More Evidence of Back Door Left Open For Computer Access to Voter Data


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Brannon Howse: All right. We're going to go here to minute two. Dan Eastman, Attorney Dan Eastman, then Leo Homan, then Rob Linstead, live from Israel. Before we do, folks, let me go over to Worldview This is our daily aggregated news site. Check this out, our daily aggregated news site. Here we go. Abortion activist Debra Messing calls the Bible a, quote, dog whistle to Nazis, end quote. Here we go. I had one on here today. There it is. Exclusive new poll. A huge number of Americans fear nuclear 9/11 attacks from the Middle East. Harris coming through Mexico. Well, apparently our government fear, fear some kind of nuclear event. They just practiced one for a week. The FBI and the military in Houston a few weeks ago, and they have bought up $290 million in anti-radiation. May ask yourself why. Why is the general public now in the polls showed the number was quite high if I go to it I want to say it was like 66% or a huge number of Americans that fear some kind of nuclear event. Now, why was that number and why is that number? Yeah, fully 66% of Americans say they're worried or very worried by such a scenario. So why is it that all of a sudden the American people are worried? I think predictive programming, right? Predictive programming. The government's rehearsing for a week in Houston for a nuclear attack. They're buying $290 Million in Anti-radiation pills. And they're broadcasting all this. It's in the press. The press is going along with the predictive programming. And now, voila, you take a survey and fully 66% of Americans say they are worried or very worried about such a scenario as a nuclear 9/11-style attack.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Or a dirty bomb. Hmm. So the predictive programming is working. I don't think the American people would come up with this on their own, do you? No, I don't. I think they have been programmed by the things we've been reporting to you for the last several months that the government was putting out to the people. Now it's seeped into their conscience and they're worried about it. So again, what is the government planning? Well, with that, before we go to our next guest, let me take you over here to, I stopped kind of promoting this for about a week if you guys didn't notice. I kind of backed off. Why? Because I wanted our team to catch up on the orders and they have done an awesome job, so I'm going to go back to promoting. By the way, on Friday we signed a new contract and today we moved into a new warehouse. That's how fast we're growing and how we're trying to have enough space to fill the orders to keep them coming to you as quickly as we can. But go ahead now and get on board. Go to I want to highlight again potassium iodine tablets. These were hard to get. Okay? These were hard to get. This protects your thyroid. In the case of a nuclear event, it is an anti-radiation tablet. We also have the extract levity. By the way, this is selling very well.

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Dan Eastman: Hi, Brandon, Thanks for having me on. So it was a pleasure to be here. Absolutely. So we've got interested to have you here. Oh, thank you. We have an interesting news story breaking in the great state of Wisconsin. We've been, as you know, since the 2020 election. There's been a very dedicated team of very professional degreed people that have been taking a very deep dive into the election infrastructure, which, of course, is the Hava Help America Vote Act-mandated state voter roll, as well as the various and sundry machine companies and electronic poll books. And we're looking at the map of digitalization of elections. We've managed to take something as simple as showing up at your precinct, marking a piece of paper, and putting it in a tin box with a police officer standing there. And at the end of the night, when the polls close, you open the box and everybody counts up the votes and sees who wins. Well, we've gone to a very, very digital world since 2014, maybe a little bit later than that. And what we discovered last week is truly, truly troubling for a number of reasons. We have discovered that we have a Wisconsin election commission in Wisconsin. We don't have a secretary of state that's involved in elections, thank goodness. We have a citizens board, three Republicans and three Democrats.

Dan Eastman: It's a part-time board. They get a $100 a meeting and they meet a couple of times a year and they appoint an election chief administrator for the agency, which is somewhat of an unusual structure. As a matter of fact, in my legal opinion, I'm still convinced that it's an unconstitutional structure for reasons of delegation of executive authority. But what we found is that the Wisconsin Election Commission is in charge of putting out the Wisconsin voter roll, which we call whiz vote in Wisconsin, and that's the Hava-mandated platform that our 1852 clerks use to administer local elections. And our 72 elected county clerks use that system as well to basically canvass and certify the county vote. That becomes the state totals. Well, we've been led to believe for a very long time by our elections commission and our head administrator that all of this coding on this whiz vote system was done internally. We have all sorts of videos from the administrator of the agency speaking before Senate and Assembly committees, testifying that these systems were all developed internally. They're homegrown and it's unique in the United States. And we you know, apparently we're just absolutely with 35 employees able to somehow none of whom have degrees in coding, have managed to whip up what is basically the state's election roll.

