President Trump Says U.S. in Danger of Dollar Collapse and Third-World Status


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Brannon Howse: Good evening. Glad you are with us. I'll be joined tonight by Rebecca Walser. President Trump gave a speech last week warning about inflation and the crash of the American economy and dollar. We'll also be joined by Trevor Loudon. It's been a while since we've visited with him. We'll talk to Trevor Loudon about who might really be running in the 2024 presidential election. And tonight, as I reported last hour, a panel of judges have ruled in Brazil that Bolsonaro, the former president, who many of us believe lost his election due to voter fraud, has been barred from running for election for eight years until 2030. And the reason cited was his supposed disinformation on the electoral process. Isn't that exactly what they're trying to do to President Trump? We have also with us tonight a new guest, Aaron. He'll join us out of the capital of the great state of Tennessee here. Nashville with a very important topic. And then we are endeavoring to have on with us tonight Doctor Ryan Cole. He'll be with us as well. Lots of news tonight. Have you seen the news coming out of France? They lowered their borders. They allowed radical immigration policies to supersede the laws of language and border and nations and culture and history. And the Islamists have poured over the border. Now they're literally in the streets shouting Allah Akbar, burning things to the ground. Some of it supposedly started because of a young Islamic boy that had a run in with the police.

Brannon Howse: And now they literally are burning things to the ground. Showed some of the footage earlier tonight during the Lindell report, as I said, in for Mike Lindell. We also reported on the fact that the United Nations now has come out and said they have a seven year plan. To lead toward the fulfillment of world government. Yes, they call it sustainable development or the Sustainable Development Goals, but that's Agenda 21, Agenda 2030. And they have a seven-year plan. I thought, Well, that sounds odd. I know about another seven year plan. It's called the Tribulation and it involves a world leader and the Antichrist, a one-world economy, a one world religion and a one world government system. And even the mayor of London, the Islamist mayor of London and King Charles, who is the one that got the whole sustainable development thing going. According to Joan and her book, he's the one, Prince Charles who got the leaders together, including Maurice Strong, all on one of the royal yachts before 1992, and got them all to agree that we need to have the Earth Summit in Rio and need to get all this done. Well, that guy is now the king, King Charles, and he and the mayor of London, well, they started a countdown clock headed toward the year 2030. Wow. I don't know about you, but it all seems to be lining up, including destruction of the US dollar, bringing down America.

Brannon Howse: Why is America not listed in time Bible prophecy? What has happened to America? Has it been absorbed by a North American Union world government? Have we collapsed internally, economically, or has there been some other big event? Emp attack, Nuclear attack? All the above, who knows? But apparently, the goal is clear to destroy America one way or the other and then move against Israel. And certainly they have to take down America first. And yet the nations that the Bible says will move against Israel, as described in Ezekiel 38 and 39, They're right there on the border of Israel in Syria, and they are aligned militarily and economically. And then you add the kings and the armies of the east, which many say is China. China's rising and China may move soon against Taiwan. And when they do that, Gordon Chang says they'll move against America. Well, if they bring down America, who will stand with Israel? So they've got to bring down America before they move against Israel. And, you know, you've got to bring down the great Satan before you bring down the little Satan. That's what they say. So we are in an interesting time, as are we not as we watch all these things unfold for those who have eyes to see them. But there is none as blind as he who will not see. And yet there are many who do not see the warning signs.

Brannon Howse: Jesus chided the religious leaders of his day. He said, You can discern the weather, but you cannot discern the times. You're fools. And indeed, a lot of people are like that. And yet a wise man sees danger and takes refuge. The fool. Nor is it suffers for it. We don't enjoy coming on here and sharing all this bad news with you, but we understand that by understanding the times, we can protect ourselves. And that is good news. And that's exactly what we're seeking to do to be as wise as serpents, as gentle as doves, to know, the acquisition of truth. So we might have wisdom, the application of that truth. Joining me to help us understand one of the arenas of warfare, which is economics. The economic war is our friend, Rebecca Walser. Becca will be one of the keynote speakers, along with Patrick Wood, Dr. Andy Woods, Mike Lindell, General Michael Flynn, Todd Bensman, Alex Newman, Colonel John Mills and more at the Ozarks Worldview weekend, coming up the middle of October on beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. Last year and the year before, we sold out. We're headed to doing that again. Full details at Wdtv. Wvu Wdtv. Or you can call and reserve your tickets over the phone. 901 46893579014689357. Rebecca joins us tonight. Rebecca welcome back to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Rebecca Walser: Thanks for having me, Brannon. Glad to be here.

