Biden Regime Appoints Terrorist Tied Muslim Brotherhood Proponents to Protect U.S. Churches?


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Usama Dakdok: Hello, Brannon. How are you? Good to see you.

Brannon Howse: I am. Good. Thank you for joining us. I sent you something tonight related to what was going on with the Biden regime. I want to try to find that. Here it is. All right. This is coming from the Family Research Council, Doctor Rich Squire Biden's counsel. This is dated today, June 8th. Biden's counsel to keep churches safe includes Al Sharpton and three Islamists as attacks against churches have tripled over the last four years. I wonder why. Maybe it's because the media is constantly saying the source of all suffering and oppression is Christians. So as attacks against and by the way, isn't it the drag queens and the transgenders attacking Christians? Why? Because there was a coalition of victims that was created, as I wrote about in my book, Mark S.A.T., back in 2018, Grave Influence, 2008 and radio and TV for years, telling you Herbert Marcuse, who coined the phrase make love, not war, said the source of all suffering and oppression is the Christians and the capitalists. And To prove it, he put together a coalition of so-called victims the immigrants, the poor, the sexual minorities, and the feminist groups, and said, Now who's your oppressor? Oh, yes, the Christians. And now you wonder why the LGBT crowd is showing up and killing people, the transgenders, and why they're pushing this in our faces because they want people to get upset and have a conflict so they can say, you see, the Christians are dangerous.

Brannon Howse: We need to take away their guns and we need to prosecute them with hate crimes for saying hateful things when they quote the Bible. Minnesota's already starting to establish a biased registry where if you say something they don't like about Islam or anything else, you get up on the bias registry. But here is the Family Research Council guy writing as attack attacks against churches have tripled over the last four years. The Biden administration has appointed a faith-based security commission to advise officials on how to keep churches safe, a council that includes Al Sharpton, a former leader of the National LGBTQ Task Force and a Muslim leader who helped a fundraiser for a convicted cop killer. And as we go through this, we see the three Islamists that end up being on the board. That brings us to this article back in a little bit ago there on the DHS panel as well. So there we go. We've got the Islamists. They're going to protect the Christians. True or false, Usama, who was born and raised in Egypt, was never a Muslim, but an expert on Islam. True or false?

Usama Dakdok: You know what, Brannon? This reminds me exactly of what took place in Egypt roughly around 1400 years ago. That is, we have something called the pact of Omar. The pact of Omar is a deal made by the Muslims to protect the Christians of Egypt after they kill literally 4 million Christian men and take their wives and daughters. And they literally raise out of these Christian concubines, the Muslim nation of Egypt. But they said the pact of Omar. And if you listen carefully now, the same Muslims who kill us on September 11th, the same Muslims who would love to get rid of the last one of us, are joining with the lesbian and gay and all the wicked and wacko groups to protect the Christians. Remember in my class in high school and told my teacher, I don't need your protection. He said, Why? I said Because I don't want you to protect me from you. I'm not kidding. This is a reality. And if the whole idea, Brannon is not to protect you, it is you accept them and respect them and don't say anything against them. Because at the end of the pact of Omar, it says that we must say respectfully to the Muslims. And if we do anything, we lose our protection from Omar and the Muslim jihadi of Egypt at the time. So, okay.

Brannon Howse: So this is like a mafia. This is like a mafia protection ring. Hey, we're here to protect you. We don't want anything bad to happen to you. We understand the front of your shop has been destroyed, and we're here to stop that from happening. Now, the shopkeeper knows they were the ones that did it. They were the ones that destroyed the stained glass window, the big shop window, and broke it at night with a brick. Now, the people that did it, the Mafia, show up and they're going to be your protection service is going to cost you several hundred dollars a month. And we would hate to see your whole shop get burned down. So you better pay us to protect you.

