Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956) Father of the Sexual Revolution

By Brannon S. Howse

Alfred Kinsey earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University in entomology—the study of insects—and became a world-class expert on the gall wasp, so perhaps it is no surprise that his later research on human sexuality was little more than a “sting operation” designed to hoodwink and titillate gullible people into believing their fantasies. Kinsey, who was strongly committed to Darwinian evolution, released his most famous books, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, in 1948 and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953. Far from being scientific studies, Kinsey’s writings were outright sexual propaganda that sought to convince Americans that all sex is "outlet" sex and equally okay, regardless of whether it was between people of the same sex, the opposite sex, adults with children, or humans with animals. 


His “research” included collecting data from adult men who had raped and molested as many as 300 children ranging in age from 2 months to 15 years. Kinsey personally watched and kept detailed notes. This data was then complied into charts and tables that claimed to record the sexual stimulation of children, including infants.

Kinsey believed it was vital for children to engage in sex by age 6, before they picked up "cultural taboos" based on "religion." He did not think people should be classified as homosexual or heterosexual, and one of his specific propaganda goals was to normalize homosexuality, bisexuality, pedophilia, and other sexual perversions. In fact, the extensive research of people such as Dr. Judith Reisman reveals that Kinsey, though married, was a homosexual and a sado-masochist. 


Kinsey kicked off the sexual revolution, and the war on Biblical sexuality continues to this day through sex education curricula based on his perversions. (And believe me when I say perversions—of the most unimaginable kinds. Because I want this book to be for ages 13 through adult, I’ll spare the sordid details, but if you’d like to do your own in-depth research, you’ll find more on the websites of organizations like Concerned Women for America and of Dr. Judith Reisman. Dr. Reisman has written several books on Kinsey and is an often-quoted expert on the impact of Kinsey's worldview on America. She has also been a guest on my radio program and a columnist for   


Kinsey claimed that children are born sexual but that religious tyranny suppresses their otherwise natural sexual activity. He believed that as long as a child gave "consent,” it was completely normal and healthy for adults to engage in sexual activity with children. 


This thinking has played out in some bizarre ways. For instance, an eighth-grade curriculum that a concerned parent in South Dakota personally placed in my hands told its young, impressionable readers that “Children are not necessarily harmed or disturbed by child molesters.” Although numerous attempts have been made by parents, educators-even a member of Congress—to eliminate federal funding of any sex education curriculum based on the perversion of Kinsey, the pro-Kinsey lobby, Hollywood, and the liberal media have mis characterized, marginalized, and demonized anyone who sought to expose Kinsey’s demented worldview and how taxpayers pay for its wide distribution. 


My friend and Worldview Weekend speaker Bob Knight has long been a courageous warrior for children and a Biblical worldview applied to family and sexuality. He has appeared on numerous national radio and television programs as a "token" member of the religious right. While many hosts have tried to set up Knight for ridicule, they often find themselves speechless at the documentation Knight brings to their shows. In 2002, for instance, The University of Minnesota Press published Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex by Judith Levine. It reveals that the influence of Kinsey has not been diminished on the liberal left, as Knight describes the book’s message: 


[quote] Judith Levine makes the argument that children are being unjustly denied the opportunity to have sex with adults and each other, and she blames the "Religious Right," "religion," and "ignorance."

Levine cites the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) as a key influence in her work, along with other child-sex advocates such as James Kincaid, author of Child Loving: The Erotic Child and Victorian Culture. She also positively cites the 1998 article in the American Psychological Association's (APA) flagship publication Psychological Bulletin that urged people to use "neutral" terms such as "adult-child sex" and said that not all adult-child sex is harmful and some might even be beneficial. The APA article was denounced by Congress, the American Psychiatric Association, and by many American Psychological Association members.

Harmful to Minors, published by the University of Minnesota Press, makes the case that children are capable sexual partners, are entitled to sex, and benefit from having sex with adults as long as the children consent to it. The real problem, the author says, is societal "hysteria" surrounding the issue of child sexuality. When children consent, the experience can be positive, she says. In an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Levine said she admired the approach used in the Netherlands, where the age of sexual consent was lowered to 12. [end quote]

In her book, Levine declares:

[quote] Sex is not harmful to children. It is a vehicle to self-knowledge, love, healing, creativity, adventure, and intense feelings of aliveness. There are many ways even the smallest children can partake of it. [end quote]

So who is now helping to fund and promote the worldview of Alfred Kinsey to American adults and, most objectionably, to America children through sex-education curriculum? The natural partner to Kinsey’s model, Margaret Sanger’s (chapter 22) Planned Parenthood organization as well as the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). 

