Crosstalk: January 21, 2022

Paul Munger is a writer, producer, director editor, and the founder of Watchman Pictures, a North Carolina-based feature film production company.  Paul has sought to bring excellence and creative vision to the art of storytelling and has a passion to communicate truth and beauty through impactful stories that families can enjoy together.  He produced the film Princess Cut and the newly released Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire.

The topic of purity is something important to Paul and his wife.  They both were met with various obstacles and temptations that sought to get them to take shortcuts, but they knew they had to come to terms with what love is all about.  So when Paul and his wife were married, they wanted to tell stories that explored love from a biblical perspective. 

Princess Cut features a young lady struggling through dating and trying to find love.  Her father comes alongside her, helping her to understand that it isn’t so much about finding the right man, but being the right person and becoming what God wants you to be.  This way, instead of seeing love for what you can get out of a relationship, what can you give by seeking the best and highest good for that other person.

In Princess Cut 2: Hearts on Fire, the young lady’s story continues, while also following other marriages as they are moving through life and trying to get established.  With that comes the storms of life.  Can their love navigate through those issues and what does that look like? 

So if you’re interested in learning more about a film that provides hope, courage, enduring love, and seeing the hand of God at work in the midst of fierce adversity, you’ll want to review this edition of Crosstalk.


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