Dan Eastman: What we found out during the budget season, because this is the budget season in Wisconsin, is that Wisconsin Election Commission has been using outsourced coders to code the state voter roll. And while this is not always unusual in state government, I suppose if you're coding the state fishing database, it probably doesn't matter. We're doing the driver's license database, maybe doesn't matter. But what we found out is that there are a series of at least four companies that have been contracted by the state of Wisconsin. They're using foreign offshore people to code and maintain this database. And none of these people have been vetted. They haven't had background checks. We don't know if they're Russian intelligence or Chinese intelligence or American intelligence or British intelligence. We don't know if they're good guys or bad guys. We don't know. Basically, they live on the other side of the globe and they work remotely. And what we find out is that this is a normal scheme within the state government where people who are very close with with with Republican leadership in this state are actually the owners of these companies that effectively contract with the state of Wisconsin and sell the services of these people and then basically pay them not a whole lot of money because they all live offshore.

Dan Eastman: So there's a pretty good spread in that. And, as I said, it's not uncommon for governments to have contract labor, which can be done through a temporary help service which basically keeps them from benefits and keeps them from paying into the state pension. And it's not really popular with the classified civil service. But what we find is when you look at the federal scheme, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Sis and thesis, they have declared voter systems to be critical infrastructure. And you would think if you. Were developing critical infrastructure in the United States for the purpose of protecting the people's right to vote. That there would be some mechanism in place to vet the people who are doing the coding on the other side of the world. And there's not. Now, when a committee commission meeting last Friday, the commission voted six to nothing to approve these contracts. And a question was asked by one of the Republican commissioners Are these people vetted? And the deputy administrator who's alleged to have some expertise in technology at first said, oh, yes, they're invested in background investigations by the FBI. And then later he backed off and said, well, actually it was the contractor that does the background checks. So the fact is nobody.

Dan Eastman: Background checking any of these people. Now, DHS and Cisa on all these people are running around, you know, critical infrastructure and they're selling these Albert devices and they're all over county government checking to make sure that the Russians and the Iranians don't hack the systems. When the back door is wide open, it's wide open. And then you look at our state attorney and.

Brannon Howse: This is in multiple states, right? This isn't just happening in Wisconsin. For those listening in other states, this is all over the country, right?

Dan Eastman: They've been incorporated in multiple states. It's the same thing. It's this idea that you can profit from the spread between what you sell by the hour to the state government and what you pay these workers. Now, if you're doing this in, you know, for park help or a nursing home help or something, there's not that big of a spread between somebody working as a contract laborer for the government and somebody who would be a full-time government employee. But when you start talking about the wage differentials in Eastern Europe and India and other places, people all over the World code, they're very good coders. Don't get me wrong. These are people who know what they're doing. But there's a bigger spread. And this is going on in multiple states and we're finding out about it now. And this really explains why nobody two and a half years ago wanted a full forensic audit because the first thing full forensic auditors would do is walk in and say, wow, the state database that contains our names address driver's license, Social Security numbers, the whole nine yards is being coded by people in foreign countries. And let me tell you, you know, in the intelligence world, Russian intelligence, Chinese intelligence, fivi intelligence, they know exactly how to penetrate through these contractors. And when we look at the backgrounds of the contractors, these are not nefarious people.

