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Brannon Howse: At that store, we're going to unveil for you tonight a brand new product. I think you'll find it very interesting. So we have someone in the studio to explain it to you. You don't want to miss this. Stay right there. We're going to go on commercial breaks. We can get her to the desk and then we'll come right back and unveil this new product that I think will support you, your health, and support. What we're doing is it's one of the products we offer in our store. You're going to want to hear about it. Don't go away. Be right back. You're watching Lindell TV.

Chad Brewer (In video): But my story started with alcohol and I had tried going to other treatments and all I did was think about how I was not going to drink or how I was going to drink one more day and then stop the next day. And Katie had found a treatment. I thought it was kind of hokey.

Katie Brewer: I could see a couple of days into it. It's like the light bulb went on with him.

Chad Brewer (In video): It's an IV infusion of all-natural and saved my life and my family.

Katie Brewer: We've been where you sit.

Chad Brewer (In video): The hardest part of this is making that phone call and just coming in and talking to us.

Brannon Howse: Hello, I'm Brandon House. Check out the emergency supplies we have at WVWTVStore.com. We have potassium iodine that you use to protect your thyroid if there's a nuclear emergency. 100. Our candle. We have an emergency fuel bucket, two gallons. Five-gallon surgical kit for stitches. Maybe there's an emergency and you can't get to the doctor, but you have a doctor or nurse or nurse practitioner in your neighborhood. Make sure you have the supplies you're going to need on hand for them to help, including a full EMT trauma bag. How about the self-powered indoor space heater and stove? We also have water purification systems. We have ready our blood clot powder. We have the solo stove that you use to build a little fire outside and then you put the two-pot system over top of that to boil the water, to make the freeze-dried food. You'll find a lot of important emergency supplies at WVWTVStore.com. You can also call 901 4689357. Thank you. Hello, I'm Brandon House. Several years ago I worked with a team and we developed Extract Jevity. It's an all-natural energy and health drink, all-natural energy and health drink. It includes bilberry, extract, red wine, extract grape seed extract, pine bark extract, and vitamin C. Now you don't have to take my word for it. You can go do your own homework on the benefits of these extracts that are loaded with antioxidants. You can order it now at my store.com. You'll get savings if you use the code.

Brannon Howse: Be six, use the code, be 66 and you'll save. It's available at my store.com again an all-natural energy and health drink. And of course, I have to throw in the disclaimer this product has not been approved or evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. But please check out the all-natural energy and health drink extract Jevity at my store.com. All right. Welcome back. Glad you guys are with us. I am joined now by Katie. Katie, do you guys remember Kat and Katie with New Spring Wellness Center? Well, Chad and Katie. Are back and they're here in our studio. And we have a big announcement now, you guys will remember that we were telling you about their clinic that offers an IV of NAD, which is something natural in your body, which was helping people who had addiction issues. Well, what they're now what Chad and Katie have now developed is not if you have an addiction. So I don't want to make sure very clear. This is not for people who have an addiction. The Nad IV treatment is for those who have an addiction issue. And it's very successful. At their new spring wellness center at Lake of the Ozarks. What they have developed now, though, is the ability for people to take NAD, which is naturally in their body, to be able to take it orally. For what purpose? Katie Tell us about NAD and why they would want to take this every day. Yeah, well.

Katie Brewer: Of course, we still support people doing an IV-type thing. We can give such a high dose that way. And for folks that don't suffer from addictions, and is something that is natural in your body. But by replenishing it, you can regain mental clarity and sharpness that just the toll of aging, chronic stress, and so forth have just taken a toll on your brain. So it's kind of, I guess you could say, anti-aging for the brain. So we had been searching for a while for a supplement that we could give to our patients for kind of in-home maintenance after they do their high doses with us. And, you know, there were capsules and so forth out there, but we wanted something with a really good absorbability. And so this is actually a sublingual powder, which we feel like is really, you know, superior.

Brannon Howse: So you guys went so far as to research it that you didn't want to put it in a capsule because the capsule could break down the potent potency of the NAD, which again, is a natural, natural thing that's in your body that decreases as you get older that you need for memory and brain and things like that. Right. So you guys researched it so much. You said we don't want to break down the potency of this, so we're not even going to put it in a capsule. We'll put it right in the container and you scoop out as it comes with a little scoop and you scoop it out, put it on your tongue. Right. Exactly.

Katie Brewer: Because then it's taken in right to your bloodstream through those blood vessels underneath your tongue. So it's not going so much through the gut where you don't know how much you're absorbing. So it really is a superior delivery system now.

Brannon Howse: Now, for those who don't know what NAD is, tell us what it is, because this is really just kind of come on the scene in the last few years, Right?

Katie Brewer: It's a mouthful. It's nicotinamide, adenine, and dinucleotide, so thus the NAD, but it has gotten a lot of traction. You know, during Covid especially, people were starting to talk about it on podcasts and so forth.

Brannon Howse: A lot of celebrities are into it now, right?

Katie Brewer: Oh, yeah. For, you know, some people feel like they suffered from, you know, brain fog post-Covid, you know, for long Covid. But a lot of it is just, you know, professionals and people that have, like I said, aging and stress and so forth. It's just taken its toll. And they want to be at their best.

