The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas


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Brannon Howse: All right. We're going to be joined by Joe Hoft here in just a few minutes with the Gateway Pundit and Talk about DeSantis's Presidential campaign rollout is perhaps the biggest bust in US history. Is the Ron DeSantis rollout for US president perhaps the biggest bust in US history? The platform crashed, I think like five times. Hmm. Oh, wow. Well, I'm sure they'll spin it that that's because Ron DeSantis is so popular. They had to rush over and hear what Ron was going to say. Is Ron being backed by the Deep State? Is Ron being backed by an advisor by Karl Rove? I think I heard that on Fox News, didn't I? Is Karl Rove. Is Ron DeSantis, former CIA? I'd love to interview Ron. Ron, you're welcome to come on my show live anytime. It'll be live. We we have some very interesting questions for you, but something tells me he won't come on the broadcast. Wonder why? Joe Hoft will cover that with us tonight. Could it be that the platform crashed because Twitter is, well, not as great as everybody thinks it is? Maybe. Maybe it's not. Got the hardware and. Technological savvy. Everybody thinks it does. I'm not a computer expert, but. Something tells me it didn't crash because Ron's so popular. Something tells me that he did it over the Twitter spaces because he couldn't draw a crowd. Huh? I don't think he was drawing really big crowds in Iowa the other day. Was he? We'll get to that in a minute. And then a nine-minute and 25-second cartoon from 1948 that seemed to predict. 20, 21, 2022, 2023. And here we are today with this attempted communist Marxist revolution in America. But first, Daniel Greenfeld joins us. Daniel, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for being here.

Daniel Greenfield: My pleasure. Thank you.

Brannon Howse: So, Daniel, you're a busy guy riding over on your page. I was just looking for an article. Scrolling through your archive of articles over at World at the front page I'm looking for it. I'm not finding it, but I thought correct me if I'm wrong, I thought. I thought you wrote an article on Joe Biden appointing some ambassador to Israel who's got anti-Semitic rantings. Was that you that wrote that?

Daniel Greenfield: Yes, it was. It's they haven't picked somebody yet, but that's one of the names under consideration. And with this administration, you generally assume that whoever they pick is going to be as bad as it gets. Well, you're very wrong.

Brannon Howse: Where is that article? Is that a front page MAJCOM?

Daniel Greenfield: It was supposed to. Was it the front page? But I update 5 or 6, seven times a day, so it's easy to get lost in that. It is.

Brannon Howse: You are a way you're a busy guy writing.

Daniel Greenfield: Yeah. So, so, so.

Brannon Howse: Tell me about this individual. You're saying this individual has a history of anti-Semitic rantings but may be considered an ambassador to Israel for the US?

Daniel Greenfield: So I should clarify, the woman is named Susie Gelman. She runs an anti-Israel organization, and she's been very active in attacking the current Israeli government because, as you know, there was a globalist effort to stop Supreme Court judicial reform within Israel. They pulled out all the stops. They coordinate with the Biden administration. They held rallies. They made threats, they staged riots. And, you know, this woman was taking part in that, considering her for ambassador is, you know, obviously a complete insult to the sitting government that's there. And this is a woman who called the founding of Israel a catastrophe.

Brannon Howse: The founding of Israel was a catastrophe. Well, let's hope they don't pick her right. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Let's talk about another one of your articles. The Black Lives Matter Mansion fund is almost depleted. The group blew through two-thirds of the $90 Million it raised after George Floyd's death. Where is all the money gone?

Daniel Greenfield: Well, some of it's gone to mansions. A whole bunch of it went to family members and friends of the founders, the trained Marxist founders of Black Lives Matter put the money to very good use into their own pockets, much like the Soviet Union claimed that it was going to nationalize resources for the benefit of the workers and the peasants and took the money themselves and gave themselves a very rich lifestyle. The various trained Marxists in the United States, whether it's the senior ones like John Kerry and Al Gore or the junior ones like the Black Lives Matter, organizers do the same thing. It's all about taking the money for themselves, wrecking the country, and then claiming that they're the oppressed.

Brannon Howse: Wow. All right. Here's another one that you've written over there at Worldview or Worldview on the Front page of Majcom. Aclu Sues Florida on Behalf of China at the introduction of tonight's show. Daniel, I said that doesn't shock me because the American Civil Liberties Union was founded by Roger Baldwin, one of the 21 radicals ruling America from the Grave that I wrote about in my book, Grave Influence, which came out in 2009. He was an avowed communist, as you probably know, and he said that he traveled the communist front road. He doesn't regret what he did. He said we'll wrap ourselves in the flags and talk about the founding fathers a lot while they dismantle the country. So the ACLU was founded by Roger Baldwin, a communist. So I guess we shouldn't be so shocked that the ACLU is now suing Florida on behalf of China. What is their so-called grievance against Florida?