Dan Eastman: These are just good old local boys figuring out how to make some money off the state of Wisconsin. And they created a mechanism that is unregulated, untested, unvetted, and frankly, unmanaged. So when our work comes along and says this is all in-house and coded by staff, none of that is true. All of this stuff has been coded by people elsewhere that are not vetted. And this is an absolutely stunning revelation because we're running around trying to figure out, well, the Russians, you know, keep in mind, in 2016, when Jill Stein ran as a Green Party candidate, her lawyers including Perkins Coie and the lawyer, the chief lawyer is now our state attorney general, made the very serious claims, multiple pages for courtrooms, all the way to the state Supreme Court and the federal court alleging that the Russians and the Iranians had hacked into the system. And we have testimony from Megan Wolf, the administrator, saying, well, they wiggled the doorknob, but they couldn't get in. We're so good. You got to be kidding, lady. They've got the back door wide open and you're worried about the Russians wiggling the doorknob. And this is the kind of stuff that passes for election management and election administration.

Brannon Howse: And if I had to if I had to guess and if I had to guess, I would say the back door was left open. The back door was left open. And this is done. So that the CIA and the intelligence arena can get in. Now, you know that I for two years have been saying and in fact, the summer of 2020 set at this desk, the summer of 2020, and warned that a color revolution was coming. The intelligence arena has been practicing color revolutions in other countries. They carry it out here. I predicted that all of the summer of 2020 and then it happened. I've had people who recently retired from some of the three-letter agencies, including the CIA, the NSA, and other places who I've known for years. Tell me you are so over the target. You don't know how over the target you are. But I can't say anymore because I don't want to go to jail now. Now we have Katie McFarland coming out on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo. Bartiromo the other day said the Intel communities stole it in 2016, tried to steal it in 2016 for Hillary in 2020, and will do it again in 2024. We have Congressman Bill Posey out of Florida saying there needs to be an investigation between the CIA and the connection between the CIA and the voting machine companies. More and more people are warming to what we were saying in the summer of 2020. The CIA and NSA and FBI would steal the election. And I believe these backdoors have been created so they can do so. What say you in closing?

Dan Eastman: Well, I think that this is something that needs to be investigated because I have researched this every day for two and a half years. And I'm coming to the belief that Hillary Clinton probably won Wisconsin in 2016, that her lawyers were right, but nothing happened. And then in 2020, Donald Trump loses by the same margin, 22,000 votes, 20,000 votes. Nobody is investigating this. And the three investigations we had, the Legislative Audit Bureau, they're counting the little dots on the ballot. Oh, look, they match the machines. There's nothing to see here. Then there was the Gableman investigation, and he stumbled upon a lot of this and was vilified and defamed and run out of office. And then, of course, the Janelle Branch and committees. We had two experts who looked at the data and they couldn't explain it. We keep looking at the Dr. Frank graphs, which we call the three volcano graphs where all 72 counties go up by the same percentage vote and go back down by the same percentage. We have very different growth patterns in rural versus urban counties. Nothing can explain that except back door access. And we couldn't figure out none of us believe that a state employee would ever do that. And we don't believe they do today because just like the Milwaukee situation with the deputy administrator there, now she's staring at criminal charges for faking three fake military ballots.

Dan Eastman: But who in the world is moving 100 and 250,000 voters up, vote, down, up, vote down? That kind of stuff happens through the back door. And we honestly believe that it was the people because the administrator told us it's, oh, it's state employees, and we're thinking state employees aren't going to do anything like that. And frankly, they might not be smart enough. But you open that back door to international intelligence. It's our system is compromised. This is we're stunned. Don't know who's doing it. I have no idea. I've never I'm not in the intelligence community. A lot of people think I'm not even intelligent. But the point is, don't know who's doing it. But somebody has to look. And, you know, all we are are people who want a fair election in this state. And the more you discover, the more your heart breaks. Because if our vote means nothing, then the lady who was on before me, that stuff is scary. And the only thing we have is the ballot box. And if we don't have that, I don't know what we have. Honestly, I don't. So you got that right.

Brannon Howse: You got that right. Oh, wow. Remember, he has a daily show at My channel every day. Every day he's got a 30-minute show folks is his website check it out as always Dan thank you for all you're doing for us.

Dan Eastman: Yeah, thanks for your time.

Brannon Howse: Bye. Thank you. Dan? Danny's been checking in. Check out his show at

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