Brannon Howse: Delighted to have you with us. Rebecca, I wanted to start out tonight with a video clip, and this is a video clip of President Donald Trump, and he's warning about the economy. He's warning about the American dollar crashing. Did you see his speech last week where he warned about inflation and what it means for our country and the economy and the world? Did you did you have a chance to see that by President Trump last week?

Rebecca Walser: No, I don't watch the whole speech, but I definitely saw the economic portions of it, so for sure. But I'd love to. I love to see which portion you're talking about.

Brannon Howse: I had it queued up here. Don't say that again. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Did you say something? I'm sorry.

Rebecca Walser: Oh. Thought you were talking to me. No, I'm just waiting for you to play. Whatever. No, I'm here. I'm. I've got you. I'm just waiting for you to play whatever you want.

Brannon Howse: All right, here we go. Here we go. Let's play this clip and we'll have our comment. Listen to what President Trump had to say. Here we go, guys. In the control room. Here we go.

Donald Trump (In Video): And that hasn't been that easy. That hasn't been that easy. There's a big lobby against. But I held so strong sometimes it wasn't the easiest thing. I will fully uphold and protect your Second Amendment. I will defend innocent life. Nobody did what I've done for innocent life. Nobody even came close. I will bring back free speech in America. And that is what we must do to restore our country to greatness. The USA is a mess. It's a total mess. Our economy is crashing. Inflation is out of control. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea have formed together in a menacing and destructive coalition. Not even believable that Russia and China would be together. They're natural enemies because of their land, their natural. Joe Biden and Obama push them together. No reason for it. Amazing that it happened. But now they're together and it is menacing. Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world's standard, which will be the greatest defeat that we've had in 200 years. If that happens, we become a complete third world nation. And if you look at our airports today and you look at all of the problems we have at the border and with our elections, we are indeed a third-world nation. But I won't let these things happen with me. Not even a chance. Just like.

Brannon Howse: There you go. That's President Donald Trump. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take a quick break and see if we can clear up a little bit of the delay going on between Rebecca and myself. They tell me if I will go to a break, they can reboot something and that'll fix that. So let's do that and we'll come right back and have Rebecca Walser respond to Donald Trump on inflation. Russia and China gearing up to bring down the American dollar, the dollar crashing our currency, crashing America becoming a third world country. She'll respond to those comments by President Trump and more right after this break. Hello, I'm Brannon House. Several years ago I worked with a team and we developed Extract Jevity. It's an all natural energy and health drink, all-natural energy and health drink. It includes bilberry, extract, red wine, extract grape seed extract, pine bark extract and vitamin C. Now you don't have to take my word for it. You can go do your own homework on the benefits of these extracts that are loaded with antioxidants. You can order it now at my You'll get savings if you use the code. Be 66, use the code, be 66 and you'll save. It's available at my again an all natural energy and health drink. And of course I have to throw in the disclaimer this product has not been approved or evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. But please check out the all natural energy and health drink extract jevity at my All right. Welcome back. Let's see if that cleared up a little bit of that delay between us. Rebecca, what do you make of President Trump saying in a speech last week, the economy is collapsing? Say we don't have Rebecca. What just happened to Rebecca? All right. Yeah, we do. All right. Everybody's panicking in the control room. All right, Rebecca, what do you make of these comments by Trump that the economy is crashing, the currency is crashing?

Rebecca Walser: I mean, think that he's trying to bring it into the common parlance, you know, that this is actually the de-dollarisation of the world is actually happening. And he's actually bringing up a really good point, Brendan. A lot of people don't even know that Russia and China actually have sort of melded together at the US's actions. I mean, it was really interesting how he obviously is talking about Biden, who would be his potential opponent maybe, but also he brought in Obama and said really even really Obama and those actions. And so I think he's really bringing to the forefront that there is a large global macro shift that the general American public is not hearing about in the standard news. And you know, you are covering it. I have certainly been screaming it from the rooftops. But unless people are going to these alternative channels, they're just not hearing it. So hopefully he'll get picked up and some of the mainstream will get it. But, you know, he's getting censored just like everybody else. They're not putting this this on the mainstream news.

