because here we provide shelter. They can shower, and bathe. So the community can bring food and clothes and they can stay here.

Todd Bensman: And that's the United Nations. Give money.

Todd Bensman: Como las otras organizaciones Como Como las naciones unidas oyeme.

Woman in Video: Por ejemplo oyeme a veces con con recursos. No fondo, no Nadir de Plata, Nada de dinero, no si no por ejemplo, si las or Plata or vasos or cosas de oficina computadoras computers capacitacion para atender a Los migrantes training, Huh?

Todd Bensman: Gracias. Gracias.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Wow. Todd, You're doing great work, Todd. And if it wasn't for outlets like you and outlets like this, apparently what you're telling me is nobody would know this because the media is not there reporting that the borders are still open.

Todd Bensman: They're gone.

Todd Bensman: They're absent. They abdicated their duty. You know, a lot of my tweets were sort of angled to poking that bear about, like, why is somebody like me the only one here? You know, Where are you? These people are pouring in and the Biden administration is lying, demonstrably proving that everything that they have said for the last year about what was going to happen after 40. Title 42 is not happening at all. The opposite is happening. The exact polar opposite of everything they said that was going to that they were going to do is they're not doing it. They're just letting everybody in.

Brannon Howse: Wow. As well. is the book Overrun and the covert border war. Todd, as always, thank you for what you do, and thanks for being with us. We appreciate you more than we can say. Thank you, sir. Todd will also be one of our keynote speakers at our Ozarks Worldview Weekend. Todd Bensman, General Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Dr. Peter McCullough. All the details are at It's selling out fast, folks. You might want to secure your tickets now. Secure your tickets. Also, if you appreciate what we're doing, go to Use that promo code B66 for sheets, towels, blankets, pet beds, slippers, sandals, mattresses, mattress toppers, robes, and more. B66 at And then finally You just make a contribution if you appreciate what we're doing and that we're here putting out the information that a lot of people are not putting out. We appreciate that. We appreciate your support. Think of us as the conservative alternative to NPR they are listener supported. So are we. You can make a contribution of any size right now at and you'll also find a lot of resources, emergency supplies, and emergency gear as well at Well till next time I'm Brannon Howse thanks for watching take care.

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