De-Dollarization Picks up Steam


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Brannon Howse: We're going to be joined quickly here by Wes Peters. Wes, thank you for waiting. Appreciate it. Hey, Brannon, no worries. How are you? I'm great. You look how sharp you look tonight. Dressed up for you now. I appreciate that. Now, I don't want to give away any of your private life. Can we say or do we not say where you were this weekend and what you sat through?

Wes Peters: I was in Boston, yes. Yeah. And you.

Brannon Howse: Warned me.

Wes Peters: Graduation.

Brannon Howse: You warned me that you were about to go to your daughter's graduation and that a guy was going to speak who was very successful, I guess a billionaire. And you said that some of these students are going to go nuts. Well, sure enough, within a few hours, I had an article they did. They just treated that guy horribly. They treated him.

Wes Peters: Yeah, the writers we had to get to the stadium for the graduation, we had to walk through the picket line of the writers that are on strike and this, this gentleman's a big attorney. He's a big-wig attorney for cable television. So I guess they were holding him responsible for the writer's strike. Oh, yeah.

Brannon Howse: Because, you know, he was responsible. I understand. Is he was he a is he a billionaire? Is that right?

Wes Peters: Yeah, Correct. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: He's a billionaire and an attorney. And I read that I don't know who he is and I don't know what his politics are, and I don't care. I just think that if a guy gets who's a billionaire who wasn't there for the money, takes the time to show up, to give you some life advice, whether you agree or disagree, you could, you know, unless he learned something. Yeah, well, I mean, unless he's saying something completely immoral or hateful or disgusting that, you know, that you have to speak up. But from everything I read, he's like, try to get along with people, work hard, you know, basic life advice that I don't care what his politics are. It's still sound life advice. And they were treating the poor guy just with complete disdain, probably because he's a white billionaire. Right.

Wes Peters: That's part of it. And the majority of it. There were a few in the stadium that booed a few students, and a few parents, but the majority of it was outside of the stadium. They were so loud out there. You could hear them booing and heckling, but most of it was outside of the stadium. All right. Well, you know, the only thing that could have made that weekend any better, Brannon, quite honestly, if AOC would have been the speaker. I'm kidding. That's a joke. That's a joke. Because she graduated. She graduated from there.

Brannon Howse: Wow. All right. Let's talk about this real quick. If we run out of time, what would happen? What would it mean for the global economy if the US defaulted on its debt? And I just read an article a while ago that, yes, I keep track of all the news happening while we're still living on the air. When they go to a full screen of the guest, that's usually when I duck over here and check. Make sure I'm not missing anything to bring to you as we're live. And I just saw a headline there. Nowhere. Kevin McCarthy and Biden are nowhere close to a deal. So what does it mean for the global economy if the US defaults on its debt?

Wes Peters: Well, if you listen to our politicians, you know everything's going to come to a standstill and everything's going to fall apart, quite honestly, I think, you know, if our government. I think we'd have more success without our government working. Quite honestly, everything they do, they mess up.

Brannon Howse: So if we had a government shutdown, life would go on. But what about our bond rating or our global credit rating, I should say?

Wes Peters: Right. I mean, if that goes away, I mean no one's going to lend us money, you know, for defaulting on our debt. But this is the same brand. It's not going to happen. It's the same song and dance every time. I think, what is this, 13 years, 13, 13 times in a row now they've gone down to the wire on raising the debt limit and they're going to do it again. I'm sure they'll cut some deal at the very 12th hour or they'll sign some emergency extension, giving, you know, some money to run the government for another month or whatever. They just keep kicking the can down the road. And at the end of the day, it's you know, our government has never had a revenue issue. They've always and will continue to always have a spending problem. It doesn't matter how much money they bring in, they'll always spend more. Every branch of government, when they first get their budgets, their whole attitude is we need to spend every dime. Because if we don't spend every dime, they won't give it to us next year. So they have zero incentive to save the taxpayer's money. And this is just the same song and dance. Look at this headline camera. Something out Wall Street.

Brannon Howse: Journal bank runs trash long-held assumptions on deposits. Regulators and lenders valued customer accounts higher when rates rose. I know of a businessman. He walked into his bank and the bank manager said, Hey, I was going to call you today. We think we'd like to raise the interest rate on your money market. You are on my list of people to call. I'm told this has never happened, Ever, ever. But then all of a sudden, when the bank runs started and people wanted to get their money out of the bank, apparently the bank manager, a nice guy, I'm sure, wanted to make sure that that guy kept his money in the bank and was all of a sudden saying, I'm going to kick you up a higher percentage rate on your money market. Is that what this is talking about?

