Are Malaria and Monkeypox Cases in U.S. Related to Covid Shot Compromised Immune Systems?

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Brannon Howse: Okay. Joining me now is Dr. Lee Merritt. All the talk well, in certain parts of the Internet is Bill Gates and malaria. Bill Gates and mosquitoes. A lot of people texting and texting and emailing and telling us they hope we would talk about this tonight. Mosquitoes are being used to spread disease. I think well over a year ago, Karen Kingston and myself discussed this right here and now. Here's a headline over at Newsweek. Newsweek has a headline. That's today. Today is the 28th. I think today is the 28th, isn't it? Yeah, it is. And here's the headline, Florida Malaria Case Cases Spark Bill Gates Conspiracy Theories. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is being blamed by some for sudden malaria cases reported in the United States for the first time in two decades. And again, I guess the reason why has to do with mosquitoes. Here we go. Let me get this straight. One Twitter user wrote, Bill Gates has been releasing GMO mosquitoes in Florida and Texas and now Florida and Texas for the first time in 20 years have mosquitoes that give people malaria. Is that right? So anyway, I do see this going around. I wanted to get on Dr. Lee Merritt to talk about it. I also saw a report tonight. I think it's over at Worldview, See if I can find it because it kind of fits. There was. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Health officials launched New Vaccination Campaign as Monkeypox Makes a Comeback. In Colorado. So here's the question. What is going on? Malaria. Monkeypox? Is this something more? Is it more related to the Covid death shot? Is it more related to our immune system? What's going on? Let's try to cut through all of it and get right to the facts with Dr. Lee Merritt. Her website is, I think, well, the word rebel is in there. We'll give it to you. You'll be under her name. So she's a great person to go to medical, if I remember correctly. Medical The medical sorry, the medical Dr. Lee, welcome back to the broadcast. Thanks for joining us.

Lee Merritt: Thank you. That's why I put it up here tonight. But you know what's going on is that we're in a war. And and quite frankly, I have to say that it's not the Russians that are our problem. It's us. We are creating this. And it's it's this is a war like no other. It's a multi-dimensional war. And one of them, the big one is fear. The people giving us this, the people bringing us this, they're controlling the battle space and most of the battle space is up here. Now, I'm going to tell you, this is my point about, you know, I've been trying to kind of get people into this mindset that there aren't the diseases that we're talking about now. There is malaria. I don't believe in viruses the way we were classically taught, but there are parasites and we know a lot about malaria and. But but why now? Why monkeypox? Why? You know what I call this is disease whack a mole. In other words, every time a disease comes up and we whack it down a little bit or you forget about it, the news cycle moves on. They bring up another one. What's this all about? It's a fear campaign. And these these diseases aren't just showing up at random. This is like them trying to convince us that the sudden adult death syndrome has nothing to do with the vaccine. And so what we have to realize is that this is vaccine-induced death syndrome and vaccine-induced disease mean I think we should coin the term vids, not sads, not SIDs.

Lee Merritt: It's a vaccine-induced disease. And in this situation, people's immune system are going down. So there are more there are they? One of the problems is going on. People's immune systems have been damaged by the vaccine, so they're more susceptible to the toxins and to the parasites and things that are out there. The second part here is you can spread malaria. If you look at the history of bioweapons, the old vector and the biopreparat in the old Soviet Union and our bioweapon year, they turned their attention from aerosolizing known pathogens to arthropod-borne diseases. That was what, at the fall of the Soviet Union, they had gone to that kind of model. They were looking at that because they could never make the other thing work, because there aren't these airborne diseases. They couldn't make Ebola airborne. They really couldn't make things work like they wanted to. But they can do it with with bugs. So I'm not saying this isn't being spread by Bill Gates or whoever he's the avatar for. But what we need to realize is that you know, that there are treatments for this and there's prevention for this and that. All of this is a is a three dimensional, you know, the war against us using the medicine. And here's how we have to think about this. In my opinion, the simple we have to get out of this. You know, one of the one of the ways they're confusing us as as Max Kaiser and economics says is complexification. He says, you know, he was talking about Obamacare, complexification, and crap fiction.

