China Building Spy Base in Cuba and EMP Threat Growing


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Brannon Howse: All right, let's get to Dave Pyne. Dave Pyne is the head of the EMP task force run by our friend, the late Dr. Peter Vincent Pry. David, thank you for being with us tonight.

David Pyne: Thank you so much for having me back on your show.

Brannon Howse: David New York Post article: Biden dismisses Mark Malarkey's FBI tip claiming he played a role in the Burisma Bribe scheme. Where's the money? You sent me this tonight. So apparently you've read it. Tell our audience about it, please.

David Pyne: Yeah. So the FBI director, Christopher Wray, finally gave in, you know, on, on, uh, the threat of, uh, of being placed in contempt of Congress to give the, give the whistleblower complaint to the House Oversight Committee. And multiple members of the House Oversight Committee have since stated that the complaint is very credible, and it includes the claim that Biden received 5 million in bribe money from Burisma, that Ukrainian company that came up during the Trump impeachment, and also his son, Hunter as well. So essentially $10 million in Ukrainian bribe money to influence US foreign policy. And it was directly tied to the firing of the prosecutor, Ukrainian prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden's corrupt business ties to Burisma. So this is a huge scandal. And, of course, it's you know, the Biden administration is attempting to change the story and try to cover it up with this, you know, the Trump indictments with seven different felonies. Alleged felonies.

Brannon Howse: So that brings us that that brings us to that that that topic. What are your thoughts on this tonight? David?

David Pyne: You know, it's so interesting that President Biden claims to be defending democracy in Ukraine while he's importing Russian style, you know, dictatorship essentially with transforming the FBI into a Russian Americanized version of the Russian FSB, the former KGB, and essentially trying to, you know, arrest and imprison his main presidential political rival, you know, for perhaps decades. This is you know, this is really turning the page from America's, you know, history as a constitutional republic into a banana republic. And it's essentially Biden is playing the part of ten points. Tin Pot Dictator for life.

Brannon Howse: So everything the left said, everything the left said Donald Trump would be and do. He didn't do. But now Joe Biden has done it in spades.

David Pyne: That's right. They said Trump would rule as a dictator. In fact, he. He delegated a lot of his presidential responsibilities to cabinet members. They said he would start World War three. Biden is, you know, on the verge of starting a new unnecessary nuclear world war with the Russian Federation, with his ongoing war in Ukraine that he's been prolonging unnecessarily rejecting all peace efforts. And it's yeah. Mean everything the Democrats have ever accused the Republicans of doing. Trump and the Republicans. Trump and the Republicans have been innocent of doing this. But, you know, the Democrats have been guilty. So essentially, it's they're trying to, you know, claim that Republicans are doing everything that they're doing falsely.

Brannon Howse: Let's go to this. This here, this is interesting. Iran claims to have created a hypersonic missile. They say it could reach Israel in 400 seconds. Do you think this is real or is this stagecraft?

David Pyne: You know, I think it's mostly propaganda. It's certainly possible they could you know, obviously, have a supersonic missile. I mean, most supersonic missile cruise missiles travel around, you know, three, Mach three, They're claiming Mach 15. I don't know if there's a hypersonic cruise missile in the world. I mean, China doesn't claim to have a hypersonic cruise missile that can travel at Mach 15. Russia doesn't either. Russia's fastest hypersonic cruise missile is claimed a have a maximum speed of about Mach ten. So we know for a fact that Iran's claim here is false. Do they have does this Fateh missile have a range to Israel? Most likely, yes. But certainly, it would take probably about 3 to 4 times longer to reach Israel than they're claiming.

Brannon Howse: Here's a headline you sent me tonight. I did not know this story. Thank you for sending it. Look at this headline. The Guardian China reportedly Reaches Secret Deal with Cuba to host a Spy base on the Island facility that would allow Beijing to gather electronic communications from us. But Cuba dismisses the report as unfounded. Well, of course, they do. Wow. This is a little disturbing tonight, David.

David Pyne: Yeah. Mean. So the Soviets, of course, had a Sigint base, a signal intelligence base, Lourdes in Cuba for much of the Cold War and only closed it relatively recently within the last decade or so. Now, China essentially may be taking it over. I don't know if it's going to be located in the same place. But yeah, essentially, they they're going to be able to collect signals intelligence along the eastern seaboard of the US and perhaps they'll even stage, you know, balloon attacks against us capable. Balloon attacks. So yeah, this is just one more in a number of disturbing developments that we've seen materialize today.

Brannon Howse: Would make it really easy to lift some balloons up off Cuba, wouldn't it?

David Pyne: Yeah. Mean it's 90 miles off the shore of Florida. We had a Cuban missile crisis.

Brannon Howse: A Cuban Missile Crisis?

David Pyne: Yeah. Back in 1962. And which brought us the superpowers very close to World War. World War three which JFK thought could cost the lives of 100 million Americans. You know, these balloons can be there. They can be armed with super EMP or nuclear weapons. A super weapon, you know, detonated over the US, even just a part of the US, a more populated area of the US could cost the lives of tens of millions of Americans within a year. So this is a this could you know, it could be an existential threat where that to occur.

Brannon Howse: Huh? So, David, before we move to the next topic, being that you're there at the EMP Task Force, how? Much. I don't want you to give up your privacy, but how much do you believe in the threat, the existential threats? How much do you believe them as proven by what you actually have prepared for yourself and your family? As you know, we have a store, WDW, TV, We've been adding to it for years. I beefed it way up after I became very good friends with Peter Price producing his radio show every week. His TV show from our studio learned all of this. A lot of this is because of Dr. Pry. I mean, he really is the one that taught me so much of this. And I thought, wow, this is really serious. Of course, I'm going to have to stock in stuff. And I started doing a lot of this and didn't have a website was doing it about three years before I ever went public that I had all this. And then the public started demanding on my radio show, What do you get? Where did you get it? How do we get it? Well, can you put together a website that has it all? We'd like to get what you got. So we said, Yeah, we're free market here. We put out free shows, we got to pay for it all. I got a staff, I got all these people servers got to pay for it. The public wants it, our audience wants it. We'll give it to them at a fair price. Provide them with a service, have a reasonable profit, and continue to put out free programming to them. Everybody wins. So with that being said. Do you agree with the fact we run a store and offer these resources? Do you do this yourself?