Wes Peters: Yeah, exactly. Again, we talked about it before about how these banks, you know, they're locked into these long-term investments, you know, 30-year treasuries that are paying a much lower rate. You know, you could tie your money up for a month as opposed to a year or two-year, five-year CD. These lower terms are getting higher rates than the long term. And these banks are locked into the long term. And I don't know if I told you this or not, but in the last couple of months, I've had a couple of banks refuse to wire clients money for them that were sending us money to do business, and they were refusing to wire money, saying, oh, we don't think this is in your best interest, so we're not going to wire the money.

Brannon Howse: So make sure to send checks to make sure the audience understands. You're working with people that are wanting to put money there, take some of their money and put it into gold or silver or put gold into their IRA. So you get on the phone with them, with the institution to work all this out. And the bank institution was saying to the customer, and you're there to hear it. We don't think this is in your best interest. We're not going to send you your money. So now the bank gets to decide where you invest your money and where you don't. Is that what you're telling me?

Wes Peters: Well, I was not on the phone because if I was on the phone, they would have ended up wiring the money. Trust me, This is, you know when the clients go in and bank on their own and I tell them, be prepared. These bank tellers are being coached and taught to try to scare you to death. Do you know these people? Who are they? There's and there is a lot of fraud going on, obviously, out there. But, um, you know, it's they're doing everything in their power. If they do that to ten people and they can keep two of those people from wiring their money, it's a win for them, you know.

Brannon Howse: So if they're doing that now wait till it comes to crunch time. It'll be really hard to get your money out of the banks, right? Correct. Yeah. Look at this headline here. De-dollarization picks up steam. Iraq Joins China, and Brazil to Dump US Dollar on May 22nd, 2023 Something you and I, the BRICS banking system been talking about forever. It's picking up steam. I mean, the dollar's days are numbered, aren't they?

Wes Peters: Absolutely. It's just a matter of time. And like I always say, no one knows exactly when it's going to happen. Brannon But you would rather be two years too early than two hours too late to get yourself protected and get in a position where you'll survive that much better.

Brannon Howse: Let's put up his number, folks if you want the free packet of information from our buddy Wes Peters, with who we've been working for how many years now? Wes?

Wes Peters: 16. 17, I believe. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: And every year, by the way, he shows his face at the Ozarks conference. What does that tell you? That tells you that the people who come to our conference, who do business with him are happy or he wouldn't show up and show his face. No, he makes a lot of them personal friends and he'll be there this year. But you can get that free packet of information from him on precious metals. How to put gold in your IRA. The difference between numismatic and bullion. All the details. You can just get it from him. Text. Your name and address. You don't even have to call him. Just text him your name and address. 602 55885856025588585. He'll send you that free no obligation packet of information. You have nothing to lose by getting the free packet. You don't even have to call him. You can, but you don't have to. You just text him your name and address to that number. He'll send it to you. And then when you're ready to talk, you can call him and get all your questions answered. And I happen to be a fan of Numismatics the 1933 and older. Some folks aren't. I happen to be because of the privacy it provides. But you're making money on the spot price and you have the potential to make money on the collectible price. And you know, I've been buying stuff since 1993. I have to tell you, I've done better on the numismatic and you've seen my portfolio. I've done better on the numismatic than I have on the bullion haven. I was.

Wes Peters: Absolutely. And the thing is, Brannon, people hear the word numismatic, and right out the gate, some people say, I'm not a rare coin collector. Just because you buy a numismatic coin, you're still the furthest thing away from a rare coin collector. But you have a product they no longer make Most people are buying that as they get harder and harder for our industry to find. Our industry has no choice but to start offering more money to people that own them to try and entice them to sell some of the products back to our industry. So you have two markets working for you. When you have bullion, you are married to Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, and Jp Morgan. They control the price of gold and silver. Bullion is strictly tied to that. One thing I want to also offer your listeners and viewers, Brannon, is I put together an economic report that's very in-depth, a lot of different subjects, a lot of things that conversations, things that I've talked with people over the years. You know, most people are busy working, taking care of the kids. Right?

Brannon Howse: They're cutting me off. I got to go. But you've got a brand new report out, right?

Wes Peters: Yeah, an economic report. I can email it to you. You can I can send it as an attachment. And I call it the Why invest in gold and silver? Because the how-to doesn't matter if the why doesn't make sense to you. If the why makes sense, we can explain how to do it. Very straightforward. Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: Just texting your name and address and that free report is on its way. I've seen it. It's excellent. All right. Thank you, Wes. Appreciate your being with us. And thank you folks for being with us. Thanks for watching. Take care.

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