Lee Merritt: That's what's happening here. We're complexifying our world so that nobody can understand it. So they think they have to run to a doctor and they have to get all these millions of tests and all this. That is not the way the world works, in my opinion. You know, ancient medicine was only two things purification get right with God. This is why why doctors' offices were often in temples and detoxification you know in Latin virus means toxin. It doesn't mean a little germ that flies out and makes you sick. That's a great anti-human agenda to make us afraid of each other. But what they've been doing is poisoning us for years and calling it a virus. And they don't expect us to understand that virus in Latin means poison, right? They lie to us. Same thing with this. They're trying to tell us that we're all just spontaneously getting these weird diseases and they're suddenly all breaking out. And what could have happened to cause that? They're not talking about that. They don't they want to keep your attention away from who's doing what to whom here. But we have today the opportunity to use the antique theory of medicine, the ancient theory of medicine, and apply it to today. We know some more things today. There's no question we know more. So we spend and think about the paradigm that we have in medicine. You can't get any treatment until you go to a doctor and get a precise what they consider a.

Lee Merritt: Precise diagnosis, right? You'll spend a bazillion dollars trying to get a diagnosis. And a lot of times you just walk out after all these tests and all these consoles and all this money spent and all you have is a description. Oh, you have Ms. But they don't. They don't they don't ever tell you that. Now we know that Ms. is a parasite. So what we need to do is get back on what is happening here. We've got parasites, we've got toxins, we've got toxicity and electromagnetic frequency radiation damage, and we've got deficiencies. They've lied to us about all four of these things, but we don't need to be lied to anymore. And you don't need a doctor to sort this out. There are ways to detoxify yourself so you also can protect yourself against this malaria. My friend Bob Sisson and others have done this. Jim Humble was kind of the pioneer here. But but but Bob Sisson years ago. Uh, had a conversion religious conversion. And he did. And he decided to go to Uganda. I don't know how he ended up in Uganda, but he, uh, after he became a Christian, went to Uganda to help the people in Uganda. And he was helping someone. Maybe he was helping Jim Humble, but it was about chlorine dioxide. Now, I can't tell anybody to take chlorine dioxide because I don't want to go to jail, But I'm going to say that I do this and I'm just going to tell you what happened in Africa. Okay. He started taking they started taking malaria is big in Africa.

Lee Merritt: And they would take chlorine dioxide. And it's extremely cheap. Right? It's extremely cheap. So they they would take chlorine dioxide and they would treat people with malaria. These people would come in and they would look at their blood smear. They'd see the trypanosomes floating around, swimming around in the bloodstream. So they knew it was malaria. These are sick people. They would give them treatment. They just had to drink this solution and then they would be hydrated and kept there for a few hours. Four hours later, they'd look in their blood. There were no trypanosomes it took care of malaria. Now it doesn't completely cure it because malaria is a cycle and it's in your liver and you have to be multiply treated, but then you just start on a daily dose. That's what he did. And for pennies, they could treat and cure people instead of having them die of malaria. So don't be afraid. They're lying to you. They're just trying to make you afraid. You know, I don't know the numbers, but I don't care because I know we have a way out of this. You see, these guys lie at every turn. They lie at every turn. They lied about the vaccine, and now they're lying about the possibility of getting out of the ravages of the vaccine. They want you to make you they want you to think it's all over. And when we're not buying into that, then they come up with a new disease. Don't believe it. That's me that's my psychological warfare.

Brannon Howse: At the end of the day, it is unrestricted, unrestricted warfare, but being used by people that have been co-opted by the CCP right here in America.

