John Loeffler: March 1, 2021

A hotspot for religious persecution today, especially against Christians, can be found in China.  Opening the show this week is Founder and President of China Aid, Bob Fu, who is also a Christian refugee from China.  He describes how physical and virtual church gatherings have been banned, millions of people are in reeducation camps, and many people have been arrested and thrown in prison for hosting in-house church meetings and prayer groups.  But the silver lining is that when persecution grows, so does the zeal for Christ and the number of Christians.  

Since news stories have piled up here in the studio, John, Carol, and Steve convene the Steel Round Table to discuss a variety of important issues.  They look at the cold wave that hit Texas and the issues surrounding that, a bill in the House that seems to target only President Trump, the push toward a digital currency, and Andrew Cuomo’s rapid decline in the eyes of leftists.  They also examine the chaos surrounding postmodernist thinking. 

Will the ideological divide continue to widen in America or can we truly keep this the United States?  Wrapping up the program this week is Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary.  He looks at the growing discontent among fly-over folks at being censored.  The media is to blame as they throw gasoline on the fire of division with biased reporting and alternative definitions of words.  The education system is to blame as well, teaching children that this is a horrible and racist country.  Is there anything we can do to turn this highly divisive tide?

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