Ridiculing and Mocking Those Who Warn: Similarity Number Five Between the False Church of Nazi Germany and Today’s Growing False Global Church

By Brannon S. Howse

Perhaps you, as I, have been mocked for warning your family, friends, and fellow church members of the threats detailed in this book. The words of the watchmen are often ignored and despised. Sadly, many of those who mock you for cautioning against false teachings, the religious Trojan horse, and the rise of a global false church, will eventually see that you were speaking the truth. But for many it will be too late. They will see it only after they have taken part in evils deeds as described in 2 John 9-11. 

Many members of the confessing church in Germany warned of how Hitler was using the church, and they were mocked. Remember, though, that Jesus Himself was mocked for preaching truth and warning of false teachers and a false church. So take heart. The Word of God is filled with promises for those who endure even the “soft” persecution of ridicule and scorn. I often think of our Christian brothers and sisters in Communist China and Cuba and consider how little we have to complain about as they endure the “hard” persecution of imprisonment, beatings, and death. 

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