Usama Dakdok: It's worse than that, Brannon. Why? Because if you have any. Of course, if you say anything against gays and lesbians, you lose the protection. It's not about giving them money to protect them. You don't want the fox to protect me as a chicken, period. I don't want. You cannot hire Fox to protect chicken fox, eat chicken. But it is you have to accept Islam. You have to respect Islam. You cannot say anything to the Muslims or the gay or the lesbians or any. Exist, groups, which means you lose your credibility as a Christian, you might as well add rather than die standing. To be or not to be protected, kneeling to somebody. Do you know what I'm saying? You know this expression in America. So obviously it is so wicked. It's so evil that you can look at all these groups who are set together to protect the Christians. Not one of them is a Christian. Not one of them is a believer in Jesus Christ. Why do we need them to protect us? Because they're going to give up everything you got, including your gun, your weapon as you said. But it's worse than that. You have to respect them because if not, then if something bad happened to you. Because you're extreme, because you're fundamental because you're radical, because you have no respect for gays and lesbians, because you have no respect for the Muslims and you deserve it. As a matter of fact, we're going to find you. We're going to literally do everything we can to stop you from doing what you're doing to bring unity in America. We are a divider and they need somebody to unite it. How we're going to bring the Muslims who love to kill the last one of us to protect us? But at the same time, you have to we have to bow down to them. You have to accept them and respect them and let them have it. Let them have the country. And by the way, what they're looking for?

Brannon Howse: Our audience needs to understand that Usama was born and raised in Egypt. He was never a Muslim. Egypt was not a Muslim nation. It was a Coptic Christian nation. The Muslims took over it just like they took over Persia, and Iran and made it from a secular government to an Islamic Sharia government. But Usama's daddy planted Baptist churches all over Egypt. And of course, Usama had to get his dad out of there and brought him to the US and sadly, he passed away a few months after he got here. But Muslim Brotherhood, the people they're now going to put in charge. Listen, now listen to what I'm saying. The Muslim Brotherhood. People in Egypt were burning down his daddy's churches and after his dad, he had to get his dad out of Egypt so they wouldn't kill him. Usama, who is broadcast because Usama speaks Arabic. Usama broadcast all over the world to the Arabic nations, giving the biblical gospel and speaking the truth about Islam. Usama cannot go back to his home country. If he went to Egypt, he would be arrested before he ever got out of the airport. Shake your head if that's true. True. That's true. True. And yes. So the very people that that that his daddy. Had to flee. The very people that burned down his daddy's churches that he planted all over the country of Egypt. These are the same Moslem-tied Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood-tied individuals that are now going to protect the Christians and churches in America. Look at this website. Muhammad Ali, commonly known as Imam Mohammed Majid is the executive director of the Dulles Area Muslim Society Center. Is that Muslim Brotherhood?

Usama Dakdok: Absolutely. This is what it is. You're talking to bin Laden. You're talking to Ayman Zawahiri. You're talking to anyone. He is no different than any You're like talking to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam himself. It is one tree with plenty of branches. There is the most wicked evil. That man should not be near the White House. He's inside the White House more than you and ever can, ever set foot in the White House. And so is the rest of the Muslims. That's why they're here, Brannon. They're not here because they love America. They're here to take over America. And you get some stupid, useful idiot like Joe Biden who will put these people in charge. And that's exactly what they want. We're here to protect you. Protect me? I don't want to speak any words. It's not politically right or biblically right. Get out of my country if you want to be protected because you are the problem. I don't need you to protect me. I want to get rid of you. If don't have you, I'll be much safer here. They burned 82 churches in Egypt in one day. One of them is the church was literally finished. My high school is inside it. And when I was in Egypt last time, I sat on the roof of that church and I cried. And remember Caleb, my son was like 5 or 6 years old sitting on my lap.

Usama Dakdok: And he said, Daddy, why are you crying? I said, Son, just. And I kept I hugged him. He said, Why are you crying, daddy? I said Because we're not coming back. That's the last time I'm going to be here. I'm not coming back. And I said that to all my friends. I literally said goodbye to every family member, to all my friends, because I was planning to start show by my face on TV. And that's what we did in many Christian Arab TV stations. So it is sad that the church, which we literally work by, by our hands and with tears to fight the government, to fight the Muslim neighbors, to fight this. It just takes a couple of hours. They went inside and burn it. That was it. And these are the people who are going to protect us. How in the world are Muslim? Protect a Christian when he is ordered by Allah to behead the last Christian to kill the last Jew? Even when you get some useful idiot like what's his name, this Al Sharpton, the reverend that reverend hates, the Jewish people that reverend hates, the Christian people that Reverend hate you and me. How can that Reverend the ungodly, wicked evil man protect me? Hello? This is stupid or ridiculous?

