Churches and Christian Media Censor the Truth

Much of what I share in this book I would never be allowed to present in most “evangelical” churches or on “Christian” radio or television stations. Most are either hostile to biblical truth or are afraid of the public relations fallout from the truth we speak at Worldview Weekend conferences. 

In 1983, Walter Martin spoke at the ordination service for my friend and mentor, Ron Carlson. I have played Dr. Martin’s sermon on my radio program because it is still so timely. He told those assembled in the California church that they needed to understand that people who speak biblical truth are not censored primarily by the secular media but by the Church and “Christian” media: 


You see, the attitude of the Christian media is don’t rock the boat, and the Christian Church is suffering from that disease today by its Latin name, non rock-a-boat-us. Whatever you do, non rock-a-boat-us ecclesiastic-us. Don’t shake, rattle and roll the boat of the Church. Leave us alone…. 


They’re always screaming about secular humanism censoring the Christian Church, but they’re the ones that are censoring the Christian Church. They don’t want to get on television and on radio and tell it like it is. You know why? Because then they won’t get any checks from people out there whose feelings they hurt. 


So, they are not governed by the Holy Spirit. They are not governed by the authority of the Scriptures which commands them to tell the truth. They are governed by the almighty checkbook of the people that are listening. 


The “soft” persecution and censorship now taking place in America is coming largely from self-professing Christians. I have a file of emails from “Christian” leaders who, through the years, have criticized me for speaking about false teachers. Some of these are highly visible authors or Christian radio and television hosts. Many have the public reputation of being bold and committed to truth, but in reality they are very shrewd about the issues they will address. If an issue will impact the bottom line or upset their “good old boy club,” the truth becomes a casualty. I have personally witnessed many of evangelicalism’s well-known personalities clam up when a biblical stand might negatively impact their book and DVD sales, speaking invitations, attendance of their conferences, donors to their organization, or how many stations carry their radio programs. 


Is it any wonder that a religious Trojan horse has slipped into the camp of evangelicalism when so many “perceived” watchmen or watchwomen will only warn the Church when it does not impact their bottom line, personal well-being, or reputation? May neither you nor I allow the love of money to cause us to stray from proclaiming the truth as 1 Timothy 6:10 warns: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 


Speaking of God


As you will see, I aim many of my criticisms at people who claim revelation or direction from God in a manner not consistent with Scripture. Let me assure you up front, however, that I do believe God is active through His Holy Spirit in leading those called by His Name. But some ways of “hearing from God” are scriptural, and some are not. God does not speak to people today in an audible voice, for instance, and He never reveals new doctrine. So how does He “speak” to us?


The Holy Spirit convicts people of sin and works in our lives in powerful ways. A true Christian who is walking in the light of God’s Word and studying the Scriptures can have a prompting of the Holy Spirit—not an audible voice, but a prompting to pray for someone or to call another person on the phone or to visit someone in order to minister to him or her. The Holy Spirit can direct a Christian to share the Gospel with a stranger—someone who, you might find out later, had been longing to talk with a believer about Christ. 


Affirming such leadings and promptings is entirely scriptural. Nothing in the Bible discourages a believer from accepting this as appropriate. My dispute in the following pages is only with those who teach or demonstrate by their actions that they are open to “extra-biblical” or new doctrinal revelations. May God bless your own understanding of His work in your life as you read.

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