Brannon Howse: October 28, 2020

The Leftist Plan For 2020 Election Riots and The Parallels Between The Arab Spring and What is Happening in America Today. (Part 2) Guests: Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, Arabic speaking Egyptian Usama Dakdok & Former Iranian Muslim Shahram Hadian. Topic: Hold The Line is the name of a group that is organizing to defeat President Trump by organizing a resistance movement and what they call civil resistance. Two of the players of this organization include Marium Navid and Kifan Shah that both wear an Islamic Hijab which is a flag of Sharia. Shah has worked with Muslim Brotherhood proponent and Islamic Jihadist Linda Sarsour. Navid is reported to have worked with the Los Angels chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that is another name for Muslim Brotherhood. Topic: Robert Spencer tells us how the FBI in 2015 encouraged the attempted assassination of himself and Pamela Geller by working with known Islamic Jihadis. How has the FBI facilitated, encouraged and grown the Marxists-Islamic axis in America that is now openly writing reports on how they will carry out a violent revolution in America? Topic: While the corruption of the FBI seemed unbelievable in 2015, now in 2020 we know that the FBI turned a blind eye to reported child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and broke countless laws when the FBI leadership on the seventh floor worked to carry out a coup on a sitting President of the United States as well as ran cover for the Biden, Clinton and Obama Crime syndicate. Topic: Brannon reads from one of the reports by the progressives entitled Stop the Coup. Their plan describes how they plan to shut down highways and vital routes in American cities to stop commerce which also means groceries. Their report states that they plan to carry out their campaign of disruption and civil resistance against the coup of President Trump for weeks and even months. Topic: Usama and Shahram share their views on what is to come in earnest starting on election day. 

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