Brannon Howse: Now, what is the let me go to our website. I sent you the article last night that we posted at World. Yes, I don't know if you got the chance to read it, but we did article about our interview with you. Here it is, folks. I'll show it to you on the screen. There it is. Warning signs of economic instability. Warning signs of economic instability. And you know what, folks? This is exactly why we take these interviews and put them into an article, because even yours truly, who sits through these interviews and asks the questions, sometimes by reading the article, I end up getting more or additional information than I did when I heard it. And as I went through this article, I was again reminded of all of the hard facts. Look at that. Show it, folks, the hard facts and documentation she's giving to us about why there are shifts coming. What are the warning signs and the potential impact in reducing the bank reserves and anticipated challenges to regional banks? This is a brand new article we just posted late last night at Worldview Based on my interview with Rebecca last week, again, warning signs of economic instability. What signs are you seeing this week that have that further than warning you gave last week?

Rebecca Walser: Rebecca Well, I love the fact that Brannon and you actually, you know, discussed it. You sent it to me as well, that the, the the stress test of all the large banks, you know, showed that basically in an adverse scenario, these 23 largest banks would lost would lose almost $550 billion, but they all would be okay. Magically, they would all be okay. And they've all passed their stress tests. So this just further shows us that the reality is so disconnected from, you know, government regulation, even banking government regulation, even after Glass-Steagall, all of these things that have happened, even post-2008, 2009, too big to fail. We really are at the crux with for now multinational corporate banks that are the largest, obviously in the country. And I'm just extremely concerned that that we're looking at a potential freeze of a bail and complete blanket bail in. You know, the UK is now putting these orange stickers on their branches, a lot of their branches. Obviously, I'm talking about multiple different banks, but in the streets of London you can go in and they can just flat out deny they're asking for invoices now for they're asking for customers to support cash withdrawals of £2,000 with invoices, and then they'll determine if it's legitimate or not to protect you. So this is what's coming. This is starting already in Europe and it's coming here very soon. You're going to be protected by your bank by not allowing you to have this withdrawal. It's already started with wires. I've noticed over the last I think I've mentioned to you on the show before, Brannon, I've noticed over the last six months that even with the credit union that I have, that their wire procedure is a lot more strict.

Rebecca Walser: They're they're playing a two-minute disclosure disclaimer on a recorded message. You're having to verbally give a verbal, you know, authorization that they record. It's becoming really a lot stricter. And this is they're conditioning to prepare us for a bail-in in which case we have zero access to funds beyond certain limits on a daily basis. And you know, this level of, of, um, and it could be triggered by anything, right? It could easily be triggered by cyber attack, which is kind of where I'm seeing the indications going. But it also could be triggered by any kind of escalation with Russia or any kind of escalation with China and Taiwan. It really anything at this point, because we're so economically susceptible to anything that happens. You know, when we when we're talking about the key metric, what is the one key metric I talked last week about the short positions, the largest short position that the hedges have taken against the S&P 500 of $1 trillion since April of 2022? That alone should tell the retail investor, hey, the institutional money, which really runs the world, is betting against this market. So, you know, you don't bet a lot of people say don't fight the Fed. I say don't fight the institutional, find out what the institutions are doing and capitalize on that.

Rebecca Walser: Don't follow them necessarily, because obviously we're not we're not wanting to follow them, but we need to understand what they're doing so then we can leverage and strategize and do what will work for us with what they're doing. And so when you're seeing the hedges and the institutions bet against this market to this size, this is not the time to be sucked into that vortex of the fear of missing out. And this market is now a bull market. And let me get back in just so they can then cripple you by the collapse is imminent. And I can't say that. Obviously, I cannot predict. The time frame. But I can just tell you, with the M2 money supply that has the contraction at that level has not been seen in years and the liquidity is drying up. And that is always the death knell of any kind of system, an economic system that is built on stimulus. Our system is built on stimulus. We are a consumption based country, period. We consume products and services. And if we're not consuming because there's no more money in the system, then the system is going to grind to a halt and think, I've used this example before, but I'll just wrap up with this. You know, Brannon, that scene in the Titanic where they show you the propellers under the water and and the rudder is going, going, going, going, going. And then just stops. Full stop. It's over. It's not coming back. And that's kind of what we're anticipating.

