Brannon Howse: March 18, 2020


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Guest: Sam Rohrer, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry & Jeffrey R. Nyquist. Topic: Brannon explains why he believes why the Coronavirus may have been spread on purpose by the Communist Chinese government. Topic: Pastor Sam is a former member of the Pennsylvania legislature as well as a gubernatorial candidate. Brannon and Sam discuss their concern in regards to the overreach of local, state, and federal government in their response to the Coronavirus that has seemingly become too much about politics as well as giving up our rights. Topic: While a voluntary quarantine is one thing, why is it unconstitutional for a mayor to order businesses to close even when it could mean those businesses go bankrupt? Topic: The Governor of California is now talking about martial law. Topic: Should the government be sending checks to every American? How is this not relying on socialist policies to confront the virus? Topic: While Brannon believes that bringing in hospital ships and temporary tent hospitals is all very necessary and prudent preparation, the state governments and federal governments must not implement socialist and freedom robing policies or the so-called solutions could be worse than the initial Coronavirus problem. Topic: Dr. Peter Vincent Pry joins us to discuss the latest threat by China to use an EMP against American military ships in the South China Sea. Brannon also asks Dr. Pry why our governments have been so quick to spend billions and billions of dollars to protect Americans against the Coronavirus but these same governments will not spend the $2 billion to harden the power grid. Topic: Jeff Nyquist joins us to discuss why Brannon and Jeff are beginning to believe the Communist Chinese allowed the Coronavirus to spread on purpose. Is the Coronavirus just the first wave of attack by the Communist Chinese on America?

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