Brannon Howse: I think I think some of us can relate to aging and stress. What do you think, Chad? Do you think some of us can relate to the idea of aging and stress? So you have at your clinic, you would have a lot of CEOs and executives that would come through and get the NAD and an IV to just keep their brain sharp, their mind sharp. But this is a way people can do it without necessarily having to come to your clinic and do it. Now, again, I want to differentiate. This is not for someone who's got an addiction problem. This is going to fix their addiction problem. That's different because that's all specified to what their addiction is. They're getting it in massive, massive doses through IV. This, though, however, what you're saying can help improve. The health of the brain and thus memory. Cognitive memory and these kinds of things, correct?

Katie Brewer: Yes, that is exactly right. And we still encourage people who don't suffer from addictions to still consider, you know, yeah, come and let us build a wellness package for you. You know, we do have professionals come in that they're like. Wow. They just feel on the top of their game mentally. You know, after they do some of those high doses of NAD. But this is a wonderful maintenance. And just so easy to just take, you know, or, you know, underneath the tongue just daily.

Brannon Howse: All right. Let me show you the website. So here we have it at WVWTVstore.com. Tonight WVWTVstore.com. This was $99. I mean NAD is not cheap so this was $99 and you guys are offering it at this introductory price on our store $69.99 knocking $30 off. That's 100% pure NAD and you'll find it in our store at WVWTVStore.com. If they prefer to order over the phone, Libby will take your order. (901) 468-9357. How long would they have to take this before you think they would start to notice something?

Katie Brewer: You know, I don't know everybody. You know, we'd be the first to say, you know, we're a faith-based place, that God's made us very individual. And so our bodies are individual. And then you take into account people's age, the level of stress substances that maybe even just, you know, have been prescribed by a doctor or whatever. So our brains are in completely different states, to begin with, but sometimes it may not be a feeling, but it is good for your brain in terms of replenishing that. But many people do feel it in terms of that sharpness, that clarity, and that uptick in that sense of well-being when things are kind of clicking on all cylinders the way they should be.

Brannon Howse: And again, you guys have been doing your clinic a long time, so you've seen how this has helped people's brains, how they've been able to come out of the fog. You've seen it firsthand, right? I mean, you've experienced it, right? Oh, yeah.

Katie Brewer: I sure have. And oh, my gosh, I'd like to take the time to do more because, yeah, I'm not getting any younger either. But this is a wonderful option for people that either, for whatever reason, feel that, you know, right now a high dose IV delivery system isn't right for them. It's a great way to get started. Okay.

Brannon Howse: So it's available. And this is a 30-day package. Yep.

Katie Brewer: Now, this is our early release version. So it is going to be about 30 days.

Brannon Howse: 30 days' worth of product.

Katie Brewer: Yes. Yep. And we're super excited to be able to offer it.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. And we've got it in stock where they have it in the warehouse now. So you're able to order it and it should ship pretty quickly because it's in the warehouse now. We're all caught up on all of our other orders, so if you want to check it out, it's WVWTVStore.com, or (901) 468-9357. But while I'm at the store, let me go over here and mention this real quick as well. Extract Jevity That's that all-natural energy drink I developed several years ago with an FDA-approved facility, a red wine extract, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, extract, let's say red wine extract, pine bark extract, grape seed extract, and bilberry extract. I knew I was missing one bilberry extract. Look, you don't have to take my word for it. Go do your homework on the benefits of this extract. It's an all-natural energy and health supplement. I've been taking it for years, Melissa, and I have it every day. Not uncommon that I'll take another shot of it in the afternoon where you would normally go for, you know, Red Bull or something else as maybe not as good for you. Then this is an all-natural energy and health supplement. Go do your homework. The benefits of Bilberry Extract are grape seed, extract red wine extract pine bark extract and it is a powder.

Brannon Howse: You mix it with water and drink it. It has a kind of grapey taste. It's more it tastes more like water than anything. It has a grapey taste. It's available on our website as well at WVWTVstore.com. And you can also order at (901) 468-9357. Now I'm going to throw in the disclaimer for both of these to cover our rear ends. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and they are not intended to be evaluated or approved by the FDA and they are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. But you can check them out. I believe in them, or we would not be offering them. And they're in our store. So it's a way to support your health, we believe, and support us at the same time because all these products in our store are a big part of our general operating budget. So before we go, let me remind you, we'll go back to the store here. We have a brand new just offer nine cup stainless steel coffee pot that's available to go with the instant coffee, and we also have Franklin's finest instant coffee. We have potassium iodine, by the way. You'll notice we just added that ten-pack. Okay. You can buy it by the onesies if you want, but some of you guys were ordering ten and you're being charged shipping over and over and over.

Brannon Howse: And I'm like, No, I'm not doing that to my people. If people want to order ten, we'll offer a ten-pack and then have a set shipping price that's low to make it affordable for people. So you can buy it as an individual bottle of potassium iodide to protect the thyroid in the event of a nuclear event. Dirty bomb. Or you could buy the ten-pack. But we have it all, including the seed vaults. Those are very popular. They were out of stock for three years. They're back in stock now. Variety of 20 seeds, the seed vault, heirloom seeds, and a lot more. The indoor-outdoor stoves are available. Food three months, six months, one year, two years. I have over two years' worth. I believe in where we're going. If the Lord doesn't return food, which they're trying to get control of, obviously limit to get control of us food, particularly that which has a 25-year shelf life and tastes good. I think it'll be portable. I think people will be bartering with it. So I've diversified into precious metals and freeze-dried food beyond what I need for my family. I'm ready to barter with it. I pray I don't, but I wouldn't discount that idea. WVWTVStore.com. Thanks for being with us. Take care.

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