Brannon Howse: You brought up so many interesting things there. But this audience that has followed me on radio for all these years knows that well over a decade ago, maybe closer to 12, 15 years ago, but certainly a decade ago, I started using this this these two words to prepare them. And you just you just mentioned it. And the two words I kept using over and over were capital controls. Capital controls. Get ready for capital controls. There will become a day when you will not have the freedom to move around your capital, your money, your asset. They will put in strict capital controls to stop runs on the banks, on the institutions and you pulling money out. And of course, it doesn't take rocket science to know that because we saw them do that in the 2008 mess. Right. But this is what you're talking about. And again, the reports we're getting from our audience members on how they're having to justify what they take out of the bank, they're having to be their bank is requiring they justify what they move out of the bank. And. They're putting in strict capital controls at the end of the day. And again, I try to stress this to the audience.

Brannon Howse: You tell me if I'm right or not. The way the laws are written now, the fine print, it's really not your money. I've been telling this audience. Go read the fine print on your bank statements. Go to read the fine print in your agreement. When you open a bank account with them. You are giving your money to them and you are an uninsured creditor and they might want to offer you some stock in a bank that's gone kaput. But that's not going to feed your family. So people are like, well, I got money in the bank. I have my money in the bank. No, you have money in the bank. You gave over to them. But in my opinion, I don't give financial advice, an opinion, financial advice. I give financial opinion. But if I tell if you want real money, you want to be in land, houses, gold, silver, hard, tangible assets that you have some control over, not digits on a computer that you don't have a lot of control over or that they could take all the control from you over with capital controls. True or false?

Rebecca Walser: So three points I want to say. So I will say yes. And what you're saying, Brannon, is, is we don't want any kind of financial derivative investment when we're going through a currency changeover. And that's what's happening. Whether we're still going to have the US dollar in parallel with the Chinese yuan and we'll have multi-polarity with two global reserves, the East and the West, which is kind of where I see this bifurcation coming. The fact is anything because there is a currency change coming, you know, you could say it's going to be blockchain, it's going to be crypto based, it's going to be cbdcs. It doesn't matter. Don't care what the change is right now. Just care that there is a change coming. So therefore, once we know there is a currency change coming, then you don't want to have anything that is a financial derivative and carries what we call counterparty risk. That is any kind of equity or bond, because that in and of itself is just a piece of paper that represents a financial obligation on a third party, third party or counterparty risk. Now I've got a stock that says I have investment value because I have Tesla and I have Apple. Well, that might not mean a hill of beans if through this transition, Tesla and Apple, for some reason, capital controls, I don't know, fascism, communism, corporatism, totalitarianism, whatever the case, I don't care. Something happens to Apple or Tesla.

Rebecca Walser: Now my derived value is reduced and goes down because I was holding a financial derivative on a third party with counterparty risk. Hard assets are not financial derivatives. They have inherent value that cannot be voided out land bricks, mortar, physical metals that for 5000 years. We have a recorded history of getting us through currency transitions successfully. So we eliminate counterparty currency risk when we're going through a currency transition in these kinds of periods. That's why we're looking at real estate. That's why we look at gold and silver, and that's how we successfully help people move from one situation to another. Whereas Wall Street is beating the same drum, saying stay the course, stay the course. Everything eventually will come back. And that can't say that this time because frankly, Wall Street hasn't been around long enough to see a currency transition since they've come into their, you know, mature state. So that's that's one thing. I just want to point out, Brian, what you're talking about. You know, but I want to digress for one quick second, and I just want to talk about this bail in and this these terms that you're talking about. The reason that we are pretty clear that something major is going to happen is that the American people are not going to accept the nationalization of their cash to cbdcs without some kind of something happening that, again, it's like a coronavirus war game situation.

Rebecca Walser: Everyone was so willing to give up their freedoms that we are so attached to because in the name of public health and public safety and public whatever, and now you have to go and get a this therapeutic within, you know, without a lot of research on it and all this stuff and on and on and on. So what I'm trying to say is people give up a lot in the name of safety. So if you have a situation and you know, I've been on the show before and I've told you the word game show 7 to 10 days and we're in complete and total chaotic civil war. If we don't have our supply chain running to stock food at the stores because that's how Americans shop now. They don't have any more than 3 to 4 days of food, typically on average. So, you know, you are going to need to start to frame your mind around thinking that something large is going to happen. A. Horrible level type event to condition Americans to say the banking system, the financial system has failed and has collapsed. And in order to save the sovereignty of the US dollar, we must all agree to do a reset onto this new Cbdc digital platform or whatever digital dollar fed now whatever they're doing. So I would start to begin to believe and accept that there will be a big trigger because that's what we're seeing.