Daniel Greenfield: Well, great minds think alike. Went into some of Baldwin's history at the beginning of that piece. But Florida did, it was one of the states that passed laws banning foreign ownership of land by citizens from China. Several other states have done that. Now, several Chinese organizations have been set up to counter such measures with lawfare in the courts. The ACLU has been coordinating with some of these organizations. At least one of those seems to have some ties to China itself. And they're suing Florida because they're claiming that this is discriminatory. And, you know, of course, it's not discriminatory. Nothing is obligating the United States to allow foreigners to own land in the United States in the first place. If, you know, they were talking about American citizens who had originated from China, maybe they'd have a legal leg to stand on. They don't. But this is another example of the ACLU defending the most totalitarian organizations in the world. And the point I'm making in the piece is this is how they got started advocating for the Soviet Union. This is what they're doing now, advocating for communist China. Yeah, How.

Brannon Howse: About another one? Hillary Clinton tries to subtly remind everyone she's five years younger than Biden. Uh, is she thinking about running again?

Daniel Greenfield: She would love to run. Nobody in the Democratic Party at this point would allow her to throw another election. Considering this is a woman who lost to Obama and then lost to Trump, there's no way they'd let her in. But she I mean, this has been her whole life's dream. She spent her entire life trying to get to the top. And so, of course, she's now subtly undermining Biden. She's in the past, undermined other Democrat officials because she's also a backstabber. She's a very poisonous person.

Brannon Howse: How about this one? Canadian fascist leader criticizes democratically elected Italian prime minister over quote rights, end quote. I think I reported on this the other night in my Worldview report. Tell our audience about this, please.

Daniel Greenfield: So Justin Trudeau, who illegally imposed martial law, went after peaceful, nonviolent protesters with the freedom trucking. And now he's out there. He goes to the G9, he goes to Hiroshima, and he's attacking Prime Minister Meloni in Italy, who is a democratically elected leader, because she you know, her position on gay rights doesn't match whatever his position is. And he's claiming that there are that Italy has a problem with human rights. Italy does not have a problem with human rights. Canada is a problem with human rights. Just ask unvaccinated people. Ask people who are protesting against Trudeau.

Brannon Howse: Here's another one by Daniel Greenfield. He's a very prolific writer. If you guys aren't figuring this out because all of these articles are within the last few days. Biden appoints Holocaust Museum board member from an organization that accused Israel of apartheid. Oh, boy.

Daniel Greenfield: Well, the administration is very hostile to Israel, much as it's hostile to most countries that are still free. And in this case, he's appointing a Holocaust museum board member from Human Rights Watch, which is an anti-American organization. So so an anti-Israel organization that's an organization supportive of terrorists. And, you know, a board member from that does not belong there. But this is also a board member who's married to an ambassador and a major Democrat donor. So the donors get what they want. This is also a very corrupt administration.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, it's sad, pathetic. 1 in 3 female recruits injured in Army basic training, 1 in 3 female recruits injured in Army basic training. Um, I guess more evidence that in the beginning, God created male and female created. He, they, you know, male and female. It's but they don't seem to want to address the fact that many of these women and a lot of men can't keep up with the basic training. But you got 1 in 3 women injured. Again shows us we've got a problem here. Right?

Daniel Greenfield: I mean, officially, there are no differences between men and women. You can have a £300 guy who's gonna play sports team sports against female competitors half his size. In reality, of course, that's not the case. And, you know, even before the whole transgender insanity, they began pushing this in the military. They began pushing this in the Army. We're integrating units. We're integrating the Marines, for goodness sake. It is unrealistic. You know, every military there tries this, particularly in Europe, has come out and shown that they're much higher, particularly musculoskeletal injury rates for women who are in the military. You know, they you can you can dumb down the standards. You can lower the standards as much as you like. But in reality, once you start deploying people, especially the injury rates are much higher and they're much longer lasting. Women's bodies are different from men's bodies. They're not meant to do the same kinds of things. And the results of trying to force this, you know, you can fake it to a degree, but you can look at the medical reports and you can look at numbers like these, 1 in 3 injured. Those are not the numbers you see for men. And there's now a huge debate over having one single fitness standard or separate fitness standards. And the moment you have one single fitness standard, then the whole thing comes apart right away.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Nina does two more articles real quick. Let me go to Joe Hoffman, The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas. I mean, they have been after him since he was appointed to go to the Supreme Court. They haven't let up, but it's gotten nasty lately. So who is behind all this?

Daniel Greenfield: So the short answer is ProPublica. Now, a lot of people have heard that name. They were the ones who pushed all the stuff. They're the ones who rolled out all the, you know, Clarence Thomas's living high on the hog because, you know, a friend is paying for his grand nephews to education. And, you know, his mother is, you know, really elderly mother is living in this house that somebody else owns. The bottom line is ProPublica was created by the sleazy couple that caused the recession last time around. They sold their garbage subprime mortgages, which were misrepresented to black people. They sold it to a bank. Wachovia Bank went down. This helped set off the recession last time around, of course, gave us Obama. Now, they took all that dirty money that they got and they took those billions of dollars. They created a bunch of left-wing organizations. They became top Democrat donors, and they funded an organization called ProPublica that would report supposedly in the public interest. So that is what ProPublica is. It was created by dirty money. It's still sustained by dirty money. And actually, one of the board members on there is a guy who working for the ABA, who tried to block Justice Thomas's confirmation the first time around. Oh.