Brannon Howse: Look at this next person. Salam, you say their name and throw up on the screen. Let him say it. He knows their name. How do you say this individual's name?

Usama Dakdok: I cannot see. What is that? Salam? You cannot have both a member mean something on it.

Brannon Howse: There you go. Bigger.

Usama Dakdok: Salam. Salam. Marriott. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Brannon Howse: Co-founded the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Is that Muslim Brotherhood?

Usama Dakdok: Of course. Mr. Salam Moriarty is a muslim jihadi. If he has the opportunity to sit on an airplane and take it to another tower, he will do it with a smile and on his heart shouting, Allahu Akbar. These are the most evil, wicked people. They should not be in America and they're going to protect the Christians. What a stupid idea. What a foolish idea. I cannot believe that Mr. Moriarty is going to protect me. And I want to.

Brannon Howse: I just want to make sure our audience understands the two of these three people. I've pointed out, you know for a fact, the organizations, these are front groups for Muslim Brotherhood, which was tied back to also the founder of Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, al-Banna and the and the Grand Mufti of Palestine who worked with Adolf Hitler and got an apartment and then called on jihad and translated Mein Kampf and from my struggle to my jihad. So the Muslim Brotherhood Association, these groups which come under many names, some of them he's mentioned tonight, you're saying these are Muslim Public Affairs Council or this other one, the mosque, this guy working with the Dulles Area Muslim Society, those are Muslim Brotherhood fronts. Do you know that for a fact?

Usama Dakdok: 100%. And then what is sick? These people start coming into this country and starting. Some of them wear suits and ties and some, like Mr. Muhammad. Majidi That's guys, where is the Muslim tradition? I can share it with you. Wish we have time to do that tonight, but we can. Some of these people have real teaching and hatred. And are now.

Brannon Howse: Well, here's one. You have it right here. Yeah, well, we have it right here. This, this, this person, this Salam, who's one of the three. Uh, compared Islamic terrorists to American freedom fighters. Hundreds of years ago and described the 1983 bombing of a US Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 Americans as, quote, not in a strict sense, a terrorist operation. It was a military operation producing, producing no civilian casualties. Exactly the kind of attack the Americans might have lauded had it been directed against Washington's enemies in, quote, So. And then he goes on to say that The Washington Times had described MPAC as, quote, an anti-Semitic organization that's defended infamous terrorist groups, Hamas, Hamas folks, that's the terrorist wing of Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah. Okay, look, both Mac and Majid have ties to Muslim Brotherhood. What I just said, which goes back to goes back to Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler's birth partner, the Islamo Nazis are now going to protect the temples and the mosque that sleep better. Tonight, America, Joe Biden or as he calls him, Joe Biden has just put Islamo Nazis in power, apparently to protect your churches. And hey, want to sue me? That's my belief. But it's also documented by history. History proves this to be true. Amen.

Usama Dakdok: Amen. Amen. And you know what? You want me to protect you Now you have to continue to look at the pact of armor. Because in the pact of armor, we a Christian of Egypt cannot carry a sword. We cannot carry a knife. We cannot carry anything to protect ourselves. So guess what? Right now they're going to protect you as you are, Brannon, and give it a little bit of time. And guess what they're going to do? They're going to ask you to give up your gun, as you mentioned earlier. Why? Because it's my job to protect you. Trust me, I'll protect you. Give up any weapon if you or we just wish we have time to look at the pact of armor. And if you continue, you slowly lose your freedom. You cannot have loud music in the church. You cannot have a cross outside the church. You cannot have you have to allow Muslims to come inside the church. And if they come, they have three days and three nights like bed and breakfast and lunch and dinner, of course. So they can be and they slowly put their foot into the church and they will take over the church. And you cannot say anything in front of a Muslim to offend the Muslims, which is exactly what you want. And that will shut down. All right. You saw my fighter. Yeah. Freedom fighter. Goodbye.

Brannon Howse: Yeah exactly. Usama will get you back. I'm pressed with time while the breaking news with Trump tonight the As always Usama thank you for being with us my friend.

Usama Dakdok: Thank you, Brannon, thank you.

Brannon Howse: Usama Dakdok checking in.

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