Brannon Howse: Well, then they keep telling us that whether it's polygon by the the World Economic Forum, saying what's coming with a polygon cyber attack will make Covid look like a mild disruption, whether it's the threat of nuclear war, whether it's the government buying $290 Million anti-radiation tablets. I mean, it's just whether it's been practicing for a week, the military's.

Rebecca Walser: Giving Congress that. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: Exactly.

Rebecca Walser: Why is this happening?

Brannon Howse: Why why is the why is the sergeant of arms in the Senate giving members of the US Senate any of them that want them satellite phones in case communications are disrupted? And at last check, 50 of the 100 had taken it. That was last check. Let me go back to this headline I sent you the other day that you brought up. Feds say all banks passed the stress test. Well, of course they did. I mean, give me a break. What a scam. These are the same These are the same Federal Insurance Depository Corporation, FDIC that was laughing in November of 2022 that the American people trust the banking system more than many of us in this room. Ha ha ha ha. And when the bank fails happen, it'll be on a Friday, you know. So I, like you, trust these people, the feds, the same people that get pushing the clot shot on you and they know what it was going to do. Well, then they say, But there could be a $541 billion loss if there's an adverse scenario. So we've already talked about what the adverse scenarios could be. We just name some of them. What do they mean? What do they mean, Rebecca, When they say $541 billion losses, what do they mean by that? Is that what is that figure? Where do they get that figure from?

Rebecca Walser: Well, I mean, it's a combination of immediate withdrawals from clients that panic. And that's what happened in 2008. Brannon Right. Is that we were having a digital bank run and they had to shut down access digitally. And this is what you're seeing is this massive conditioning. You've already talked about how you've had, you know, viewers across the country call in and tell you we're not being able to access our cash anymore. But basically between the losses and the value of commercial real estate, this is what we're mostly talking about. A lot of these regional banks are owned, owned a lot of when say, own, what I mean is that their assets are the mortgages written across commercial real estate and their local location. And as the economy collapses and commercial real estate collapses, they're talking about their balance sheets, values coming down on a mark to market basis. And the other thing that is happening is every time the Federal Reserve actually raises interest rate, it hurts banks because what ends up happening on a short term basis is people go and take money out of their money markets and go buy three month and six-month treasuries. So, you know, three, nine, 12 short term treasuries with higher rates. So that causes people to go and actually pull out cash as well. So all around, you know, these banks, the M2 money supply, which is the overall total money supply that we have access to at the bank through check writing privileges, debit cards, etcetera, is actually gone down as one of the largest declines we've had in a long, long time, I think since 2007, which is very indicative that the system is about to have some kind of break.

Rebecca Walser: And that's what I'm saying. People really need to understand. I know you're watching the propaganda of Wall Street and thinking that everything is fine now. It we're just not that that's just not the truth and and the subterfuge. Think of this, Brannon. They it's like the Titanic. Okay. It's a great example. I love this movie. It gives me so many examples in real in the real world here. It's like they know the ship is sinking. They know that half the people are going to die, but they go out and play the music to keep the people calm because a calm sinking is way better right, than a chaotic sinking. So that's what it is here. We cannot let people take their money out prematurely. Go into your bank, close your account, take your money out. If you do that now, while it's supposed to be calm, you'll actually you know, you'll get you'll you'll push it forward. You'll bring it to collapse before they're ready before they're saying it's time. We're ready to push the button so they can't let you know what's really going on until it's they're ready for the actual collapse. So for until the last until the death, the music will continue to play. And you will be told that we're going to make it to, you know, the harbor in New York City. You're going to be told that that's what you're going to be told.

Brannon Howse: Look at this headline Banks will suffer 2008 style losses if inflation isn't controlled, says a top banking expert. Well, Rebecca, do you and I really and the listeners think anything is going to happen that will control inflation? I mean, President Trump was just saying this inflation is going to kill us. It's going to crash the dollar. We're going to be a third world country. So, of course, they're not going to control inflation. I mean, this whole government, as you just said, is built really on largely on Keynesian economics and inflation and expansion of the money supply. No. One, I mean, everything we see coming out of the state governments, other than a few states like maybe Tennessee and Texas and Florida, is more expansion of their of their spending. Now, of course, the states can't print money. The feds can't. But the feds are starting, of course, you know, to talk about what they're going to do about all these retirement accounts and they're going to take people's 401. Ks and give them an IOU because all of the retirement accounts are going to fail. And we got to be ready to take everybody's money. They don't need it right now. We'll give you a paper IOU. Good luck with that. So this guy is saying, look, banks are going to suffer massive losses if inflation isn't brought under control. But you and I know losses aren't going to be brought under inflation. Is it going to be brought under control, which means we are going to see more bank failures, particularly when they kick up interest rates, what they're talking about doing, I think in July or August and then a couple of times next year, which is again, this slow killing of the medium-sized banks across the country so the bigger ones can gobble it up and then have full control.