David Pyne: I do mean I don't I don't have my own business like you do, but I have I've had large stock stocks of food and water and, of course, ammo and medical supplies for quite some time. I've also got a, you know, solar power generator. So, um, you know, some of my fellow members in the task force leadership are a lot more stocked and prepared than I am, but I'm certainly a lot better stocked, I think than prepared for the apocalypse than most Americans.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, it's sad. You know, I don't know if you saw the survey 66 I dealt with on the news tonight. 66% of Americans think some kind of nuclear event could occur in the US like a nuclear 911, according to a new poll. So clearly, somebody's been getting to it. Maybe our news and your work and that of the late Dr. Prize getting through to more of us more of them than we thought. Let me go to this thread, Twitter. Vivek, you're going to have to help me with his last name. He's running for president. You're working with him, I believe. Say it again.

David Pyne: It's Vivek Ramaswami.

Brannon Howse: Okay. Thank you. You're working with him. Tell me about these two tweets he put out and what he's offering. And you had a hand in this, right?

David Pyne: I did. I helped him formulate this peace plan. So I flew to his headquarters campaign headquarters on May 15th and briefed him on what I, you know, he agreed, was the greatest threat the US faces, which is the Sino-Russian military alliance, an alliance which overmatches the US in every area military, industrial and economic and which really, you know, we've never had this existential threat facing us before. And yeah, he and I worked together. I mean, this is his plan and he's obviously he's made some major changes to what I recommended. But it's a really good plan. It's really the boldest, most courageous plan we've ever seen come from a presidential candidate. And it's a plan that would end the war in Ukraine. It would end the US Cold War with Russia, and it would help us win our Cold War with China. You know, China is really the greatest geopolitical threat that we face. The war in Ukraine, really. Ukraine has never been a US ally. It's not a national interest. And essentially what what he's proposing is that we would implement a Korean War style armistice, such as I proposed in the National Interest last October, which would essentially, you know, very quickly end the war and along the lines that's current lines of control. And, you know, we would agree to cut off all US aid to Ukraine until the peace plan had been implemented. We would also promise that Ukraine would never join NATO. And in return for that, as well as a US military withdrawal from Eastern Europe and a mutual security arrangement with Russia between the US and Russia, um, that would normalize all diplomatic and trade ties.

David Pyne: Then Russia and China or Russia would rather give up their military alliance with China and joint military exercises and other military-technical cooperation. So I think this is a really bold vision. I mean, could it really be accomplished in terms of breaking up the Sino-Russian alliance? I think that's what's unclear. But I think what's so important about this plan is it really focuses on what the real threat is. I mean, the real threat is not from Russia. It's from its alliance with China. China's alliance with Russia gives it the confidence to, you know, plan, plan, and implement an invasion, a military invasion, an amphibious invasion of Taiwan. And Taiwan, you know, is not a treaty ally of the US, but it is it does have strategic importance for us with semiconductors and whatnot. It's been you know, it's been a nontreaty ally for decades. And we actually had you, you know, 24,000, 25,000 troops stationed there with nuclear weapons up until Carter pulled them out in 1979. So I think it's it's a great plan. I think this is going to, you know, bring this whole strategic concept, a new grand strategy for the US to the presidential debate stage and in August. And I'm extremely excited to see that happen.

Brannon Howse: Thank you as always. Give us your website, please, David.

David Pyne: Yeah. My website is Once again, And it's the real war website and I'll be posting some new updates within the next week. Encourage all your viewers to please subscribe and also to consider buying my new book with Peter PRI and Cynthia Ayres Catastrophe Now, which is available on

Brannon Howse: Excellent. Thank you, as always, David, for your national security work. We really appreciate it.

David Pyne: Thanks, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: David Pyne checking in, check out his stuff, check out his website, and check out his Substack. Check out the book he wrote with the late Dr. Peter Pry. He finished it up for him, which I'm so glad he did. Hey, take a look at this. Where we go every day. Now we're posting 3 or 4 new articles. We're growing and expanding. Here are some new articles we have. The impending global economic events and the need for financial awareness. Brand new article tonight at That's my news website. You know about and I also have a website You can get to all of them. Once you get to one, you just get to the other. Click at the top of the page, click radio and it'll bring you to the radio home page where you can find all the mp3s. We even take my news hour, and my radio show, Brannon Howse Live even gets turned into MP3. For those of you who want to listen versus watch, then you go back to the TV page and click TV. Of course, that's going to bring you to all the TV shows, each segment. By the way, we've started putting up the transcript of each show. And then, of course, then you go to the news that brings you to the news page. You'll see all these articles. One of the new articles we just put up, is the European Union Commission, Global Digital Passports, Mark of the Beast, Bible Prophecy, and the coming Euro-centric World Government. The whole article on that. Lots of new articles every day coming to you at Worldview We're endeavoring to put up about 4 or 5 articles a day for you to watch. Now look, that's free TV, that's free radio shows, that's free transcripts and that's free articles. How do we do it? With your support, you can make a contribution of any size. and use the promo code B66 or shop at All those ways are how we keep pushing out all this content to you for free. Look forward to talking to you tomorrow. Till then, I'm Brannon Howse. Take care.

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