Crosstalk: December 8, 2020


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A political action committee known as the Secular Democrats of America are responsible for a document urging the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration (if they take office) to pounce on U.S. Christianity.  The report urges Joe Biden to reverse many of the advances of the Trump administration, particularly in regard to religious liberty, and replace them with what they refer to as ‘constitutional secularism.’

Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Jared Huffman of California, members of the Congressional Free Thought Caucus, are behind the 28 page document titled, Restoring Constitutional Secularism and Patriotic Pluralism in the White House. It would ban religious organizations from participating in government programs.  In that vein, here are a number of more specific points to consider:

  • It would support governors who want to close down churches due to the COVID pandemic. 
  • Require new disclosures from churches. 
  • Overturn religious rights precedents such as the Hobby Lobby case.
  • Prevent the mention of creationism in education.
  • Work for a de-radicalization of what they deem as ‘white Christian nationalism.’
  • Rid America of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

Jim had much more to share as he laid out the goals, objectives and ideals of this committee and what it would mean for you.  Crosstalk listeners were given the opportunity to share their input as well.     

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