Brannon Howse: And then you end up like, oh, I don't know, Nigel Farage over in Great Britain, who just came out on Twitter. We played it yesterday, the leader of the Brexit and his bank after years and years and years, said, We don't want you banking here. You got 30 days to get your money out of our bank. He goes to seven more banks and all seven of them, he said, said, No, we don't want you. Now as we have these banks failing across America, as we're going to more and more ESG, environmental, social governance, and social credit scores as we go to digital IDs that they want for us and they can track who we are and what we're saying. You know what? It's not going to be long before they say that to me. It's not going to be long before they say that they've already said that. Mike Lindell. His bank did last year, year before get out. He got banked, but he found another bank, Faraj. He's now got eight banks. The one that got rid of him, seven more that have said, No, we don't want your business. He's saying I may have to leave Europe to go find a bank and live somewhere to be able to buy and eat.

Rebecca Walser: This is such a difficult issue for me because I am more of a libertarian. And like, for example, the Supreme Court case that just came down that said that the free speech allows, you know, a copywriter to not write or to not take a I think it was a homosexual couple, you know, website that they were refusing to to do. And the Supreme Court just said that you have as a corporation and we know Citizens United obviously said that it's you know your free speech. So basically, the Supreme Court is saying you have that right to not service those people. And so, you know, I, I believe that a business should have the freedom to service the the clients they choose to do business with. I believe that. But so you you look at a bank and you say, does that mean a bank and then choose not to service, you know, a Nigel Farage because he was the, you know, kind of the beginning founder of Brexit. And they don't agree with his philosophy because they think they think Brexit was a flop or whatever is a flop. And and and here's the thing. You think the because this is what we have to do when we're in law Britain, we have to figure out what is the legal nuance that can be a dividing line that is black and white clear enough that if you reduce it to legislation, it can be read by anybody and it can be clear, okay, if this happens, this is the result.

Rebecca Walser: If that happens, this is the result. So this is why this is so hard to legislate because it's such a gray area. But I think the answer is that it has to be that you're not being and and what we would call almost like indentured servitude. You're not being hired and forced to do something that you don't want to do and your actions. So in other words, I don't have to be forced to be hired by somebody I don't want to work for if I don't support their belief system. But that's because that's you know, I would have to take action to write a website that that I didn't agree with. So that would be my action. Whereas with Nigel Farage, they're denying him because of his speech and his actions. So they're basically saying no, because I don't know, It's as I say it out loud, it's not enough of a clear legal definition to reduce it to legislation. And this is the gray area that's a problem. So I 100% agree with you. And this is a problem. We have to figure out how to solve this as a society. How can we give businesses freedom and autonomy as they should have? Otherwise, people won't go into business, but yet also not have people being censored for their belief system by by banks that say they're serving the public. So this is hard.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, well, it's. It shows us how easy. I guess the reason I brought it up is once you have a system that puts in. Place all of their religious and political views and all the banks access it and all the credit. Credit companies access it.

Brannon Howse: Like, you've been blacklisted.

Rebecca Walser: Right, That's it. That's the government using corporations to do things that they cannot do. And this was what the plan was. Brannon This was the plan. Get rid of all these small and medium-sized businesses, and buy a 36-month lockdown that will destroy all the businesses. All we'll have left is our Fortune 500, 100 and up. And then we as the government can use our portal databases that we have to communicate with them on what kind of policies and procedures we want for ESG and social credit score tracking at the individual level. And we can have Larry Fink send out letters to the CEOs and tell them this is how they're going to do it and start beginning to track. I mean, it is all corporatism. Absolutely fascistic. Absolutely. Yes. Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: And see and if and if it was one bank that didn't like me and knew about me, okay. I don't I don't like being booted out, but. Okay, I'll go to another one. But if the problem is that you've now been into a registered system that the banks are obligated to check by the government regulation for ESG and social credit scores, that's completely different because I go to the bank down the street and they're like, We don't know who the guy is, but he's transferring money over here. He's got all the proper paperwork and he opens the bank account and life goes on. But not if you have a government-enforced database that's requiring them to do this. That's, as you said, that's corporate fascism. That's totally different. And I think that's in large respect. What is going to happen in Nigel Farage is just an example of it. I think there's already something going on. I think there's already something going on that caused those seven banks to say, no, I don't think it was because they all just don't like Nigel Farage. Come on. You know, I don't think I think there's already something going on that those banks are tuned into by government regulations or government pressure. What say you in closing?

