Brannon Howse: November 4, 2016

Part Four: Have you ever heard of the computer virus, Stuxnet, that was reportedly built by the American and Israeli governments to damage the uranium enrichment program of Iran? Today you will hear about how this virus not only damaged the nuclear program of Iran, but it could damage the power-grid of America. The dangerous virus code known as Stuxnet is now available on the World Wide Web for terrorist hackers to access. Topic: The government actually commissioned a test to see if hackers could hack a huge generator used on the power grid. You will hear a news report that details that not only could the hackers get into the generator but what they did actually caused parts of the generator to explode. Topic: Brannon explains why with each passing day of research he is more concerned than the day before that the infrastructure of America is at great risk. Topic: Shahram Hadian joins us in the studio to discuss his own personal family preparations and that of his church. Shahram also discusses the soft coup that appears to be occurring in America within our Justice Department and FBI and other intelligence agencies. Topic: Jimmy DeYoung joins us to discuss these topics: Even as Russia praises Israel for their fight against terror, Russians fear that Syria may be the cause for World War 3. Topic: Iran congratulates the new Lebanese president who is a major threat to Israel. 

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