Brannon Howse: And then finally, this fits in with them prosecuting and persecuting President Trump. National Archives. Every administration in 40 years mismanaged classified documents.

Daniel Greenfield: Yeah, it's, you know, it's one of those now they tell us this, of course, anybody who's worked who has done anything in DC knows this. They know that everything is classified, that everybody is classified documents running around there that any top official, any top senator who leaves office has just a bunch of this stuff with them. And usually, it's handled privately and discreetly. To the extent that it comes up much of the time, it does not come up. And we saw this with Biden Once they started looking, they began finding documents everywhere. So the stuff is routine. Everything is overclassified. This, by the way, is a major problem with Russiagate because they classified everything and nothing was declassified. So this is routine. They pretend that this was a scandal. They've done that with Trump over and over again. They take something normal. They pretend it's a scandal. And then when somebody else does it, oh, well, it's not a scandal anymore. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: What else are you working on?

Daniel Greenfield: Well, I am working on actually noting the anniversary of J1. J1 was the anniversary of the Black Lives Matter attack on the Trump White House. It has not been discussed at all. We keep hearing about J6. What about J1? June 1st, the Black Lives Matter attack on the White House in Washington, DC. There were multiple National Guardsmen, Secret Service agents, and police officers injured, and over 100 injuries. In total. There was mass destruction and they were staging an attack on the White House and we hear nothing about it. I have an article coming up on the anniversary. They will dig into what happened there.

Brannon Howse: Because they still have all that video footage. I remember watching that on TV that night. They still have all the video footage. They could have grabbed and probably did grab all the cell tower pings. I mean, they could go and grab any of those people. I don't know if the statute of limitations has run out, but they could have grabbed many of those people, could they not? But they just didn't want to.

Daniel Greenfield: Absolutely. And what actually might have happened is a lot worse than that because one of the things that people may recall is that President Trump and his family were taken down to the bunker. One of the things I found out was what triggered that move. Were they being taken down to the bunker? So this is a kind of an obscure point. But after Pearl Harbor, the White House was heavily secured. They built this massive bunker there. They also built an escape tunnel from the East wing to the Treasury Department to the Treasury building. Now, the bunker thing was triggered when these protesters, these rioters, these insurrectionists, began penetrating the Treasury building. Why were they headed for the Treasury building? So the Secret Service came to believe that they were trying to do a pincer movement. They were trying to cut off an escape route for President Trump. So they were concerned that they were going to hit the White House. They're also going to hit the Treasury Department preventing any kind of evacuation. That was what triggered the bunker situation.

Brannon Howse: I think it was in the movie 13 Days with Kevin Costner that talks about them coming in through that tunnel from the Treasury into the White House so they could have the talks about the Cuban missile crisis without alerting the media. They were there. I watched that film recently, twice. I've watched it many times, but I enjoy watching it. A historical film that that it is. And they note they note that. And the point I'm making is that it's pretty well known in pop culture that that exists. But if these groups are being fed information by the FBI, CIA, and other corrupt agencies, of course, they would know about this information aside from pop culture, because they're probably fed this information by the corrupt federal agencies that were after President Trump. What are your thoughts?

Daniel Greenfield: It also certainly wherever they got it from, they might have gotten it from sources because we know that there were sources in the intelligence community that were working against President Trump. And we know what happened with General Milley and other military leaders after this. They began promoting Black Lives Matter. But it also suggests that they had a plan, that there was an attack plan underway that was much more comprehensive than what we saw. And some men weren't there in the streets or those were injured. They were hit by bricks. They were hit by fireworks by explosive devices. They were punched, beaten, and kicked and beaten. Those men held the line. And, you know, we could have seen the White House being taken. We could have seen a president being murdered on television. That did not happen in part because of those men and those men. Those names are generally forgotten. They're not known, but those are the men who held the line. And that's something we need to remember coming up on the anniversary of day one.

Brannon Howse: Do you know what needs to happen? Someone needs to make a film, a movie, a conservative movie about it and tell those guys' stories. And everything we're talking about would make a very good conservative film.

Daniel Greenfield: Oh, absolutely.

Brannon Howse: Yeah that those movies London down White House down. This would be based on a real-life event.

Daniel Greenfield: Yeah, it's something that needs to get out there. Wow.

Brannon Howse: All right. Great job, as always, Daniel. Appreciate it. Have a great evening. And thanks for being with us. Thank you so much. Folks, visit his website. I just want to double-check that Daniel Greenfield. I think and then front page Yeah no, let me go. Let me find it. Is he still with us, Dan is it

Daniel Greenfield: And yes, it is. It is.

Brannon Howse: Daniel Greenfield. Okay, good. I always want to promote the right website. and

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