The Kinsey Institute created SIECUS in 1964 with the explicit goal of incorporating Kinsey's philosophy into sex-education material. Dr. Mary Calderone, who was medical director for Planned Parenthood, became the first SIECUS president. Wardel Pomeroy, who was Kinsey's co-author on both his male and female sex books, served on the founding board. With SIECUS under their direction, the Kinsey ideology began pouring into the sex-education programs promoted by Planned Parenthood.

The movement also embraces Kinsey's belief that moral standards regarding sex result only from "cultural conditioning," not from timeless guidelines for right and wrong. In 1991, SIECUS published Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, which requires Kinseyan-trained teachers to convey "sexuality literacy" in public classrooms.

In addition to the influencing educational curriculum, Kinsey personally worked to reduce penalties for sex offenders. With Columbia University law professor Herbert Wechsler, he promoted the American Law Institute's Model Penal Code (1955). Most states cite the code—which is based largely on Kinsey's findings—as the blueprint to ease penalties for sex offenses, resulting in less protection for women and children from sexual predators.

In 1949, Kinsey testified before the California General Assembly's Subcommittee on Sex Crimes, urging them to liberalize sex offense statutes. He argued specifically for granting immediate paroles to suspected child molesters and warned that societal "hysteria" does more harm to children than the actual molestations.

Since their publication, Kinsey's reports and data have been discredited by many experts, including one of his friends at the time, liberal humanist and psychologist Abraham Maslow. Bob Knight reveals:

[quote] Dr. Maslow had discovered that human sexuality studies tended to attract exhibitionists and practitioners of unconventional sex. This increased the reporting of illicit behaviors such as promiscuity and homosexuality. Before the publication of his reports, Kinsey had arranged for Dr. Maslow to test his volunteers for bias. After evaluating students from Indiana University, Maslow concluded that Kinsey's sample was unrepresentative of the general population. Kinsey dismissed Maslow's finding and terminated his relationship with him. No mention of this study ever appeared in the Kinsey reports. [end quote]


Kinsey's research has been declared "junk" science and not credible by numerous professional groups such as the American Board of Pediatrics. His treatment of children reminds me of another man, committed to Darwinian evolution, who in the name of science also experimented cruelly on children—Adolf Hitler.


Fantasy Research, Fanciful Results

Some of the subjects used by Kinsey to study sexual behavior certainly skewed his reports toward his own personally desired outcome and agenda. For example:

  • A quarter to nearly half of Kinsey's subjects were prisoners, hardly reflective of the general population.
  • Over 1,400 of his subjects were sex offenders. 
  • His subjects were overwhelmingly single when less than a third of the population was single during the 1950s, and they were also predominantly college educated. 
  • He classified prostitutes and cohabiting females as "married" women, and then claimed that 26 percent of married women committed adultery. Of course his deceptive definition of married was buried in the details of the lengthy book and didn't end up in popular versions of the research

​Kinsey made extreme claims, such as approximately 70 percent of males had had sex with prostitutes and that 37% of all males had homosexual experiences between adolescence and old age, with 10% being exclusively homosexual for periods of up to three years between the ages of 18 and 25. This is the source for the fraudulent estimate that 10% of the population is "gay". To the contrary, a 2003 Canadian government survey indicates an incidence of homosexuality at less than 1.5% of the population.

Revealing the connection between Kinsey and the radical feminists is also not difficult. Homosexual goals are furthered through the feminist agenda that seeks to feminize men, to destroy the institution of family, to undermine the role of fathers in the lives of their children, and to promote lesbianism, bi-sexuality, transgenderism, and any other perversion du jour. 

There are many reasons why humanists, homosexuals, feminists, and other radicals seek to destroy the traditional family and traditional Biblical values, including their own sinful rebellion against God and His character and nature, the desire to recruit more participants into their perversion, the will to see their deviant life-style normalized in hopes eliminating their guilty consciences (if their consciences have not been seared, which keeps them from even feeling guilty any longer). Finally, as David Noebel explains, many believe cultural evolution demands the destruction of old traditions:

[quote] The concepts of biological and cultural evolution dictate that the traditional concepts of marriage and family have outlived their usefulness. As the human species and culture progress, old traditions become outdated and must be replaced by new concepts that will continue the evolutionary process. [end quote] 

Feminist Gloria Steinem has stated in an article that, while Kinsey's work was "far from perfect," it was a "big step forward" for women. “The Kinsey report,” she contends, “is a little like the Bill of Rights. It only is powerful if we use it.” And, “If it exists only on paper, then it has little importance. It depends on what is done with it now.”

In keeping with Steinem’s thinking, I have a great idea of what should be done with the work of insect-expert-turned-sex-researcher Kinsey: Throw it in the trash. Then let's demand that elected officials of all political persuasions stop funding school curriculum based on Kinsey's destructive perversion and worldview propaganda.  


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