Rebecca Walser: I 100%. I would not doubt for a second that there is some kind of portal, Brendan, because we know there is one. Dr. Shiva's lawsuit out of Massachusetts, a federal lawsuit out of Massachusetts. Let us see the portal that the state governments leverage to communicate directly the censorship request they have with Twitter and Google and with Facebook. So this is where the federal judge in that case, this is why I love being a lawyer. Thank God. Thank you, Lord, that I went to law school and practice law because this is this is the age and time that we need someone who has both legal expertise, financial expertise, and economic expertise. And that's very rare. Um, but Dr. Shiva's case, the judge said, Mark this case down. This case will go down as one of the most seminal constitutional free speech, government state action cases that we've ever seen, because this is state action, this censorship is documented in the discovery. And Dr. Shiva's case is absolutely a portal where state and local, state actors request staff at all of the social media companies to censor comments or to block users to shadow banned users to diminish their message. I've personally have had my podcast Shadow Banned. I can't tell you how many times we'll get up to, you know, 20,000 subscribers and I'm back down to 9000 the next day. It's such a joke.

Rebecca Walser: But you know what? I don't care because God's message will get out from his people that he chooses to get the message out and he will get the message to who he wants, when he wants, how he wants, and no one's going to stop it. So the truth always comes out. The truth always sets people free. The truth is going to set America free the world free. And the truth is coming. And there's nothing that people can do to stop it. I don't care. You sit up at night and you make your plans and you try to figure out how you can keep everything quiet and from coming out. And you know what? All you've done is created an army of digital warriors, as General Flynn likes to talk about, that have said, enough is enough is enough. And, you know, people are getting mad at themselves for falling for such stupidity for so long. I think the Joe Rogan Robert Kennedy podcast on vaccines is going to do more for vaccine awareness than the vaccine movie. And anything that has happened probably in the last 15 years regarding autism or anything. The new media. Tucker Carlson starting his own media company. Brannon, you and I talked about said Brannon, he's going nowhere. He's his brand. This is what's coming. It's not going to be stopped. The truth can never be stopped, period.

Brannon Howse: Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. And amen. Rebecca Walser. Walser. Welcome, Remember, folks, she has I'm telling you this so you don't get frustrated. She has policies and rules she has to follow dealing with her licensing. If you have a net worth of 250,000 or more, then you're a qualified investor and can contact her. And you can do that at So if she doesn't return all your calls be. Patient. Some of it, you know, she's got a staff that helps her. But you can imagine she's inundated, but she's interested and and you checking out what she has to offer and seeing if it's a fit for you. And we're looking forward to having you at our Ozarks Worldview week in the middle of October.

Rebecca Walser: Rebecca, I'm excited to come. I'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be an incredible weekend and think. Brannon There's going to be a lot of extra news and developments by then. So wow, It's I cannot wait. It's going to be great.

Brannon Howse: Thank you, Rebecca.

Rebecca Walser: Thank you for having me. Thanks for having me.

Brannon Howse: Have a happy 4th of July. Have a great weekend. Rebecca Walser. Check it in, folks. Don't forget, by the way, if you want some free information, throw that graphic up there, if you would, guys, if you want some free information on precious metals, obtaining physical metals, silver gold bullion, freshly minted, you can contact our putting gold in your IRA. You can simply text or call our friend, but you don't even have to call him. Just simply text him your name and address. He'll send you the free packet. Why don't you need to call him? Because he's not interested in twisting your arm. That's one reason I've been working with Swiss America for almost 18 years now. Met him through my friend Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan's oldest son, been friends with their CEO and founder for years and years. And I've done business with them and many, many, many, many of you have and many, many, many of my friends. He doesn't need you to call him because he's not interested in twisting your arm. He's interested in you just getting information and education and then making the decision that is best for you.

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