Lee Merritt: It's not the CCP. They're just there. They're just one level above Bill Gates. If you want to look at who's doing this, I'm giving a talk at Redpill in Des Moines in August, and the name of my talk is It's Time to Name the Enemy. And I think I'm making G. Edward Griffin a little nervous with that title. But it is time. And let's just point out that, you know, according to Gladfelter and other people, the economists that have looked at this, over 85% of the corporate wealth is in the hands of under 300 people in the world. And they're not there because they accidentally because they graduated top of their Wharton Business School class. They're there because they're all related. It's a bloodline. And this bloodline just happens to practice the old religion where they worship Moloch and sacrifice children. This is the aegis of the initiation of pedophilia, and transgenderism. Everything we're seeing falls out of this worship of what we call Satanism. And once we realize that that's really what's going on, these highly adept Satanists that control the world through blackmail and extortion and, you know, fear, we can get out of it.

Brannon Howse: Let me have you look at this article here, the national poll. I don't know if this is something you want to comment on, but I think you can. We could eat malignant chicken tumors by the bucket load. That's a quote. Lab-grown meats and pending cancer problems. Lab-grown meat is the cruelty-free food of the future by everyone from the World Economic Forum to Hollywood. Mega celebs like DiCaprio may have a fatal problem, according to a new Bloomberg story. What are your thoughts on this?

Lee Merritt: Well, the solution to this I mean, first of all, I think cancer is parasites. So whatever they're feeding you, I mean, we can probably we are wonderfully made. You know, we can handle a lot of things. We have to understand that. But here's the point. It's time in our lives and it's time in the world that people realize they're coming after us. They're coming after our children and they're attacking our food supply. And this is if you want to avoid eating that garbage, okay, which I do, you have to stand up for your liberty at your ability to have a garden, have your chickens. You know, don't let little towns in the Midwest tell you you can't raise chickens. This is ridiculous. And also stand up for the farmers that are raising good food commercially. Support your local farmer. And right now there's a land grab. It's over the carbon capture pipeline. They're trying to fake eminent domain. People using corporate corporations can't eminent domain anybody. But they're coming with letters to these farmers, convincing them they can, and they're selling to these people. That's how you're going to end up with with with tumor laden chicken. That's fake chicken grown in a lab. So if you don't want that, it is time right now to realize you can't sit in your chair anymore. You'd better go to these meetings. You'd better support your local farmer. You'd better tell your sheriff down there not to let anybody come on the property of these farmers and to kick them off. They have no jurisdiction. You know, we have to take back our the sad thing and this is a sad thing to say coming up on the 4th of July and I'm an I'm a Navy veteran.

Lee Merritt: I love my country. I'm an American. Okay? I'm not running off to New Zealand like these rich guys are. They think they're going to bolt to New Zealand. I'm not leaving here, okay? This is my last stand. And it should be everybody's stand that we should stand here for our land. We are children of God on the land. And they have taken us over with a corporate fake Babylonian structure. We have to stop this right now. We have to just say, no, don't participate in evil yourself. Don't do the don't give injections, don't raise fake meat, and Don't work in labs that are making people's poisons. Okay. If you're a jet pilot. Flying was just saying this today because Nebraska, some of this is coming out of Nebraska. The Air Force Reserve Depot is flying jets, I think, for, uh, for Cam trailing, you know, they're not going to be sparing your children if you're doing that. So just keep in mind, know what you're doing, know how you're participating. Don't participate in evil. They can't. The guys fighting this, the guys bringing this, they don't bring their hands. They don't do any of the work. We're their little serfs. They bring us words and they bring us money. That theycontrol the world through world words and money and hireusto do their dirty work. It's like Eichmann. He didn't kill people. He just made the trains run on time. He got the little people to kill each other. Let's stop doing that. And this goes away.

Brannon Howse: Take don't do not take part in their evil deeds. That's the warning there by Dr. Lee Merritt. The, the Thank you, doc.

Lee Merritt: Thanks.

Brannon Howse: Dr. Lee. Merit checking in. Check out her site

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