Brannon Howse: July 16, 2020

Guest: Andy Woods & Tom Littleton. Topic: U.S. Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ will have disastrous consequences for family businesses and religious liberties. Topic: Did the U.S. Supreme Court just confuse sexual orientation with mental illness? Topic: How many so called evangelical leaders prepared the way for the modern church to agree with the USSC ruling. Topic: Brannon plays an audio clip of a police officer that describes why he is resigning after ten years on the job. The very masculine, southern officer breaks down in tears as he describes what is happening in America and how he is hated for simple being a white police officer. He describes the pain of the things he has witnessed and the toil the job has had on his family. He concludes by warning that things are going to get very bad for police officers in America before this is over. Topic: Why does God allow suffering? Topic: A caller wants to know why Fox News hosts that are Roman Catholics don’t talk about eschatology. Topic: We take your calls.  

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